Do not be fooled by the title, this story involves Cosmo and Tails as parents. Daisy, their daughter, is the main female character who I have designated to be the main source of romantic relation's within the story, and thus, it is HER name, not Cosmo or Tails name, in the title. But, again, in this story, Cosmo ans Tails try to act as parents to Daisy, who doesn't fully accept Tails. This is pretty much a prologue to under stand a few of the new characters. I hope you enjoy.

The following takes place on the very day that Daisy Prower was born.

A dark furred anthropomorphic wolf had just given birth to a small young pup. This pup's eyes had barely opened before it began to cry. The mother wolf stared at her child lovingly, but knew that her end was near. She knew not who the husband of this child was, but still had the hope that her child would one day grow into a strong, dashing young wolf, who would be known for his kindness and cleverness. The thing that hunted her was a group of humans; angry over the food she stole to nourish her unborn pup.

They were closing in on her, and she knew that after giving birth, that she wouldn't have the energy to run from them. The she wolf grabbed a small, smooth stone from the nearby river bank, and scratched a name into it. "Brunis" it read. She placed the stone in the pup's lap, and picked him up.

"Come on Brunis, we might still make it." The mother said as she ran away from the mob of humans following her. As she ran, she felt her energy deplete, as if a figure was sucking her endurance out of her through a straw. The mother tripped, and fell onto a rocky outcrop. Now injured, and bleeding worse and worse, she finally came to the inevitable conclusion that haunted her mind from the moment she stole that ham.

"I'm going to die… Brunis, be strong, and don't ever do bad things, they will be your undoing. Be strong… Be strong for your mother…" The mother used every last bit of any power left in her to move Brunis into a small bush. It was then that she took her last few breaths, and her last one, cut short by a spear in the lung. Brunis, too young to comprehend anything in the world, just lay there, asleep in the bushes.

A pair of metallic, green eyes stared at the horrific scene that just took place.

"Poor little Brunis, oh so new! I shall have an eye on you." The figure that the eyes belonged to rhymed. It waited for the human's to clear, and, as expected, overlooked Brunis, and proceeded with taking revenge on the poor mother wolf. Using its massive, dark wings, the figure swooped down to pick up Brunis. Looking down at the sleeping child, the figure felt a strong sense of pity for the wolf pup. He stared at his small features; his small pinkish nose, his still developing muzzle, his silvery fur, with a few small purple stripes, and the wolf's small bushy tail, that had yet to grow outwards a few more inches; all-and-all, a fine, young, anthropomorphic wolf pup. The figure smiled, for he knew just where to put him. The figure's wings flapped silently, careful not to wake the sleeping Brunis, towards a clan of wolves, just outside the Mystic Ruins area.

As the figure swooped down towards the sleeping wolf clan, the little wolf pup in his metal arms began to stir. He frowned at this; he wasn't supposed to be helping anybody on his vacation, and if anyone knew of his exploits, then he would be in so much trouble by his leader. The metallic figure landed, ran into the clan of wolves, carefully, but hastily, set Brunis down by a stump, still with his named rock, and ran out of there, just as fast, without a person noticing him.

The wolf clan began to wake at the sound of rockets leaving their campsite. As they woke, one anthropomorphic wolf noticed the little, waking Brunis.

"What is this? Hey boss, come look at what has appeared in our camp!" The wolf said, as a large, hulking wolf, with solid black hair, and a red glare in his eyes approached.

"Well then," The wolf picked up the small wolf pup by his neck, "who are you, little pup?" the little stone fell from his lap, "Brunis, eh? Hmm, you look like a weak pup, but, if you can live here, you will be accepted into our clan. As an introductory, they call me the Boss, but my real name is Ignatius Wolfain. But if you ever call me that, then you're gone! Do you understand?" the Boss growled as little Brunis emptily stared at the enormous wolf glared into his soul.

"Uh, sir?" The wolf who discovered Brunis asked, with the hint of stating how far Wolfain had got. After glaring the pup down, to insure who was the most dominant creature of the camp was, Wolfain set the pup down.

"Who shall raise this pup then? Until he can become a part of the pack?" Wolfain roared to the rest of the sleepy pack.

"Um, Boss, sir? I will raise the child." A younger, brown furred, female wolf said.

"Then make sure that he won't be a problem in the future." Wolfain growled at the girl, who couldn't be more than sixteen.

"H-He won't sir…" She stuttered as she picked up Brunis carefully, and walked away to her small burrow.

"Brunis… What a cute name, I wonder why you're here in this dreadful place… Maybe, just maybe, you can get me out of the pickle that is my lifelong problem. Maybe people will mistake you for my child, and I won't be forced to marry anyone of those terrible boys here… Brunis, if you can do that, then you're a lifesaver." She kissed her knew adopted son's head and lulled him to sleep on a rocking chair.

Five years later on a Christmas Eve… (no offense to people who don't celebrate Christmas…)

Cosmo walked into Daisy's room to tuck her daughter in for the night.

"Will Santa Claus some?" Daisy asked hopefully, the dim light from the hallway made her eyes gleam a beautiful blue color.

