'Greater Beings thoughts

"Greater Beings speech"

Disclaimer: I do not own in anyway Naruto or Bleach. This story is inspired by James D. Fawkes' Sit Upon The Frosted Heavens and Case13's Crimson Edge.

First off i'd like to thank you for chosing my story. I've been thinking of a crossover for a long time but was put off a bit when they became so common. I remember a time when there were only a few up on the whole entire site but now you can find them within a few pages from each other. Because Beneath the lies was taking to long to develop and Dark revelations didn't go in the direction I wanted it to I was determined to make one even still.

So determined I was I put the Uzumaki Clan on hold and went through various scenarios. One time I typed up an 8,000 word start up chapter only to delete it when Naruto's parents were revealed.

But now I think I've got it and part of me is pretty pissed at how easy it was to start up. This chap is typed up using various other story beginnings and is about 9,000 words long. This story is somewhat based off James Fawkes D's crossover. But starts at an earlier time.

First of let me give you some basic info.

A prophecy stated that a child would be born into the Uzumaki clan with the abilities of the original shinigami warriors and along with the advanced guard of the clan would lead them to victory over all foes.

Due to Naruto's treatment in Konoha Kushina moves back home only to find out he has been labeled the prime suspect to this prophecy due to his natural shinobi talents (something he got from mommy and daddy). After some time she gets fed up with the manipulation and along with Jiraiya's help send him back to Konoha. Expecting her potential demise in the plan they create a complex seal that restrains his abilities and memories so that Konoha couldn't do the same and use his advanced skills as a weapon. The seal was set to come of when Naruto reached the age of twenty and was able to, with Jiraiya's training, fend for himself.

However, neither actually believed the prophecy would come true and that Naruto would turn out to be the reincarnation of a very special shinigami. During the mission to wave Naruto is reunited with his Zanpaku-to's spirit and with it's power is able to crack the seal.

This is set up so that it could in turn become an epic with this one focusing on his early gennin years. The story focuses on his slowly returning memories and how things have changed under the influence. And that is the basic gist of the story.

So without further ado let's get it on!

Here is the start to.

Long ago, before the times of shinobi there lived an evil demon king set on taking the universe for his own. For centuries it gathered power on it's march across the universe. But like all things it began age, it's strength failing. Still it's ambitions controlled it's motives and soon it began an elaborate scheme to take control of the world.

If he could not conquer the universe then at least his lineage would.

So he sent forth his greatest demon generals to capture the daughter of the Shinigami. With the power to command the dead at his offspring's disposal he saw nothing in the way of total domination. They succeeded in kidnapping her while from the royal palace and fled into the dark of night, intent on returning to their master.

Unfortunately they underestimated her and she escaped to earth. Their she found protection with a small clan of samurai and over time fell in love with their leader.

Before long the demon generals returned and attempted to reclaim her. The clan leader and his twelve strongest warriors did battle with them, surprising the demons with defeat before sealing them away across the earth.

Angered greatly at the failure of his great warriors the demon king made to take matters into his own hands and went to the earth. For days he raged a battle with the samurai and the angel, but in the end triumphed.

However, before he could take her as his own, the shinigami king made his way to the battlefield. With very little effort he vanquished the demon king and his evil legions. In his final moments the demon king swore vengeance and that one day the strongest of his line would return to finish what he started.

After much deliberation (arguing) the shinigami king saw fit to grant his daughter her happiness and allow her to live out her life without immortality in the human realm. Vowing to send his protection and a gift to the future offspring.

Soon after she gave birth and the first of the clan was brought into life as the ways of the shinobi were starting to emerge. Not long after the clan made it's way to an island where they started their own shinobi village. Gifted with the powers of the gods the clan was named after the whirlpools that surrounded the village.

The Uzumaki Clan.

And for a time they grew in strength. But every generation they would hope for the one the ancient prophecy fortold of...

"The one with the power to finally banish the Demon King and his armies will be born to main line. And with that one lies the powers of the shinigami warriors of heaven and the evils of the human soul. His pain will become his greatest strength and his commitment his greatest asset. And along with the twelve Curators of the Rex Regis he will lead them to the gates of the Shinigami king and onto a new age."

These were the words that each clan head lived by, hoping that one day they would be fullied and the prophecy up held. Little did they know how long they would have to wait...


Deep within the land of waves lies a shinobi village on a large island. Promptly named the village hidden by the whirlpool, for the numerous whirlpools surrounding the island, it was home to one of the first clans of ninjas.

