Just A Silly MadLib I got From I added In Alot (You can reely tell where I added the words in) SO here ya go!

You boarded the plane at the airport, Emo to be heading back home after visiting your friend Demi Moore in Chicago. Shortly after take off the pilot's voice comes over the loud speaker, 'Hi There! everyone we have reached an altitude of 48 feet and you can all feel free to remove your seat belts and Lunge about the cabin. We have 6 hours left so enjoy the flight.' You sigh and remind yourself to stop biting your Arm because your nervous. As the stewardess passes, you ask for a Cocktail and she pulls one out of the cart and hands it to you. She moves down the aisle, 23 rows ahead of you, where she stands, you can hear a familiar voice. With another sip of your Cocktail you dismiss the idea to being a figment of your Soft imagination.
In the back of the plane you overhear a conversation. A Fuzzy, Sweet looking woman says, 'My seat was supposed to be C-23, on the aisle.' As you turn back, you see the stewardess looking over her ticket and saying, 'YIKES! Yes, it is.' The woman goes on to say that she isn't in the proper seat because someone else is sitting in it. That's when you almost choke on your Cocktail realizing that seat C-23 is the one you're in, which also happens to be the one you're not supposed to be in. Your actual seat is A-23 up at the front. You think to yourself, 'WOW!' then Fast you get up and have a Pink and Round conversation with the two women before the stewardess points you to your A-23 seat.
Gathering your carry-on luggage and Jacket in your arms, you are re-assigned to seat A-23. Not being able to see over the top of your Black bag in your arms you can only hear the voice in front of you saying, 'Here, let me help you with that.' A pair of Rock-ing hands reach up, take the top bag off your pile and help you to load it with the rest into the compartment above the seats. Once free of your baggage you are able to stand Foot to Foot with this Big and Shiny stranger. It's then that you discover that he is actually not a stranger at all. Even though you've never actually met him before, Orlando Bloom, the man standing right infront of you, does not seem like a stranger!
You both sit down side by side in your seats and start a Clear conversation. Orlando folds the script he was reading onto his Ear and looks you in the eyes, 'So, where are you headed?' You explain that you're taking this flight to New York then taking a commuter jet to Chicago in order to get home in time for work on Friday. He mentions that he has to be back at work Friday too, and you both keep up a Weird conversation until the plane lands at New York. Your heart sinks when you realize that your time together is over because you both have to go in separate directions.
Orlando stands up and helps you with your bags. Standing at the end of the flight terminal you note to yourself that you've just had the most Limp conversation of your life, as of yet. As you both begin your goodbyes, Orlando takes out a pen and asks for your Legs. When he takes it he tilts your Legs up towards his Neck and brushes it against your skin in a kiss. Following that, while you check to make sure you're still Rubbed, Orlando then writes down a series of numbers on your Cheek explaining that this is his hotel number, 'If you'd like to, I'd like to see you again. This is where you can reach me.' Then with his shoulders shrugged in a Shocking good-bye look, he bends down and scoops his Abrubt arms around you in a Dreamy hug. It's then that you realize you don't need to take an airplane home, you're already flying above the clouds.