"Only if you go to bed, sweetie." Cosmo replied motherly. Daisy continued to squirm around in her bed until Cosmo sat on her bed. She calmly tucked Daisy into her bed and kissed her on the forehead.

"Will you tell me a story?" Daisy asked innocently. Cosmo couldn't ignore her daughter's puppy dog eyes, begging her to stay.

"All, right Daisy, but then you have to go to sleep."

"I will, I promise!" Daisy replied sweetly. Cosmo began to think. When will I ever learn that a five-year-old's promises never last longer than five minutes? Oh well, it will make her sleepy, and get me a chance to go to bed…

"Ok then, once upon a time, there was a princess, who was all alone in a place that she never seen before,"

"Was she pretty?" Daisy interrupted. Cosmo chuckled a small bit.

"Yes, extremely, but she didn't believe that she was. She was in this new place because she was on a mission, a mission to save her own land. And to save her land, she needed the help of a great warrior, who was supposed to live in this place,"

"Did she find him?"

"Eventually, and she set out with that warrior, and all of his friends. As they went on, the group got separated, and I-she, was lost with one of the warrior's friends who was a brave knight; and who she secretly liked."

"Aw! What happens next?" Daisy said eagerly.

"Well, the knight and the princess eventually met up with the main group again, and they all set off to save her homeland. And eventually, the knight fell deeply in love with her, and they all saved the princess's homeland. But, the knight was very sad, the princess had to leave then, and the two would never see each other again."

"Why? Why don't they just stay together?"

"The story isn't over Daisy… As I was saying, before a little munchkin interrupted me," as Cosmo tickled her daughter a little bit, "the princess and knight were never supposed to meet again. But then," Daisy perked up at the enthusiasm in Cosmo's voice, "a funny little guy came out of nowhere and began to bring the two back together again. The princess and the knight were so happy, they had never been happier in their lives. And the guy disappeared without a trace."

"Who was this guy? Was he handsome too?"

"No, he was just a funny little guy named Xavier. And later, after a few months of living together happily, Xavier again appeared out of nowhere and started a set of events that caused Tai-the knight and the princess to get married, which, after that, he disappeared again, and was never seen again. The knight and the princess lived happily ever after."

"Nice story! Can I hear another one, mommy?" Daisy asked hopefully.

"No, sweetie, Cosmo is tired, and besides, Santa won't come if you don't go to bed!" Cosmo lifted herself off of the bed and turned off the lights in the room.

"Goodnight mommy."

"Goodnight darling." Cosmo exited the darkened room and headed off to her own.

Tails was waiting for her there. He was staring at a picture in its frame.

"What ya doing" Cosmo asked playfully as she hopped onto the bed with him.

"I'm looking back at this photo. Man, we have changed so much since then…" Cosmo glanced at the picture as well; it was of the two of them when Daisy was born, the one that XT-421 took before he vanished.

"Yes we have… You've grown taller, your voice isn't as cute as it was back then, but now it's more strong, and manly." Tails blushed, everything she said was true.

"So have you! Your hair got longer, you've grown much taller, and your flower buds look as if they're about to blossom. Not to mention the new smell that you give off." Tails sniffed the air and hugged himself. "It smells so sweet." Cosmo also blushed, not a word Tails uttered was false.

"Oh I love you." They both said, and then giggled at their words. The two cuddled up, and fell asleep to the faint sound of cool rain on their roof.

Tails' awoke with a start. He could hear the sound of something other than rain on the roof. The noise stopped for a second, and Tails began to drowse off, but then he heard something thud loudly in his house. Tails hopped out of bed, careful not to wake his beloved Cosmo or Daisy, and ventured out barefoot into his living room.

He saw a figure, about the same size as himself, hunched over at the tree that Tails' family helped set up.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Tails yelled in a whispering voice. The figure dropped something and bolted it towards the chimney. There is no way that you're getting out of my house thief! Tails ran out the door to intercept the figure that was now climbing out the chimney.

As Tails' ran out of the house, he slipped on the muddy ground, and hit the ground hard. He looked up at the sky. There was a black winged creature flying away from his house at an incredible speed. Is that… no way! If there are more presents under that tree then what Cosmo, Daisy and I provided, then maybe he did come back. But why? Tails picked himself up out of the mud and looked at himself.

"Oh no, Cosmo is going to kill me if I walk around the house like this." Tails whipped off all of the mud from his tails and walked over to the garden. He took the hose out, and prayed that Cosmo wouldn't hear it. Tails turned on the hose, and showered the mud off of his mud covered body.

Tails turned the hose off, put it back on the garden rack, and, just before he entered his house, he shook he fur out dry. This caused his fur to puff outwards, which Cosmo never got tired of. He crept back into bed, and decided to tell Cosmo of the event, but he would first surprise her.

Cosmo lie asleep on the bed as Tails snuck into the room, he slowly strode towards her and got into the bed. He then brushed his fur up onto Cosmo; who sneezed at the fuzzy mass that was tickling her nose.

"Tails?" Cosmo laughed as she clung to his back, "why'd you get fuzz all of a sudden?"

