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Daisy had a tough time at school. Without her best, and one of few, friends gone, she felt lost. People at school had all wondered about Brunis too; he had a chance at being one of the most popular kids because of his athletic abilities and handsome looks. Daisy would just sigh whenever she was asked where Brunis was, and tell them that he was resting at home. Few kids, all in fear of the wrath of Brunis, didn't try to harm Daisy in any way, but, some people were still just plain rude.

For unknown reasons that the principal would not discuss, gym class had been canceled until further notice. Apparently, something had happened to the gym coach, XT-421, and he was incapable of coming to class. In fact, because of XT-421's modified security system, no one could even open the doors.

For Daisy though, the day trudged on very slowly. She wanted to be at home, with her darling Brunis, and be with him and help him get better. Even though he looked terrible, Daisy still loved him, and was determined to heal him up to his former self. She watched as the minute hand on the clock above the teacher's head took a year to move one place on the clock. To her, forces were conspiring to make her day longer than it really was.

As the school day ended, and Daisy walked outside into the warm bright sunlight, Tails was already waiting for her, to take her home.

Brunis heard the plane roaring into the area of the house, and freaked out. He scrambled to finish the letter he'd been writing, and continued to try and hide the very many drafts of it that he'd written before the final copy of it. Worried about being seen by the family, who he thought hated him, he ran into the place where he was before anybody saw him get up; Daisy's bed.

The sound of the engines off of the plane died down and the small, faint pitter-patter or Daisy's feet could be heard throughout the house. The engines roared to life again, and Tails seemed to have left to pick up Cosmo. Brunis had gone into the bed, pretending to be asleep, something that he was very good at. Daisy ran into the room, tossing her schoolbag on the ground, and jumped onto the bed next to Brunis. She stared at her sleeping hero, and was filled with warm thoughts.

"Oh who am I kidding? You can't hear me I know. But, I wish so much to talk to you. Brunis, what you did yesterday was amazing. Those men were all going to take me away, and do evil things to me, and you came to my rescue. I've never met a person who'd ever want to do that for me. In three days, you've proved to be more of a friend than I even thought could be possible, and now, I've got my first boyfriend ever, and he is one that will always be there for me, no matter the situation, and no matter the consequence. I mean, look at what you did, though you can't because you're in a coma or something… But still. You went out of your way to save me, over five times over the past few days. You took my fall when we fell off the tree. You yelled at those boys, even if it got you in trouble. You went and jumped in front of the basketball that Mr. Brown launched at my face. You stood up to those terrible fifth grade boys who wanted to molest me. You then go and run into a pit of lusty men and save me from them and their filthy paws. Nobody has ever done anything like that for me. I mean, people don't even help me pick up my pencils if they fall. They just watch as I try to pick them up again. However, you are different. You would go and carry me a hundred miles if I was tired. You would carry my books for me. You would do anything I tell you, and just because I smile at you. I've never had a friend like that before…" Daisy who had been sitting on the side of the bed the whole time, let herself fall onto Brunis's side gently, and again curled up in his warmth.

Brunis felt terrible. Daisy cared for him too much to know everything. If she knew about how he'd caused the commotion about last night, she'd be in a state of confusion, not knowing who to believe. And now, with her being warmed by the heat off his side, he didn't feel any better about his decision.

The plane roared back in to the hearing range, and landed. Brunis by this point started going to sleep for real. He needed his energy for what he was going to do the next day. Daisy, hearing the plane, ran off to her parents, leaving a devastated, sleeping Brunis in her wake.

At the table, Cosmo already had dinner ready. The family ate, still waiting for Brunis to get up and join them, but he never did. They ate in silence then. Cosmo and Tails could feel the aura of worry and love of their daughter for Brunis. This made them quiet and in a state of waiting.

"Daisy, though it is early, I think you might want to go to bed." Tails suggested, seeing his daughter's sadness over Brunis, who was injured and sleeping.

"Why?" She sighed.

"Well, Brunis isn't going to get up for a bit it seems, and, well, I can see that you aren't going to be able to do anything but worry about him awake. And, maybe asleep, you could pass the time by. You never know, he may be awake by morning." Tails replied, sympathetic for her.

"Yes, listen to him Daisy, Tails is right. Awake, you're just going to worry yourself gray-haired." Daisy then gasped at the thought of having gray hair, and ran off to bed.

"Well, at least she might get some sleep." Tails sighed.

"Yeah, she's so in love with that boy."

"Why shouldn't she be? He's perfect for her. He's strong, kind, caring, and, most importantly to us, he looks out for Daisy like some guardian angel."

"I know; he is perfect for her. Just like you were for me." Cosmo took her plates up, smiling at Tails.

"Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if the two got married or something." Tails laughed.

"At that young age?"