The ruling clan of the whirlpool village was one with mysterious origins. No one, not even the clan head, knew the true origins of the true Uzumakiclan. There were several stories passed down that gave a vague account. The one that seemed most accurate explained their how their powerful kekei genkai came to be.

Listening intently to that story was a young blond haired boy the age of seven, his mother smiling brightly at his wide eyed expression as she recounted the tale. His thirst for knowledge was insatiable. He would devour every thing she told him about the world around him. How the trees grew or how the whirlpools surrounding them formed, why the old died and how new life was formed.

But his favorite topic by far was the ways of the ninja. It hard for anyone who grew up in a shinobi village to not have at least some interest in being a ninja, but damn near impossible for the future heir of the Uzumaki clan to not practically devote himself to the way of the shinobi. Add to the fact that his mom was an incredible kuniochi herself and his father was a supposed kage did nothing to deter him.

And with parents like that it no one questioned why Naruto Uzumaki was so damn talented. If there ever was a genius prodigy of the Uzumaki clan before, they were completely blown out of the water by him. He was naturally better than anyone else his age that had come before him despite only having studied the clans abilitys for only a year.

Faster, stronger, smarter, by the age of four he could hold a full conversation. By six he could throw a kunai knife with pinpoint accuracy and run down a gennin with a two minute head start. With an ungodly amount of stamina and chakra reserves the size of a mid level chunnin it was only natural that he was so proficient in the clan's hidden taijutsu style.

The only thing the boy hadn't been able to do that a gennin could at the age of seven was perform the regular clone jutsu. And that wasn't much of a problem considering the fact he had already began on learning chakra nature manipulation.

Yes, things were good for Naruto Uzumaki. It would have been nearly perfect if it wasn't for the circumstances surrounding him as future clan heir…

"Kushina!" Came the sharp voice of the Uzumaki clan head. The woman's mouth immediately stopped moving, opting to shape into a sneer instead of continuing on with her story. Naruto cooked his head to the side in a manner not unlike a fox before looking past his mother. His own face contorting as he caught sight of his grandfather.

Standing behind Kushina Namikaze was her father. Dressed in the white regal robes that bore the Uzumakiclan symbol above the right breast he leaned forward on his cane. His gray hair falling down onto his shoulders and back as he looked on with irritation visible in his brown eyes, something had clearly made him angry.

Letting out a low sigh that showed her own frustration Kushina stood on lean legs before flashing a smile to her little source of joy.

"I'll be right back. Grab a stone and work on your earth nature manipulation." Naruto flashed her a smile of his own before complying with her request. He understood her discomfort easily. His grandfather always seemed to be trying to force him into things that he didn't understand.

Turning on a heel, Kushina walked with a purpose, the grace in each step making her seem even more calm and stoic, something that went completely against her usual loud and joyful demeanor. This mood only surfaced when she was upset about something. One of the things Naruto rarely did was upset his mother. And thus due to curiosity only paid half attention towards his goal of making the rock crumble.

"Yes father?" She asked while coming to a halt in front of him, her red hair flowing behind her in the light breeze in something akin to a blood cape. Her face impassive in stark contrast to his obvious frown of displeasure. "Is there something you need? Or do you just like calling my name and making me come over here for no general reason?"

Ignoring her jibe at his defenses he stood up straight and looked her dead in the eye before replying back with a sharp tone. "Where have you been? Do you not know what today is, or the time for that matter?"

Due to his old age and failing eye sight the great clan head of the Uzumaki clan missed something that Naruto keenly took in. The visible effort Kushina put up against forming a smirk was more than enough of a hint that Naruto needed to dissect this conversation down to the basic categories.

So far the blond boy had managed to figure out these fine points.

1: This had something to do with him.

2: His mother purposely kept him from it.

3: His grandfather had somehow arranged this.

4: It was something he wasn't going to like.

5: It had something to do with the clan.

6: His mom was going to play dumb.

True to his observation Kushina put on a look of ignorance. Opting to play with her father rather than come straight out with it. This way the encounter would be slightly more enjoyable than if she had hit the topic hard.

"Yes, I do know the correct date and time. And to answer your first question, I've been sitting right here in the field with my son. Telling him a story about our old a noble clan of ninja."

"Have you forgotten what was scheduled today?" He asked with a gruff tone. Clearly the fact that Naruto had been learning more about the clan had appeased him somewhat, but not enough to make him forget why he had come to find them himself in the first place.

Once again Kushina played on the ignorance card. "No father. I can't say that I do remember being anything important about this day. Other than my little Naruto waking up that is." She replied while turning her head in his direction. Smiling ever so slightly as said child fought down a blush of embarrassment.

