I sat on my couch Friday night and watched smack down. It had been a long time since I'd been Lita on TV. The former love of my life, Adam, and I used to be Edge and Lita on Raw together. But ever since I retired and he went to smack down, things have been different between us. Let me put it like this: we're over.

Now, as I watch Edge making out with that slut of a GM and his fiancé, Vickie, I get enraged. I want to beat the shit out of her, I want to cry, and I want to be in Adam's arms one last time.

I don't know why I did it, but I got off the couch, ran into my bedroom, and threw my stuff in a suitcase. I was going to go be Lita once again. Hopefully, if Vince will let me come back, at least for a night.

Edge's POV

I hate kissing Vickie. I want to be kissing Amy. Amy….Her sweet, luscious lips. Her gorgeous, deep eyes. Her tiny frame. She was amazing. I miss her a lot. Vickie is nice and everything, but, I don't love her like I loved Amy. This thing with Vickie I have, everyone thinks its fake. Sadly though, its real. I don't know how I ended up being engaged to this hideous woman, but it happened. I wonder what she'd say if she found out that every time we made love, I was thinking of Amy.

Lita's POV

Here I am. Backstage at smack down. Edge is out in the ring cutting a promo with Vickie. I'm about to come back. One night only. To those in attendance: feel lucky.

A worker backstage tells me its time to go out. I'm so nervous. But I'm going to go get my man back. Whether he likes it our not.

Edge's POV

"I demand a title match!" I screamed into the microphone. Tonight was going to be short for me. Because the second I'm done with this promo I'm going back to my hotel.

Of course Vickie, wheelchair and all, was right by me.

I dropped the microphone and started to push Vickie's wheelchair when all of a sudden…

Lita's music played. I was in shock. I tried to hide my smile. Lita strutted down the ramp and into the ring. Boy, did she look gorgeous. She had died her hair from red to black, she looked just as hot, if not more.

Vickie stood up and got out of her wheelchair. Lita got in her face and Vickie poked Lita's shoulder. Lita rolled her eyes and slapped Vickie so hard across the face that Vickie fell flat on her ass.

This wasn't scripted for tonight's show. I didn't know what to do. But when Lita wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me close to her, I knew exactly what to do.

So I grabbed her beautiful face and kissed her.