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Star Lovers 2

Ch.9 The Battle's End

"Is that really you, Misora?" RockMan asked as he looked up.

"Yes, it is. But Subaru, listen. You don't have much time. I can stop Apollon from in here, but you have to destroy me as well!" she said

"No…I can't do that…after all this time I've been without you…"

"There's no other way. He almost killed me, so merging with him was the only way I could save myself, and suppress his powers at the same time."

"Silence!" Apollon said striking his stomach, hurting Misora as well.

"Ahh!" she screamed in pain.

"No, please…you ask too much of me…I can't…kill you."

"Think about how she feels, she'd rather sacrifice herself just to keep you and everyone else safe." Synchron added.

"I'll kill you all before that happens!" Apollon said as the Iblis created two flames and started to combine them.

"Subaru…please…" Misora said faintly.

"We have to help her!" HarpNote shouted.

"I'll do it myself!" Burai said as he jumped up to the Iblis, only to take the impact of the flames.

"Prominence Sword!" Synchron's voiced echoed as he struck the right hand, damaging it a bit as magma rock began to break apart from it.

"Insolent…" Apollon growled.

"Do it now…destroy us both…" Misora said weakly.

"I can't…I…" RockMan stuttered a bit.

"I've got a better idea!" MegaMan said as the OOPArts appeared and circled the Iblis.

"What is this!!?" Apollon called.

"I hope this works!" he said as the OOPArts glowed and struck Apollon's chest with energy, pulling Misora out of his body slowly.

"Stop this…at once!" Apollon demanded.

"I've got you!" RockMan said jumping up and grabbed her as she finished separating from Apollon's body.

"It's…been a while, hasn't it?" she said caressing his cheek lightly.

"It has."

Back on Earth, the alarms sounded inside AMAKEN as the barrier used to seal off Earth with the IF World was beginning to disappear.

"Aaron, this isn't good! The portal will become unsealed in less than 7 minutes! We're running out of time!" Tom said managing the panels that operated the barrier.

"We have to hold out, Tom. Whatever is happening, I'm sure Geo will fix all this." Aaron said as he checked on the barrier's energy reserves.

"Grrr…" Apollon growled as MegaMan stood before him.

"Game over. You lose, Apollon." He spoke, but Apollon seemed to ignore him.

"Hehe…foolish boy. How dumb you are!" he said looking to the warp hole, then took off with the Iblis toward it.

"He's gonna try to shatter that barrier, kid! We gotta stop him!" Mega said.

"Right. You guys get out of this place, I'll handle the rest!" he said as the walls began to crumble.

"Geo…be careful. Please come back." HarpNote said worryingly.

"As long as I have you, I'll always be back." He smiled as he followed after Apollon and the Iblis.

"If I can't rule both worlds, I'll just destroy them!" Apollon said using the Iblis' hands to ram and break through the barrier, MegaMan following after as they appeared in a rainbow looking realm.

"This must be the dimension that acts like a bridge between both worlds." MegaMan said as he looked around, and then saw Apollon.

"He's getting away!" Mega called.

"I can see that…"

Apollon looked back and saw him following after. "How many times must I crush you?" he said turning as he launched a barrage of fire waves.

He successfully dodged the waves, and then began to strike the Iblis' body with his sword.

"Don't you realize it!? I'm a god, I cannot be vanquished!" Apollon said laughing, but in a flash, MegaMan appeared and before Apollon knew it, he had been sliced down the middle as his data began to disperse.

"Guess again." MegaMan said calmly, as Apollon vanished from the Iblis' head.

"RAWR!!!!" came a large roar from Iblis as it began attacking in all directions.

"I don't get it. We defeated Apollon; shouldn't this giant fireball be gone too?" Mega said.

"No. Iblis is its own being. Apollon just acted as a control unit, but without him, this thing is out of control!" MegaMan said biting his lip.

The Iblis then began releasing beams of lava from its body, its aim being erratic

as it was no longer controlled.

MegaMan made his way through the lava beams, and struck the Iblis' chest with his sword, cracking open the chest area, revealing its core.

"Now we just have to strike that orb!" Mega said, but he and Geo were knocked away by one of the Iblis' arms.

"I don't know…how much more I can take…" MegaMan said feeling his energy leaving him.

"Then let's give this creep everything we got!" Mega said as the symbols of the three tribes appeared, MegaMan using the sword to create a triangle.

"Geo, you ready?"

"I've never been more ready than this! " He said as the Iblis then began to charge toward them.

"Kaiser Delta…BREAKER!!!!!!" his voice echoed as a beam was shot from the triangle, striking the Iblis' core, and as it did the damage, the Iblis began to fall apart, first its arms, then its body followed, and finally, the core shattered into pieces.

