Chapter 12

As soon as Remus had heard Sirius was at St. Mungo's, he headed to the hospital to go visit him. Remus couldn't believe Snape was asking old school rivals for help. While Remus agreed to cooperate, Remus wasn't sure if Sirius would.

Sirius hated Snape with a passion. Trying to get Sirius to work with Snape would prove to be very difficult. One wrong comment from either of them and the building they were in, would likely be blown up in the fight that would most definitely follow.

Remus decided that it would be best if he got Sirius and Snape to make wizard oaths to treat each other with respect. Snape, surprised, agreed to Remus' idea. Remus believed Snape must be desperate to agree to such a thing. Now, all Remus had to do was get Sirius to agree...

Remus walked into the hospital room Sirius was recovering in. Sirius looked horribly underweight and was eating a plate full of food as if someone was going to take it away from him at any moment.


"Remus, they say hospital food is horrible, but compared to what they serve in Azkaban, this is like Lily's cooking." Sirius said, taking a bite out of what Remus thought was a chicken drumstick.

"I can imagine..." Remus said in agreement. It was rumored that all they served people in Azkaban was leather.

"Remus, I'm so sorry for thinking you were the spy." Sirius said after swallowing some mashed potatoes.

"I'm sorry for thinking you were the one who betrayed James and Lily." Remus said feeling very guilty of not giving his friend the benefit of the doubt. He would have given Sirius a hug but he was afraid of turning Sirius' first decent meal in ten years into something that the hospital staff would have to clean up. That wouldn't have gone over to well with Sirius by judging how he was shoveling the food into his mouth.

"I came here mostly to tell you something that I'm not quite sure where to begin..." Remus explained while sitting down on Sirius bed. Remus casted a little privacy charm so no one would over hear them. "This may sound hard to believe, but it is true."

"You are dating somebody? Or going to be married? Or going to be father?" Sirius asked seriously.

"No. Snape is a time traveler. He's come backwards in time from spring of 1998. He's used his knowledge of the future to prove that you were innocent." Remus said a little nervous.

"Remus, you got to be kidding. Snivellus, coming back in time to get me out of Azkaban?" Sirius chuckling. "He would never do such a thing for me. I would rather name a kid of mine Elvendork, then to thank Snivellus for getting me out of that hell hole."

"I wish I was joking about this but he has shown me his memories of the future. They are not good. Voldemort returns and Dumbledore finds out that he has had made horcruxes.

"Snape has already destroyed one and is close to rendering another useless as a horcrux. He got you out of Azkaban because one of them is being stored in your cousin Bellatrix's vault in Gringott's. In all, in the future, Voldemort made seven horcruxes, but Snape believes at this point in time, Voldemort hasn't made the last one yet." Remus explained.

"Remus, you must mad. I know what a horcrux is! My family always talked about the dark arts. I can believe Voldemort making one but seven? That's insane! How can person be able to split their soul so many times?" Sirius said in disbelief.

Remus knew this was going to be difficult but convincing Sirius was proving harder then he imagined...

"Sirius, have I ever lied to you?" Remus decided to ask.


"Then why don't you believe me?" Remus asked getting despite.

"Because I lied about being James and Lily's secret keeper and was as responsible for their deaths by giving them bad advice! You probably hate my guts and want to get even!" Sirius yelled.

Remus was losing his patience. He knew that being around Dementors for long periods of time made people less rational and it could take months to get back to normal. Sirius hadn't been quite rational even before being around Dementors for ten years.

Remus remembered James and Sirius talking about how they got pulled over by a Muggle police officer for speeding on Sirius' motorcycle, they thought it was so funny to play games with the police officer. They were just lucky some Death Eaters showed up otherwise they could have ended up spending at least one night in a Muggle jail while the Order did a massive search for them fearing the worse.

And there was the time he thought it would be funny to have Snape pay Remus a visit during the full moon...

Remus thought of how he could get Sirius to believe him and then he remembered that Snape invoked a wizard's oath to convince Professor McGonagall.

"I, Remus John Lupin, swear on my life and magic that I am telling the truth about Snape being from the future and Voldemort making several horcruxes. I most certainly don't hate Sirius Black for lying about being a secret keeper and for giving our friends bad advice." Remus said as calmly as he could, invoking a wizard's oath. Sirius' eyes opened with shock.

"You weren't joking... I'm so sorry..." Sirius apologized.

