Cyrus, Montana, Stewart Mix-Up

Chapter One: Miley, meet...Miley?!

Miley Cyrus was on her way to set to film once another episode of the hit TV show, "Hannah Montana".
She opened the door to the Stewart's living room set, only to find no one there.
Then, she saw herself come onto the set from the stairs that were supposed to lead upstairs.
Both Miley and the other girl froze and stared wide-eyed at eachother.
"You...-" Miley stammered.
"And you...-" the other girl stammered back.
"Who are you?" Miley asked once she'd regained the ability to speak.
"Miley Stewart. Who are you?" she replied.
"I'm Miley Cyrus." Miley said with a small gasp.
"No way...we have the same first name!" Miley Stewart freaked.
"That's not the only weird thing, girl." Miley Cyrus said truthfully.
"What do you mean? Other than the fact that we're identical!" Miley Stewart said, still completely freaked out.
"Well, let's see...One, you're not real...Two, I play the role of you, so you're me In-Character...Three...well, I can't think of a three right now..." Miley Cyrus explained.
There was an aukward silence.
Miley Stewart finally broke it by saying, "What do you mean, I 'm not real?"
"Simply the fact that you're a TV show character!" Miley Cyrus said, freaked out herself.
"Miley Stewart laughed.
"Pfft! Yeah, right!" she continued.
"I'm serious!" Miley Cyrus said.
"Right...say you're telling the truth...What show, per say, am I on, then?"
Miley Cyrus sighed deeply.
"Hannah Montana," she said half-heartedly, "on Disney Channel."
Miley Stewart started laughing nervously.
"Pfft...yeah, right...Hannah Montana, pfft! What would make you think that? I mean...pfft!" she said, straining a smile.
"Oh, forget it, I already know you're only doing that 'cause you're tryin' to cover up the fact that you're "Annah-Hay Ontana-May". And don't ask me how I know that, 'cause I've already explained that I play the role of you on the show and so we're both Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana both!" Miley Cyrus rambled.
", you're tellin' the truth!" Miley Stewart said after a moment.
"Don't you mean, 'Sweet Niblets, you're tellin' the truth'?" Miley Cyrus questioned.