ONE – Driving Kaiba

"We- We are going to do that- for my- aah! For my birthday."

Risa loved her job. Really, she did. It was her sixth year as a carriage driver, and come fall, she would have been in Kaiba's employ for four years. She enjoyed the loose hours, the high pay, and the excellent food. She liked Kaiba okay, and Yugi was a close friend.

But sometimes, she hated them.

Right now, there was a… mewling? Oh gods, no… but yes, it was a mewling noise, coming from the carriage behind her.

Suddenly, the wet slap of skin on skin made her jump. Fuck. She hated it when this happened.

Curiosity vied with distaste as she heard the noise repeated. It seemed louder this time, and was accompanied by a soft yelp. The urge to turn around and oogle the two *very* hot boys behind her was almost unbearable, and it was only made worse by the fact that she knew neither boy would mind.

Another slap, this one followed by more, and then heaving gasps from Yugi.

She could hear Kaiba muttering to him, and enthusiastic groans of approval, followed by a long, drawn out moan.

Goddammit, if Seto is blowing Yugi back there again I'm going to beat the everloving shit out of him.

I'm not cleaning that up again!

If Yugi screams, the horses are going to freak and kill us all.




We're all fucked.

Finally, Risa heard a shuddering moan emerge from the back of the cart. The dull thumps of bodies shifting gave her hope that the backseat orgy was complete. When no further noises emerged, she slumped back with a sigh of relief. Why couldn't her boss just fuck his boyfriend in a bed, like a normal person?