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Yugi Mouto was not happy with his lover. It was 7:30 in the morning, damn it, no one should have to be awake this early. He brushed his spiky bangs out of his eyes and growled at the brunette, who growled back mockingly…

…and shoved him off the bed. Kaiba would die. For the love they shared, it would be quick.

"Move." Kaiba turned and pulled open the window shades. Light flooded the room, and Yugi groaned once more.

"Whhhy, Seto? You're eeevil~"

"We're going to the fair today, remember? You made me promise last night that I wouldn't let you oversleep."

"It's 7:30!"

"It'll be 8 by the time you stop bitching at me."

"Fuck you, Kaiba."

"Then we wouldn't get out of here 'till noon."

Giving one last shove to his reluctant lover, Seto opened the door and walked out. A few seconds later, his head stuck back in.

"There's bacon."

"Uuggh." Yugi rolled off of the bed, body making a dull thumping noise when it landed on the thick rug. Kaiba, already halfway down the stairs, grinned to himself. He had known that the rug was a good purchase, even if Yugi whined about the difficulties of cleaning it.

An hour (and one attempted seduction by Yugi) later, the couple was on their way to the fairgrounds. Yugi sat on Seto's lap in the back of the carriage as Seto read aloud to him from the pile of documents he had brought.

Finally, Yugi snapped.

"Can we not? This is our day together, and I do not want to hear about cinnamon imports."


"Do. Not. Want."

"Fine," snapped Seto, "What do you want?"

"… A blowjob."

"Wait, what?" Kaiba stammered, looking dumbstruck. "We're in a carriage, being driven by someone else, who can hear us!"

"Let her hear." Yugi twisted around, sliding his legs so that he was straddling Seto. Leaning in, he caught the brown-haired boy's lips in a passionate kiss, wide purple eyes narrowing as Seto leaned forwards, into the kiss, and effortlessly dominated him. A small groan escaped his lips as Seto reached down and rubbed his crotch. Yugi could feel the grin on the taller man's face as he moaned, going limp in his lover's strong arms. He groaned again as Seto chose to nibble on his lower lip, then break the kiss and move his lips to Yugi's neck.

"Please-" The breathy gasp escaped Yugi's lips as he felt one strong hand move up to his nipple, lightly stroking it at first, then pinching it gently and rolling it between his fingers until it was hard. The other hand still rubbed his dick through his pants, and he began to pant from the stimulation.

Kaiba chuckled softly. "Like that, do you?" he whispered, moving his mouth up to nibble on Yugi's ear. "Does it turn you on, to know that the driver could turn around to talk to us at any moment, Yugi? To know that she could see you like this, so utterly helpless? Maybe I should have brought lube, Yugi, and fucked you right here in the back of the carriage?" He leaned in and whispered softly, "When you came, screaming my name, do you think she would turn around then? What would she think, seeing you like that?"

At this Yugi's eyes widened, and he whispered breathlessly, "We- We are going to do that- for my- aah! For my birthday."

"Such a dirty boy, Yugi! Do you know what we do to dirty little boys, Yugi?"

"What, Seto?"

"First," he said, still very close to Yugi's ear, "we punish them. To make sure that the problem does not recur. Then," and with this he twisted Yugi's nipple harshly, eliciting a pained gasp from Yugi, "well, they have to get clean somehow…"

Releasing Yugi's nipple, Seto quickly flipped him over. Removing Yugi's belt, he tugged the pants down, revealing his smooth, pale ass.

"Going commando today, eh, Yugi? Naughty boy," he whispered, leaning over so that he was once again close to the smaller boy's ear. Sitting up, he remarked a little louder, "You'll want to be quiet. We don't want Risa to see, after all."

Gently, he rubbed his partner's ass, softly squeezing one cheek before-

"Ahhh!" Yugi let out a strangled gasp, rear still stinging from the sharp smack a second before. A smirking Kaiba met his eyes.

"Fifteen, I think, should do," he said, before dropping his raised hand with a sharp smack.

Yugi yelped again, softer this time, in an obvious effort to control himself. Again and again he felt the brief, sharp sting of Seto's hand on his rear, and then it faded to general numbness as his lover rubbed his cheeks between each hit. Finally, Seto stopped, and rested his hand on the younger boys ass, as if waiting for him to respond.

It took a few minutes for Yugi to recover enough of himself to react. "Well, Seto, you've punished me, now shouldn't you clean me up?"

Seto grinned once more. Lifting his limp lover, he flipped him over so that Yugi was now sitting on the cushioned seat of the carriage. Pulling down his pants until they were around his ankles, he laughed once more upon seeing Yugi's hard-on.