A scoff from the old man brought a frown to the face of both mother and son. "Don't play with me girl. You know good and damn well who is supposed to arrive here shortly." It was obvious that he had caught on to her game now and didn't feel like playing.

With that firmly in mind Kushina also took off the kid gloves. Her eyes turning from a soft and comforting look to a steely gaze of death that promised pain if pushed to far. Naruto cringed on instinct, the memory of his mother's murderous glare popping up inside his head at this opportunistic moment. Being on the receiving end of such a look was not high on his priority list.

"Oh yes. You scheduled a visit from them today." The way she spat it out like it was snake venom made Naruto avert his eyes and look back at the rock. This had obviously gotten to his mother in a way most other things hadn't. And because of it, Naruto was sure he wasn't going to like it either.

"Yes, they will arrive shortly. I need for you to get Naruto ready for the meeting." It wasn't a request, it was an order. And if there was one thing Kushina Namikaze hated it was being ordered around.

"I already told you before. Naruto. Is. Not. Available. Find another kid to do it." Her glare hardened even more than thought possible. If looks could kill….

To his credit, he did not back down against eyes. His own pair of peepers taking on an equally defiant glare as he stared right back at her. "And we've told you before it isn't your place to make such a decision." Uh oh, now he had done it.

The effect was instantaneous. Naruto was forced onto his hands and knees in an attempt to breathe as the air was saturated with killer intent. Had he been able to move he would have committed suicide to get it over with.

Kushina snarl effectively caused his grandfather to take a step back, clearly surprised by this level of venomous natured chakra. Her eyes shifting back and forth from gold to brown before they were fully illuminated, the golden color leaving her eyes looking not unlike those of the Hyuuga clan, for an instant it all stopped before returning with double the ferocity.

The sound of bones cracking and shifting filled the air as Kushina's figure seemed to grow a whole foot. Her arm muscles bulging forth in a manner that made her look a lot bigger than she appeared. Rising up to full height she looked down on the old man who had all but lost the ability to invoke a change to this magnitude.

"Since when do I not have a say so in my son's future!"She nearly roared, her voice coming out in a demonic like tone. Something that Naruto had never heard before nor wished to hear again.

Still not backing down the old man stood straight up. His own eyes flashing silver before coming to a full color change. Although he was the clan head, his blood had not been as blessed like her, thus he wasn't able to invoke the full power like he had been able to before in his prime.

Never the less it had the desired effect of intimidation. Succeeding in causing poor little Naruto more discomfort and trouble breath. Even still the boy had managed to not pass out, instead opting to look on at his first glimpse of the clan kekkei genkai.

"You know why! You cuddle him to much! With his talent think of the things the clan could do!"

"What? Start a war? Go out and beat up on the little people? I won't have Naruto lead us to your stupid cause. And what's more, I won't have him be involved in this little scheme of yours!"

"It's for the good of the clan! Think of how it would increase our strength, not to mention end the age old feud between our clans."

"If that was the case then why don't you use one of the other young one's instead? Sophia would love to give her child up for such a thing!"

"Because the boy is nowhere near as talented as Naruto, not to mention the fact he isn't the clan heir! Besides, their giving up their best young talent, it's only right for us to follow threw with our own!"

"I won't have my son pawned off like that!"

"It isn't your choice to make! It's the clans' choice!"

"Like hell it isn't! They didn't have to carry him around and then spit him out while lying on a hospital bed. I did! And he won't be used like some breeding stock!"

"He will for the good of the clan!"

"If that's the case to hell with the clan! He has other family you know!"Now she had went to far. She knew how the whole clan felt about the Namikaze clan and used this to provoke him.

However, Before he could retort however, a gasp of pain caught both of their attention. Kushina's now golden eyes widened to lengths once deemed inhumanly possible as she was struck with realization. Spinning in place she let out a sob of regret before rushing to the form of her downed child, who was currently fighting for a breath of fresh air.

"NARUTO!" Came her despaired cry as she spun around and raced toward his prone form, her bloodline limit dropping automatically and changing her back to the way she was.

The only thing that Naruto could register was being lifted off the ground and then wrapped in his mother's arms before he finally passed out. Unable to hear the desperate cries of his mother and how sorry she was as she scooped him up and spun him around in her arms.

Completely forgotten stood her father. Taking her lead and releasing his kekkei genkai so that his grandson wouldn't be driven insane by the feelings of blood lust and despair. He watched on as his first born carried her son around while tears dripped down from her face. A mixture of pity and anger wracking his body as he realized something important to his goals, something he would later regret.