"We…we did it…" he said as he smiled and closed his eyes as he fell into the hole, leaving the dimensional gateway, his Tribe King form faded away, then his wave change canceled.

"Geo! Geo!!!" Mega shouted from the Star Carrier.

Sonia looked upon the warp hole, waiting for Geo to come back, and then she saw him falling through the hole.

"Geo!" she cried out.

"I got him!" Synchron said as he jumped up and scooped him up, then returned to the ground as Sonia ran over.

"Geo! Don't you dare die on me! You hear me!?" she said starting to cry a bit.

"What are you…talking about? It'll take…more than that to…kill me." He smiled lightly.

"You idiot…Don't scare me like that." She said burying her head in his chest.

"Look!" Misora said as she pointed to the warp hole, as thousands of lights shot out from it.

"It's everyone Apollon used. They're alive! All of them!" Subaru said looking on.

"Everything's back to normal…" Synchron said as he canceled his wave change.

"Now we can head back home and relax." Geo said standing up a bit.

"I hear that." Mega added.

"You slacker." Lyra taunted.

As the sun appeared out of the dark clouds, a small warp hole appeared near them. Geo looked to see the OOPArts as they began to dissolve.

"Guess they were drained of all their power." Mega said.

"Yes, but it serves a purpose. At least its power will never be used for evil." Omni said as the objects disappeared completely.

"Maybe the OOPArts had a mind of their own. Perhaps that's why they lost their power, because that power is just too strong to use." Lyra said.

"Well, we should be going." Geo said extending his hand to Subaru.

"Good luck to you." He replied, taking Geo's hand in a shake.

"I'm glad we could all be friends in the end. Misora added.

"I'm out of here. All this is making me sick." Solo said walking through the warp.

"I'm out of here too." Neon said as he walked near it. "Nice knowing you guys."

"Neon, where are you leaving to?" Geo asked.

"We're going to head back to the digital world. We are needed there." Omni spoke up.

"It's not easy being the partner of a Royal Knight." He laughed a bit as he and Omni vanished.

"Well, we should get going to." Geo said as he and Sonia walked up to the warp.

"If we ever meet again, you're all mine on the battlefield." Subaru said.

"We'll have to see." He said as he and Sonia walked through, the warp closing behind them.

"He did it." Aaron said looking on the radar as the barrier on Earth's side vanished as they appeared in the lab.

"We're home." Sonia said getting up.

"Welcome back, you two." Aaron said as he walked up to them, followed by Tom.

"Mission is a success." Geo said to Aaron.

"Hehe, I wouldn't expect anything less from my best friend's son." He said.

"Well, all that's left now is to take it easy and relax." Mega said.

"Lazy mutt." Lyra muttered.

"Don't know about you, but I need to get some sleep. That fight got to me." Geo said as Sonia laughed a bit.

A few weeks later, everyone began their spring break. For Geo, he was out a few extra days before the break recovering from the battle wounds. He heard a doorbell ring and looked at the calendar to see the 25th circled. He promised to go out for the day with Sonia.

"Geo! Sonia's here!" Hope called from downstairs as her son came to the door.

"Hey, you ready for today?" he asked as he closed the door behind him.

"Yeah. I've been waiting for weeks. So...how about going to Times Square?" Sonia said grabbing hold of his arm.

"Like I said, my treat, you choose." Geo chuckled a bit as they walked off.

"I'm glad to be back with you, Geo." She said as they walked down the sidewalk, coming to the bus stop.

"Same here. I wouldn't be anything without you." He said as she slid her hand into his.

They sat down as they waited for the bus to come, and Geo looked over at Sonia.

"What? Something about my face that bugs you?" she asked.

"No. Just that you're too beautiful." He replied.

"That so?" she said, and moved her head to his lips as she kissed him lightly. "Thanks for the complement."

"You're welcome." He said kissing her back.

"Aww… aren't they just cute together?" Lyra said.

"I'm not even going to reply to that." Mega yawned as Lyra began to grin. "Oh really now?" she said as floated over to him, and then quickly kissed his cheek.

"What the…what was that for!?" Mega said; his blue head now a slight pink.

"Oh nothing." She said as she dashed off.

"I will never, ever, understand women." He said with a sweat drop forming on his head.

Star Lovers 2

The End

At long last, Star Lovers 2 had ended. I admit, I'm disappointed in myself in not updating when I said I would last year, and I know some of you are too, But it's a new year, time to start out fresh. I apologize if the last few chapters seemed choppy, but I did my best to finish it up. Mistake is next on my list to update, and coming in the fall, Star Lovers 3 will also begin. Now that this story is finished, I can do more stories I've had in mind while Star Lovers 2 was unfinished. But I will see you all again with Mistake, and when Star Lovers 3 makes its debut. This is BassDS, and I hope you all enjoyed Star Lovers 2.