"Well," Tails said standing up, and Cosmo sat on the bed, listening carefully, "I think we may just have been robbed." Cosmo held her hands to her face as she gasped, "But if we weren't, then it may be that XT-421 has returned, because I don't know anyone else who could have done what the 'burglar' did."

"Well, then what did this 'burglar' do?" Cosmo asked intently.

"Well, I woke up, because of some noise, and then I checked it out. There was a figure standing by the Christmas tree, and he fled when I spoke, he dropped something, but it blended in with the presents that we placed earlier tonight, and then he flew up the chimney, like Santa Claus would, and then I ran outside to get him, but I fell, and got muddy, so I took a shower with the garden hose, and, well, here I am, with you in front of me, looking as if you wanted to cuddle with my furriness." Cosmo giggled.

"Well, was anything stolen?"

"Not that I could see…"

"Then come here you big fur ball!" Cosmo pulled Tails close to her with her long vine like arms. Tails didn't even try to resist as Cosmo pulled him onto the bed, and clung to his back. Tails began to breathe slower and slower, as he came closer and closer to sleep.

Tails and Cosmo woke up to the irritable, yet adorable, sight of Cosmo's daughter.

"Come on mom! Santa brought presents! Tails! You come too!" Daisy said ecstatically as she grabbed both of their hands and tried to pull them out of bed.

"We're up! We're up!" Tails said groggily, as Cosmo yawned. The two got up; Cosmo stayed a few extra moments to get dressed. As they exited the room, Daisy rushed off ahead at her incredible running speed to the living room, where the presents that Cosmo and Tails secretly got for each other and Daisy.

"Wow! Look at this huge one!" Daisy said at a large box that was about the size of a small T.V.

"Did you buy that one for her?" Cosmo whispered into Tails' ear.

"No, that is one of the ones that I think 'he' brought." He replied. Cosmo just nodded.

Daisy quickly opened her gift and her eyes lit up with wonder. The present was a large set of gardening tools that Daisy remembered that she really wanted, but Tails and Cosmo didn't buy due to lack of money.

A small tag gently dropped from the remains of the nice wrapping paper. On it was written in fine handwriting, "A friend of the family". Cosmo and Tails saw this, and looked at each other with wide grins.

"He's back." They both muttered to themselves, as they went over to the Christmas tree and began unwrapping presents with their little Daisy.

Brunis, however, had a much gloomier Christmas. As a Christmas present to one of the other boys in the pack, a group of people married off the figure who was his foster mother. Brunis, only five at the time, didn't quite understand what was going on. He knew that his real mother was dead; he knew that he was probably never going to see his foster mother again, and he also had no idea where he was going to sleep on this night. Two brutish wolves blocked the entry to what Brunis knew to be his home, and he was left stranded outside, in the cold, rainy night, all alone.

Brunis, who was just confused, then decided to go up into the trees. Climbing trees was one of his favorite pastimes; he was very limber and always could catch himself if he for some reason fell, which wasn't that often. As he scaled a tree just outside of the camp, his mind raged with thoughts. Why does this happen to me? Why are those guys not letting me home? Why is my mom not happy about getting married? Why does this place never make me happy? Should I leave? Where would I go? I couldn't just stay alone… Nobody would accept me. Why am I asking these questions to myself? Just climb! Brunis effortlessly scaled the tree in front of him. As he broke into the treetop, he looked at wonder at the area above him. With a sigh, Brunis curled up into a ball, and fell asleep on a branch, all alone, in the middle of a rainstorm, on a holiday that he never knew existed for happiness.

XT-421 swooped in silently to the sight of a sleeping Brunis. XT stood over the little figure, and let out a fake sigh, to openly state his dilemma. He had watched Brunis for years, watched him grow into the wolf that his mother wished him to be. Brunis, though very young, was already showing that he didn't belong with the gang of ruffians that were to be his superiors for the bulk of his childhood; Brunis was a kind soul, who showed compassion for everything in life, and wouldn't put people in harm's way, whereas the other people his age were already turning into ruffians themselves. They would rather live life for fun, than be productive, diligent, and joyous. Brunis was no doubt different, and XT knew that he could help.

Though, XT knew that he wasn't supposed to. Technically, he wasn't even supposed to be here. He was on a long vacation, ordered by his boss, as a gift for his coronation as top model in his sect of the Rinocian Empire; a great honor, and he was supposed to be resting. But, he was once again drawn to Mobius, either because he wanted to see Cosmo and Tails, or maybe a desire to make it a better place, again. XT knelt down by Brunis, and gave him a slight pat on the head.

"Merry Christmas, Brunis." XT said to him as he handed the sleeping Brunis a necklace with a tag on it. "This was your mother's, Brunis, I'm pretty sure that she wanted you to have it. Keep it close, and keep it safe and your mother would have been proud."

XT flew off silently, as he smirked to himself. Even if it wasn't hers, he'll feel like he got something important for this Christmas…

So, what did you think? Should I continue posting? Or is this story going to bore you to death? Or do you not think it belongs here? You responses will sway my judgement of posting the next chapter, I assure you.