"Do you not remember that that was us eight years ago? Both at eight or just nine, standing together at the altar as newlyweds? Though, I do agree, they are mentally a bit too young for it. Maybe a few years, if the still are together." Cosmo gave a look to Tails that said something like 'Are you serious? 'If'?'

"There's no doubt in my mind that those two will stay together forever. It's inevitable that they'll get married, but not anytime soon, hopefully. First we need to make sure that they will both have good jobs and stuff…" Cosmo finally agreed.

"Well, Daisy's gone to bed, I've got no work, and your gardening skills don't need working, so what are we going to do?" Tails asked.

"We could see how our kid is doing." Cosmo grinned as Tails escorted her to that room with the child. The two then sat in front of it, not sure of what was going to happen, what kind of gender it would have, or what it would look like. The two fantasized what this hybrid would come out as, who it might resemble more, and what its personality would be like. The possibilities were endless.

As Tails and Cosmo fantasized about their unborn child, XT-421 had been lying on a hill. This hill was away from the forest, far from his mansion, and far from town, and far from Tails' house. But he didn't care. He had been lying on the grassy hill all day, letting the sun charge him up a bit. With any luck, it would be enough to get home to his generator. But, if not, He would just lie down on another hill. XT-421 had no reason to rush. Everyone thought he was dead. No one wished of his services yet, and even if they did, he couldn't help, he was far too weak. Like the old person he was, he lugged himself off of his seat, and began to hobble on home, again.

It was now later in the night. Cosmo and Tails had fallen asleep in to the hum of the machine that kept their one child growing, and the sound of each other's breath. The urge to go to bed was too great for them to even make it to their bed. Tails was leaning his head back on a wall, and Cosmo leaned her head on his shoulder, and the two closed their eyes at the tragic events that had happened to them in the past two days.

It was then, that everyone was asleep, that Brunis woke up. He heard the soft, sweet sound of Daisy's breath on his side, where she always was if he was sleeping. Brunis got up silently, and out of the bed. He tucked Daisy in gently, and kissed her on the cheek. At this, Daisy's face crept into a faint grin, and she repositioned herself for more comfort, without Brunis there.

Brunis snuck out of the room silently, and headed to the kitchen. On the table, he placed the letter that he wrote earlier that day, and then remembered something. He strode over into the garage, and, though weak and tired from the day before, he picked up a large amount of wood in one arm, and a small amount of tools in the other. Armed for work, he walked over to the area that Daisy liked.

Immediately, he went to work. It started with one plank, and then another, and then more, and more and more. All of the wood planks that he brought were being lifted into the tree that Daisy liked with a rope system, and then Brunis would nail them sturdily into place. By midnight, there was a platform in the tree. And, with the remaining pieces of wood, Brunis built some walls, and a roof, all with open windows and a sky roof so that Daisy could gaze into the stars. Brunis even put in a trapdoor with a rope ladder so that Daisy could come up into the tree house and then hide herself there, and not let anyone else in. By the time that all of the wood was used up, there was a perfect tree house in Daisy's favorite tree, without any part of the tree being chopped off or severely damaged, and it was about four in the morning.

Brunis returned to the house, amazed at what he just accomplished in less than seven hours, to return the tools. As he put the tools away, he heard a faint thud from Daisy's room. Worried, he ran over there, as quiet as can be, to see what had happened. He entered the room, only to find that Daisy had just rolled off of the bed. She was still asleep, but she was trying to get back up on the bed unconsciously. Brunis didn't know that she was still asleep though.

"Daisy?" He asked, to see if she was awake or not.

"Unggh." Daisy moaned, grasping at the covers of the bed, in any attempts to get back on it.

"Oh, you're just asleep." Brunis sighed, relieved. Daisy nodded her head, subconsciously agreed to what he said.

"Here Daisy, let me help you up." Brunis helped Daisy off of the floor, and helped her stand up. She held on to his shoulder for support as he put the covers back onto the bed.

"Daisy," He started. Even though she was asleep, it was still hard for him to say this. "I'm leaving."

"Why?" Daisy's subconscious mind tried to ask.

"I… it's… well… you…" Daisy leaned forward, maybe on accident from losing her grip on his shoulder, or maybe from instinct, and feel into a kiss with Brunis.

"Ooh, soft lips…" Daisy mumbled, and fell onto the bed. Brunis tucked her in tightly and kissed her on the cheek. He didn't want to go at all. But, he knew that the family would kill him in more gruesome ways than Wolfain would have if they ever found out about his betrayal.

"Sayonara, Daisy…" Brunis softly said to his golden haired, sleeping flower, as he left the Prower residence, with no thoughts of returning, ever again.

Daisy awoke that Saturday morning to the rise of the sun. Expecting to see Brunis's shining, though battle worn, face right next to her, she turned, only to roll onto nothing but empty blankets.

