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I got the idea for this story from "Hidesight" by loralee1. I liked the concept of a future Snape going backwards in time to try to set right the mistakes of the past so I decided to try my hand at writing a story like that. Anyways, I don't own Harry Potter or any of the familiar characters or plot. I'm just some crazed fan mutilating JK Rowling's works for my own pleasure.


Severus Snape found himself in the playground where he first saw the only woman he loved, Lily. He thought to himself how who or what ever judged a person's soul when they died would decide to send him to a place where he was happy after all the sins he had called Lily a foul name by accident. He joined a gang of terrorists lead by a mad man who called himself Lord Voldemort. He inadvertently sent Lord Voldemort after Lily and her family resulting in her and her husband's death. He was rude and harsh at her son Harry even after finding out the boy, like him, was abused at home. And when he found out that Harry was one of Lord Voldemort's many horcruxes and had to die to make Voldemort beatable, he did nothing to help find a way for to safely remove the soul fragment from the boy so the boy need not die. Not to mention he helped that meddlesome old codger Albus Dumbledore commit suicide in away that made it look like an assassination attempt... If anything, he felt as if he should go to a place filled with flames and monsters that would whip him ever half a second. Well, he could excuse himself from not doing anything to ensure the son of the woman he loved would have a longer life as that as far as he knew Dumbledore did nothing as well but that was still no defense... Just why in the name of Merlin was he sent to this place?

Just then, he noticed he wasn't alone. A tall brown haired man was there walking towards him. Must be some welcoming party Snape thought to himself...

"Good evening Severus." the man said.

"Are you some person that is supposed to greet me to the afterlife or something? Because I think there has been some mistake. I should be in hell for what I have and have not done!" Snape said.

"First of all, hell is only what you make it. Any place can be hell if you let it. Anyways, even though you have died, the Fates have decided to give you another chance. They created this place so I can have a pleasant place to meet with you to discuss this." the man said.

"Great. Sounds like the Fates are like Dumbledore... Always giving people second chances..." Snape mumbled to himself.

"I heard that and its not quite true. The Fates very rarely decide to give people second chances. Its only when a person is filled with as much guilt as you have. You feel you could have done better so the fates have decided to send your soul back about seven years so you can do better."

"Why seven years? I made my first mistake at the end of my fifth year when I called Lily a mudblood! Why not send me to before that so I can prevent that?" Snape exclaimed.

"Well, the Fates considered that but decided not to. You see, if you didn't call Lily a mudblood, you would have eventually married Lily and Harry Potter would never have been born. Neville Longbottom would have been The-Boy-Who-Lived and we know you don't think he would be up to the task of killing Tom Riddle, better known as Lord Voldemort. So we've decided to send you back to before Harry Potter gets his first Hogwarts letter. You feel you could have done more to improve his life. As a little suggestion, why don't you try to get Harry Potter's trust before he starts school. I'll leave it up to you to figure out how. Anyways, good luck."

And with that every thing around Snape disappeared and next thing he knew, he was in his old quarters at Hogwarts.

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