'I've got to get him away from her. Otherwise, he'll never be able to reach his potential.'With that turning in his mind, the Uzumaki clan head turned around and slowly made his way back towards the house. But not leaving the clearing before having the last word.

"Kushina." Bellowed his commanding voice. She immediately stopped, her back turned to his. "Make sure he's ready by dinner. Or else, I might do something I'll regret." And with that said he continued on, unable to hear or see how his daughter snarled at him in rage.

When she had taken him from the hidden leaf village it was to shield him from the hate. It broke her heart to pieces to she her child being treated in such a way despite her late lover's sacrifice.

But never in a million years did she expect her own family to use him in the way they did. The Uzumaki clan was vast, scattered about the island in their own little sections. So there really was no reason for him to be singled out the way he was. Granted that he had excellent DNA and, was set to be next in line for clan head, and was a sure fire shinobi.

'Even still.'She pondered while shooting a glance at the child she had been unconsciously rocking. 'Even still I refuse to let him be used this way. I want him to grow up normally and have a chance at love. And he won't have that chance by staying here.'

Tears threating to spill as she looked on her child's angelic face, a plan formulating in her head. It would be tough to pull off and may end up with her being dead. But at least he would be safe, if only for some time.

'I'm sorry Naruto. But this may be the only way I know how to protect you. And I can only pray when it's all said and done that you won't hate me for it...'


5 years later

"What have you found?" Came a deep old voice from somewhere within the darkness. The messenger shifted in nervousness somewhat in the only spot of light within the room before answering.

"There is a group of S-Class missing shinobi my lord with a very interesting goal."

"And how does this pertain to us?"

"They wish to obtain all the bijuu and jinchurriki. What they want them for or how they will use them is beyond our knowledge but we can be sure that they'll be using force to obtain them."

"Tell me how many are there and who are the members."

"We estimate somewhere around ten members. The exact shinobi are not know at this point but we can assume that they are highly dangerous due to the panic they have caused through out the larger shinobi villages."

"Hm, that is good to know. But I won't read much into it without more information. I doubt they'll be able to remove the bijuu without a seal expert of the statue." The voice was obviously pleased with this information and this caused the messenger to relax.

"Very well sir, I shall further look into it."

"Good." The man made to move but was stopped before he could start. "Now what of your true goal? Did you find him?"

'Crap, thought I got away.' "We haven't been able to pinpoint his exact location but managed to narrow it down to three of the major villages."

"And they are?"

"Kiri, Kumo, and Konoha." He waited sometime for the reply that was sure to come.

"Try Konoha first. Knowing of his connection to that village it will probably be the first choice of were to send him."

"Very well my lord. I shall call for a search of the hidden leaf village immediately."

"That is all, now leave me be." Not needing to be told twice the messenger quickly backed away and into the darkness.


If there was one thing Kakashi of the Sharingan hated it was mysteries. To him they served no purpose in life other than to severely piss him off. Novels, movies, the methods of foreign shinobi countries. They all subjected him to the horrors of mystery at least twice in his short life span. Each time he ended up worst off than he was before. It got the the point that depression or anger took place when ever he was confronted with one.

So Naturally Naruto Uzumaki had pissed him off.

Okay, he didn't actually do anything directly to piss him off per say. Rather it was the fact that the blond academy student was an enigma that no one could seem to figure out. There was a time when he had been a loud and boisterous little brat, always getting into trouble of some kind and causing general discomfort through out the entire village with his mere presence. Of course, it was obviously that the boy did it all to garner attention to himself. Something that the legacy of the Yondaime Hokage's legacy severely lacked.

Then their was the side of the boy that shined threw at the times of weakness. The legendary copy nin had to admit, one thing the bijuu vessel did well was draw attention, in fact the only other thing he did better was hide his emotions. Something that, in his mind, no boy his age should have been so accomplished at. However, there were times when a particular snide remark or glare got threw the boy's defenses. In that instant no one dared to look him in his dull blue eyes for fear of feeling mentally drained by dark feelings.

It was these kind of things that drew his attention to the blond jinchurikki. The way his smile faltered caused the copy nin to look on in agony at the way he was treated. At yet he could do nothing about it. It was maddening.

And then came the weird part to the existence of the once playful blond.