"Oh, he must've woken up already." Daisy said to herself as she got dressed for a day of fun with her beloved.

Daisy walked into the kitchen, expecting to see Brunis happily munching on some breakfast, or hanging out in the kitchen maybe talking to her parents about something, but found no Brunis in the kitchen either. Instead, she saw her mom sitting at the kitchen table with her hand propping up her face with an emotionless look on it. Tails was in leaning against the wall in the kitchen, his hand rubbing his chin, deep in thought.

"Hi mom, hi dad. Where's Brunis?" She then saw them look so depressed, "Why are you two so sad?" Cosmo didn't say anything, she just pointed to an opened letter on the counter. Daisy looked at them curiously.

"What about the letter?"

"Read it." Cosmo's face looked very sad.

"Ok…" Daisy walked over to the letter, and began to read it, while leaning against a wall in the kitchen.

Dear Prower Family,

I must thank you all for your gracious hospitality. You have all been nicer to me than I probably deserved. You gave me food, you gave me shelter, you saved my life, twice, and you gave me love. I could never repay you for that. But, I can do something. Daisy, show your parents the special place that you showed me. There ought to be a tree house there. I hope you enjoy it.

But, I must say this, do not think me as the good person you knew. For I did something unforgivable. Something that everyone should hate me for. The ambush by those wolves, I knew about it, and willingly got Daisy into that mess. I'm unbelievably sorry.

Daisy held her hand to her mouth, a bit angry at Brunis, but still remembering the fact that he did get her out of the mess. She didn't want to keep reading, but something urged her to keep going.

Yesterday, my boss, the large wolf that tried to marry Daisy, confronted me, and to save my own hide, I lied, and ultimately agreed on kidnapping Daisy. He told me that if I didn't comply, he'd kill me, Daisy, and the rest of the Prower family. So I thought foolishly that if I gave Daisy to Wolfain, my boss, then she would be spared death. I almost didn't kidnap her. Something inside of me knew that this would all mess up, but it was too late. I was already in the sights of my clan, and knew that I had to run away. I ran far away, to another section of the woods, hoping to leave it all behind, and sort out all of my thoughts. But then, this, creature, Celeste, she called herself, turned into a figure that looked like Daisy, and I realized how stupid I was to let them have Daisy, knowing what happens to all girls in my clan. She told me to go back there, regardless of life or death, and save her. I realize now, that without Daisy, I would've been dead anyways. I did rescue Daisy, and brought her home. Though she was drugged, she should be fine now. I have left. And you won't find me. I have decided to leave on a journey to find out exactly who I am inside. Maybe one day I'll return. But, after this event, my hopes for Daisy still being in love with me aren't very high. How could one love the person who betrayed her? Daisy should never, would never, like me again, for what I did to save myself. I hate myself, and couldn't bear to stay here with those which I betrayed. I hope that on this journey of mine, I will become a better person. Also I wish to find my limits, what talents that I have, and what I can do in times of peril, and the like…

Goodbye, this may, most likely, be the last time you ever hear from me.

Brunis the Wolf

Daisy stared blankly at the paper, and dropped it. Her gaze continued to stare at the place that, when in her hands, the paper said, 'Daisy should never like me again.' A tear fell from her face, a single tear. She stood there, frozen. She then fell down against the wall, and burst into tears.

"Why Brunis? I still love you! I always will! I always have! Come back!" Daisy tried to get up off of the ground, but she was trembling too much to even crawl. Upon hearing her daughter cry so helplessly, Cosmo too burst into tears.

"Oh my little flowers come here." Tails said calmly, fighting back tears, sitting next to Daisy who clung to him, crying. Cosmo too joined the group, hugging Tails and Daisy at the same time. The three then reviewed in sadness everything good that Brunis, did, and why he should still be there, and cried about the whole situation.

XT-421, who had been in his house since early that morning, lay outside his small mansion, resting in the sun, with a large cord attached to his back. This cord was connected to his house, which contained a large variety of energy sources. He heard the Prower family, crying over the exodus of Brunis, and their tears began to short circuit his heart.

"Curse my metal energy! I won't be able to do anything for them for almost seven years. I won't be able to fly, transfigure myself, read minds, or even send a copter for at least a year. And by that time, finding Brunis would take too long, he could get anywhere." XT got up, he couldn't lose any energy if he was hooked up to his house, but he could overuse it either. Instead, he walked into his house, stood in front of a large panel, filled with dials, knobs, buttons, and levers. His fingers danced across the panel as a sad, fast music echoed in the area that his house was made in. He then began to mimic thousands of sad love songs about the millions of star crossed lovers out there in existence that he hadn't yet helped. He then fell backwards, sighed and laid down saying.

"And this is why I fight... for all of you lovers out there who are fated to be apart, but seem so perfect. I fight for you."

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