"Someone clearly enjoyed their punishment a little too much," he looked up, meeting Yugi's half-shut eyes.

"Please, Seto," the smaller boy groaned, thrusting his hips up.

"Ah ah ah… naughty," Kaiba looked into Yugi's eyes once more, and softly blew over the tip of his cock. Moaning again, the boy nearly cried.

"Fucking tease."

"Is that really nice, Yugi?" he said softly, and then took the smaller boy's head in his mouth.

Yugi's head flew back, his hands reaching up to grasp the other's hair. He gasped loudly, eyes wide as his lover began to suck and lick at the tip of his cock, then slowly licked down one side of it. Taking more of the tip into his mouth, he began to suck a little harder, licking at the slit, then swallowing the first three inches. Feeling Yugi's hands tighten in his hair, he hummed, prompting a strangled moan from Yugi, and causing him to thrust forward. Although a little surprised by the other's forwardness, he nevertheless did as the boy was clearly requesting and swallowed the rest of his cock.

Yugi was in heaven. He was barely able to move as his lover swallowed all seven inches of his length and hummed, sending the vibrations coursing through him. Moaning, he tightened his grip on the other's hair, not wanting to lose the hot wetness that surrounded him. He gazed into his lover's eyes as the other pulled back and ran his tongue down the vein along the underside of his cock, then gently massaged his balls as he sucked him in once more. Finally, Kaiba hummed a little harder and sucked just right, and Yugi lost control.

Seto easily swallowed Yugi's seed, and grinned as he saw the way that the boy had just collapsed, shuddering, on the seat. He had, of course, thoroughly enjoyed making the younger boy lose control, and he had to agree that doing things like this in such a public place was appealing, even if the only other person was the driver, who was, after all, paid good money to ignore such things.

Stroking the other boy's hair softly, Seto pulled himself up onto the seat, and then pulled Yugi into a gentle, warm embrace.

After the hour-and-a-half ride to the fair, and three hours of being dragged around by Yugi, Seto Kaiba was ready to go home. He had petted the Llama with Yugi, and it had spat at him, he had visited the dancer's tents and fallen face first into one's chest, earning a slap and inducing several minutes of embarrassed stammering, and he had been hit in the face by a flying apple. And all the while, the little fucker he had come to the fair with laughed at him.

Finally, he had talked Yugi into sitting down at an auction with him. Despite not knowing what was being sold, anything was better than being dragged around more.

The seats on both sides of him quickly filled, and soon, to his relief, there was no way for them to leave until the auction was over. Hopefully it would be dull enough that Yugi would want to go home by the end of it.

At last the curtain on the stage opened, and the announcer stepped out. He began to drown out the surrounding sounds until they were nothing but background noise until he heard a gasp from Yugi. Panicked, he looked down to see what could have harmed his lover, and saw sad purple eyes look up at him. Looking at the stage, he saw the chained slaves being sold, and quietly cursed whichever god hated him.

Sex slaves. It would be sex slaves, wouldn't it?

Seto reached down his hand to Yugi, who gripped it tightly. The smaller boy's wet eyes made him feel like a monster as he whispered, "Look, we'll go as soon as there's enough room to move."

Cursing his ill fortune, he looked up at the stage, not really noticing anything until he felt his lover's hand tighten in his. Looking up at the boy who was being led to the center of the stage, his eyes widened. The boy was beautiful.

His hair was black and blonde, like Yugi's, although it was obviously not well taken care of. Wide, scared red eyes flicked out to the crowd, then returned to the boy's feet. As he was forced to his knees on the raised platform, the auctioneer mentioned various points about him, "17… well-trained… hard worker… wants to please…" but even so, the boy had not been given enough cloths to hide the fact that he looked starved.

"Buy him," he heard whispered up at him, and looked down at Yugi in surprise. "Please."

Raising his voice above the din of the crowd, Kaiba lifted his hand and called out, "Seventy-five." Eyes swiveled his way, and he suddenly realized that the bid before his was only thirty.

God damn it.

"Going once!" shouted the auctioneer. "Going twice! Sold- to Mr. Kaiba!"

Murmers rushed through the crowd as they realized that the richest man in any of the surrounding towns had bought the boy. Kaiba knew that by the end of the day, everyone at the fair would have a different idea of what exactly he wanted with a sex slave, except, of course, him. He was still unsure of why he had bought the boy, except for that it had been Yugi's request.

God damn it.

Today had not been a good day for Kaiba, even with the sex.

Yay, Yugi!