One day, the boy just up and disappeared. As if he had suddenly vanished off the face of the earth. Kakashi took it upon himself to go looking for the boy but found nothing to explain his disappearance. The gray haired former Anbu confronted his great leader about it several times. And each time he was met with the same reaction consisting of the Sandaime's distant stare into thin air and reply of "don't worry about it".

That too was maddening.

For years there had been no heads or tails of the boy. The loss of pranks caught even the villagers off guard, but they took it as a blessing and didn't press the matter at all. Everything had gone on as if the boy had never existed. And in a way that also pissed Kakashi off. Before long it had left his immediate attention as well, putting it off as maybe the boy had been receiving special training from Jiraiya or one of the third's close friends.

And then, just as he had left, the boy had returned.

It was almost unnoticed. And to this day still had the Jounin on edge. How one lone boy who had brought so much attention to himself before managed to slip back into the village without even the Sandaime noticing for some time was beyond him. In fact he might not have known up to this point if he hadn't almost literally bumped into him around the memorial stone one normal day.

And the situation had only gotten weirder as he paid more attention to the blond student. The most obvious thing were the changes in his appearance, tendencies, and most importantly, attitude.

Gone were the days when a can of paint was placed on top of a ledge, poised to land on the head of an unsuspecting victim. Now they were placed with a quiet scene and polite attitude. Instead of announcing his arrival with a loud proclamation the boy would slip silently in and you wouldn't notice until he wanted you to. Now he choose to sit alone rather than look around for a group of unwanted classmates with an extra seat. Had he not talked when spoken too Kakashi might have put him into the moody category like the Uchiha kid.

Another thing was the way the boy moved. Graceful and unhindered. Like some kind of animal that measured every step before his foot even left the ground. It was so unlike the movements of a world class shinobi. He moved fluidly, like a free flowing stream that had no beginning or end. That also unnerved the season shinobi. Not even the fourth could move so effortlessly.

Then there were the little things, things that only one in tuned with his surroundings would be able to point out. The copy-nin took note of the boy's little quirks. How his ears twitched at the slightest sounds, his eyes darting from side to side faster that most others could see, how he sniffed the air every now and then, or how his hairs stood on in when someone higher that a chunnin in level moved anywhere near by. These things were also unnatural. And only furthered the concerned notion of the fox demons involvement.

In fact, had he not spied on him for a week straight in order to make sure he would have demanded that the boy be investigated by the Hyuuga head for any hint of the Kyuubi's chakra. Something that he wasn't even sure he could do without dire consequences.

But now that he thought more about it, Naruto Uzumaki wasn't so bad. The boy never really hurt anyone, didn't start needless fights, and never spoke back to adults. As far as Kakashi was concerned Naruto Uzumaki was fine in his book...

So why did he find it necessary to sneak into his apartment?


Crystal blue eyes stared ahead through half their eye lids. It were times like these that caused Naruto Uzumaki to become aware of how dull Umino Iruka really was. The draw of his voice did nothing to help the fact that the rest of the class was rapidly declining into a state of deep unconsciousness. And yet the chunnin teacher talked away despite the fact that the other occupants of the class room had stopped listening nearly hours ago.

'And to think, I could be at home watching TV right now.'The thoughts drifting through his head as if surfing on a large board. For the life of him, Naruto couldn't figure out how this same person at the front of the class was the same one who had always chastised him with such emotion after he pulled a big prank. It was kind of depressing, to think that he would reach that level soon enough.

A glance towards the clock above the large set of windows gave the boy all the backing he need to give out a heavy sigh. Today was going to be one of those days. He could fill it in his bones...

A slight snore caught his attention. His eyes now shifting a few rows in front of him and towards the form of the Nara clan heir. True to his calling Nara Shikamaru was knocked completely out. As if a sledge hammer had caught his across the side of his face. If there was one thing Shikamaru was good at it was sleeping. How someone could fall out anywhere at practically anytime was beyond the blond haired boy.

Suppressing the smile that threatened the edge of his cheeks Naruto shifted his attention to another one of his classmates. In his opinion the world could do without the mangy flea ridden Inuzunka Clan. Oh how the boy hated dogs. And how dogs hated him and his kin as well. It was the natural order of life, a feud that had gone on since before human beings began to roam the earth. One that was seriously criticized due to the common heritage between the two. Inuzunka Kiba and his dog Akumaru only furthered his dislike. Not that the young boy and his ninken had done anything to him directly. It was more of the fact that they were too loud for his taste.

He blinked. 'Was I like that?' He questioned while tilting his head slightly to the right.