"I didn't expect you to believe me right away so no need to apologize, Sirius." Remus replied.

"Well, as soon as I get out of here, I'll go search for a horcrux in my cousin's vault and send it to Dumbledore."

Remus wasn't so sure how he could explain that Dumbledore wasn't trust worthy.

"Dumbledore doesn't know that Snape is from the future. He suspects something but he doesn't know and Snape doesn't want him to know. After seeing Snape's memories, I have to agree with him. It's rather hard to explain." Remus sighed.

"I'll ask Snape if you can see his memories of the future when you get released from here. That reminds me...can you make a wizard's oath to treat Snape with respect when you meet with him? I talked Snape into making an oath to treat you with respect. I know you two don't like each other and I don't want to hear in the news about some building blowing up and you two are dead and Harry has to go live with the Dursleys again or worse, the Malfoys." Remus said.

"I can understand the Dursleys, but the Malfoys? Why would Harry ever go to them aside from the fact my cousin married one?" Sirius asked confused.

Remus then realized he had to Sirius about how the Dursleys treated Harry. He wasn't sure what Sirius would do...

"You remember how Lily said her and her sister Petunia didn't get along? Well, Petunia, when hearing about Lily's death, transferred her hate of Lily onto Harry. Petunia's husband's hatred of all things magic didn't help much. They abused and neglected him..." Remus explained trying to stay calm before being interrupted by Sirius.

"THEY WHAT TO MY GODSON!? I'LL KILL THEM!" Sirius exploded as he tried to get out of the bed, but apparently, there was some charm preventing him from doing so. Remus found it amusing that St. Mungo's wouldn't allow their patience to get out of bed.

"Sirius calm down! They will be taken care of. Somehow. Snape hasn't told me what he has in mind since Harry is so uncomfortable talking about them. And you're no use to Harry in Azkaban—again."

"Alright. I won't kill them. I will make that oath if it would put your mind at ease." Sirius grumbled.

Snape waited in his office. He couldn't believe how simple the horcrux removal potion had been to make. All the ingredients were listed in the order they were to be added. After adding one ingredient, he had to stir the potion for 5 minutes in the opposite direction that he did after adding the previous ingredient. He had the potion done in very little time. Now all he had to do was give it to Harry to drink. Assuming he could get Harry to drink it.

The smell of the finished potion was absolutely horrid. It smelled worse than rotten eggs, hippogriff dung, and dragon manure put together. Snape was convinced that there wasn't a place in the dungeons where you couldn't smell it. He was hearing students complain about it all morning. Some of his snakes said they could smell it in the dormitories. Dumbledore would most likely order an investigation as to the source of the smell. Hopefully there weren't anyone or anything around that would be insane enough to betray him when he was brewing the potion.

There was a knock at the door. "Enter." Snape replied. Harry came in and looked around. His nose wrinkled up at the smell which was the strongest in the Snape's office.

"Good. You're here. As I said the potion is ready." Snape said, opening the cabinet he hid the potion in. He took out the glass with the brown foul smelling liquid and gave it to Harry. "I know it smells awful but it will get rid of that soul fragment inside..."

Harry drank it. When the last drop was gone, the smell that was driving everyone insane in the dungeons went away.

"Tasted like honey. Professor, how could something that smelled that bad taste good?" Harry asked appearing relieved that awful smell went away. Snape heard a few people in the common rumor say things like, "Thank God..."

"I have no idea considering most of what we call taste is smell. Now, let's see if the potion worked..." Snape said, getting out his wand and using a diagnostic spell. The soul fragment was still inside of Harry. Snape hoped that the potion had a delayed reaction.

Harry's eyes suddenly got wider and he started to tremble. Harry opened his mouth.

"Ahh... Ahh... Ahh.. CHOO!" Harry sneezed, either unable or unwilling to cover his mouth. A black cloud came out of Harry's mouth with the sneeze and it disappeared after a brief second.

Snape casted another diagnostic spell and it showed Harry was no longer a horcrux.

Chapter End Notes:

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Anyways, the idea of Harry sneezing out the soul fragment I kind of got from something I heard or read about why we cover our mouths when he sneeze. I don't know if this is true or not but the Romans believed that if you sneezed hard enough, your soul might fly out and would cover their mouths believing that could prevent their souls from escaping and well, the habit stuck even though the purpose changed.

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