Shaking his mind free of such thoughts Naruto turned his attention to the Hyuuga heiress. And just like he predicted she immediately turned bright red. This forced the boy's face to develop a slight frown. Why did the one girl who had a total crush on him have to be such a turn off. The girl was far too timid for his taste. She couldn't stand up for herself and always stumbled over her words. All this from the future leader of the graceful and powerful Hyuuga clan? And let's not get started on those all seeing eyes of hers. He could feel here gaze upon him even now and boy was it creepy.

"Alright class." Came Iruka's now slightly cheerful voice. Immediately most others turned and regarded him with a look of anticipation. Naruto watched on with his bored expression. "Now that all the words are done we can get to the practical part of the exam." A sudden chill of excitement rushed through the air as now everyone took in his words. Everyone except Naruto that is, who continued to look on with a bored expression.

"Where going to be making our way to the training field now. Mizuki will take everyone who's last name is A through K, the rest are with me. My group will be taking the shuriken and kunai test while Mizuki's will preform the kawamari drills. When were finished we'll switch."

A murmur of excitement went about the room and Iruka couldn't help but smile widely. It were times like these that he always found the most enjoyable. It wasn't long before the whole class was making their way onto the training grounds. Chatter going around amongst the group as they boosted about their skills and expectations.

The blond boy watched on with impassive eyes. One thing he never would understand about the leaf village ninja academy was the way they let their students go on as if being a ninja was some big game. None of them seemed to know what lie ahead. That every time they left the village their lives were at stake and the village's reputation as well. Being weak wouldn't help that out at all.

But then again, it was good for children to remain as innocent for as long as possible. Even if they were going to be considered adults after receiving their headbands it was still good for them to see life through a child's perception for a while. A normal childhood was one of the few things Naruto envied about his classmates and future fellow comrades in arms.

"Uzumaki Naruto" Came Iruka's overly cheerful voice. Again the boy looked at the academy instructor with bored eyes before walking slowly forward, ignoring the whispers and giggles as he made his way to the chunnin. Naruto had long since become a master at tuning others out. He used it to get by when he was younger and just seemed to keep it like some extra ability.

The scared chunnin gave him a soft smile as he stepped up to the table. On top where five kunaiknives and five shuriken. The target had been set up on a tree in the distance, about thirty to forty yards away. There were various other kunai knives and shuriken laying on the ground amongst the tree and by the target. So far only five had hit it directly on the mark, four of them thrown by the supposed rookie of the year.

"Okay Naruto." Began Iruka, smile still in tact. "Just throw when your ready. I'll judge your score based on how your form is and how close it gets to the target." Basic and simple enough. All he had to do was throw them into a tree.

Iruka stepped back to give him some space and the boy regarded the tree with the same lazy expression. Picking up a shuriken he placed it in his palm and weighed it as if on a scale, trying to get a measure and feel. Then moved to lightly brush his index finger against the points on each end. Deciding that it was satisfactory he placed it between his index finger and thumb before giving his wrist a few test flicks.

Then as quick as lightning his wrist extended completely and he let the metal star of death fly. It flew through the air nearly invisible before coming to a stop in the target. The blond let a disappointed look take place on his face. It landed about an inch or two short of the target. Deciding that it was good enough he reached for the four others and gave them all a flick one by one. Two landed around the outer ring with the first while the other two hit dead on the money.

Iruka gave a sound of approval be for writing something on his clip board. Naruto ignored him before picking up a kunai knife. He weighed it the same as the shuriken, the only difference being when he used and index finger and the ring. Then gave it a toss. It landed right on the dot. He felt the corners of his lips seem to rise a bit. The kunai knives were much easier to throw then the shuriken. And sure enough each one of his kunai followed suit, landing on the target in prime form.

The class couldn't help but give a light clap as he stepped away from the table. Iruka giving him an appraising look at his performance. He'd easily outdone the other members of his group on the drill, and received full marks.

With any luck the rest of the day would go this way, and he'd be home before he knew it. And as long as he wasn't assigned to some team with some dark moody kid, a screaming banshee, and an overly annoying sensei he would be fine.

And the odds of that happening were a million to one...


3 months later

If someone were to tell Kakashi of the Sharingan only a year before that he would pass his first gennin team with the next years batch of academy students he would laughed in there face before walking away.

And yet here he was, neck deep in a fight for his life, with his gennin team in wave country.

It was supposed to be a simple C-class mission. One that his normally super quiet student had demanded that the third Hokage give them.

Escort the annoying bridge builder back to his home before turning back to Konoha and at the worst fighting off simple thugs. No enemy shinobi or billionaire shipping tycoon who wanted to own a whole country by himself.

But alas, his luck was not that great.

'At the current rate we won't last long.' His mismatched eyes scanning the mist in an attempt to find his hidden foe. He had to admit Zabuza was great at repressing his presence.

What worried him most were his students. Sakura was somewhat safe guarding Tazuna. Unless Zabuza had another ninja hiding in wait there wouldn't be anything she couldn't handle.

No, his main concern were the conditions of Naruto and Sasuke.

Although they were both green behind the ears they were also well above rookie gennin. After getting over his initial shock of battle Naruto recovered nicely and organized an elaborate scheme to free him from Zabuzaduring their first encounter. And during training afterward when he had learned the tree climbing skill with little effort it gave Kakashi a sense of pride.

In fact, the more he learned about the blond the more confused he became. Sometimes it was like the boy already knew the what to do before he even assigned the lesson. It was if somewhere deep down inside the boy was a future genius shinobi waiting to show the world what he was made of.

'And then there's Sasuke.'

Yes. Without a doubt the surviving Uchiha loyal to the village hidden within the leaves was talented. He was as advertised, a prodigy. To say that the boy was powerful would be an understatement. Even though Kakashi hadn't totally agreed with Sasuke's reasoning for power he couldn't help but see a little of himself in the genius.

'That determination and drive will help him to grow. And I'll be there to Sheppard him along.'

A shout from somewhere within in the mist drew him back down to earth in time to duck under a surprise swing from Zabuza's large blade. The air hummed as it flew by taking a few gray hairs with it. Had he been anyone other than Hatake Kakashi his head would have been flying off like a golf ball.

'Damn it! At this rate I'll never get to them in time!' The shuriken he had thrown in the way of the attack failing to hit anything but more mist. 'And if that kid is as strong as Zabuza said he was...'

Indeed anyone who was stronger than the demon of the mist was an opponent worth keeping your eye out for. And, depite his earlier praise, Kakashi wasn't so sure about their chances.

'For now all I can do is try to end this quickly.'His thoughts once again interrupted by a swing of the giant blade. 'Either that or hope for a miracle.'

But little did the copy ninja know that his sarcastic prayer would be answered. And that he was about to get one hell of a miracle.


It wrapped around his being like a sea of despair. Filled every opening in his soul and wormed it's way deep into his mind. His thoughts melting away as if they had never existed in the first place as it grasped him in a tight hold.

Darkness had greated his arrival into this world and seemed the only constant in his short life so far. Most would be afraid of such darkness, fleeing from it at first glance without a second thought or look back. But to him, it was comforting. This darkness that greeted his arrival with open arms and sincere feelings. Love, hope, affection, feelings that he had been seeking since his arrival in this world.

In the back of his young mind the jinchurriki could not help but wonder how odd it was that he had found these very feelings in a place that seemed so foreign and yet so familiar to him. He had been here before, hadn't he? Or was this merely a trick of the mind in an attempt to steal his soul?

Was this vast forest and it's running rivers a figment of his imagination? Or had he finally arrived home after being gone for so long? Was the goddess standing before him real or a genjutsu of some sorts? He couldn't quite tell at the moment.

Staring into those dark eyes he could not help but wonder where they gained the outer worldly beauty. Beauty that surpassed the human limits and challenged that of the gods themselves. More beauty than should have been allowed to roam the realm of men and beast. They shined like the brightest star despite being as dark as the night sky itself.

Yes, that very darkness, it called to him like a siren in the mist

And being a mortal man he was hard pressed to resist. It was quite the conundrum. Stand on guard with constant vigilance like his shinobi training demanded or submit to her will without as much as a peep.

For now he had chosen the former. But how long would that last?

Taking in the vision before him without dropping to his knees and bowing in prayer was quite the task in it's self. She was perfect in every way. Like a young boy's wild imagination that had pictured his ideal dream girl. Simply gazing at her was enough incentive for an intense wet dream later on.

Her skin was tanned perfectly, like coco butter fresh from the jar. The long black pants clinging to her luscious legs, leaving very little room for imagination while adding far more space for perverted thoughts. Her snow white fur coat buttoned in the middle while leaving her middrift and impressive amount of cleavage showing to the world. The ruby red lips and button nose highlighted by the raven colored eyes that had captured him in an unbreakable net. And the long hair that reached her thighs, an unusual white that was nearly a perfect match to her coat.

Oh yeah, she was definetly not human. To damn perfect to be human.

And as if hearing his very thoughts she smiled seductively. Her lips curving in an amused manner that seemed to only make her look even more beautiful.

Raising a dainty hand with it's pearly white fingernails she motioned him over. And without rebuttal he obeyed. His legs taking elegant steps that denied his very image. She made to meet him halfway, her feet hidden as she glided forward without any visable effort.

His heart pounded faster in return as they came ever closer to each other vaguely remembering how the shinobi code warned against becoming so familiar with the unknown. But he could tell at first glance that if she wanted to hurt him he would have been dead long ago. This was her domain, he knew that from mere instinct, and what she wanted was law.

They met at the same time. The blond vaguely noticing how the long grass that reached calf high seemed to sway back and forth in here presence. She looked down on him with contemplating and curious eyes. He felt as if she were looking into his very soul with those pools of black. They hardened along with her facial expression and within a millisecond and he instantly felt a fear that he had never before experienced. But it disappeared just as suddenly when she once again smiled before leaning down towards him.

She stopped so that only their noses touched. The smell of pine and wild flowers filing his nostrils in a surge of scents. His wide blue orbs connect once again with her playful coal colored ones. A battle of willpower silently taking place as both urged the other to speak first.

He caved easily.

Or meant to any how. "Who." He swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat sometime during the walk forward. "Who are yo-"

Surprise did not describe his feelings as his mouth was closed off by hers. Her tongue snaking in before his teeth had the chance to react. But he had no intention of fighting back, his own tongue flying forward with expert skill that he had no knowledge of.

For the longest they remained connected at the lips. His teenage hormones racing as their tongues fought for dominance. A shiver running down his spine at her light moan.

But just as it began it ended. Leaving the blond breathless and disappointed at the same time. She fell to the grass with him into, wrapping her arms around him as their legs intertwined, holding his head to her chest. There she cradled him for a moment before speaking with a voice that made his senses go haywire with each word.

"My precious." She started, her angelic voice play with his heart as if it were a ball. "My dear sweet precious. Do you know how long I have searched for you?"

"Yes." He found himself saying. In a voice that was not entirely his own to an extent. And he did, instinctively he knew they had been apart for far to long. "Yes I do."

Her heart swelled at his words. "I would have been back sooner if I had not the need to recover my strength."

His eyes hardened into glaciers as he took in her words. "Oh? It took that long?" Later on he would reflect on this and not know where his sudden change had come from. But would soon find out the truth.

She swallowed a lump of her own as her smile of joy faded into a small frown at his cold and betrayed tone of voice. She held him tighter as if afraid he would make an attempt to break the contact. That was the furthest thing in his mind at the moment.

"It was the fox demon, it tried to keep us apart. That required me to gain more power if I wanted to break it's bonds." He immediately regretted his words.

"Forgive me. For accusing you." Her smile returned full force.

"You do not need to apologize precious. I too was nearly driven made during our time apart." This brought a smile to his own face as she reassured him of any doubts to her conviction. The mere fact that she was here now was enough to stir his century old spirit out of hibernation.

"But now onto the task at hand." Her voice taking on a dark tone that held a dangreous edge as she rolled them over onto their sides.

She waved her one free hand across the sky in a sweeping motion and instantly the scene changed. Her forest now becoming the battlefield that he had just recently left.

He turned his head to look at the battle frozen in time. The large dome of ice mirrors blocking their view from outside the mist. He groaned in agony when he realized that he had passed out during battle. His companion let out a heavenly giggle before speaking her mind.

"How far have we fallen my precious? Long ago this opponent would not have been incapacitated within minutes. But now he has the upper hand in battle." Her face looked contemplative for a bit as she pondered their current predicament.

The blond jinchurriki suddenly felt desprate to return, no matter how his heart wanted to stay.

"I have to get back!" He found it strange to be yelling now when he had done it so many times before. "I have to save the bridge builder and my teammates!"

Her hold on her master tightened as she shook him from his stupor. An amused grin playing at her lips at his sudden outburst. Now he was so much more fun that what she remembered...

"Yes, and you will be sent back in a moment my dear. Don't worry because time is irrelevant here. Things have not changed since you first slipped away."

Grasping her coat tightly he looked deepley into her dark pools before pleading his case.

"Will." His breath hitched slightly as he prepared his next words. Somewhere deep down inside his stomach did a flip flop. A part of him was obviously uncomfortable with asking for help let alone begging for it.

"Yes." She said tauntingly, obviously enjoying every minute of his torture.

"W-Will. Will you help me?" His big doe like eyes pleading for a positive response.

To his surprise he was met by her surprise. She really hadn't expected him to ask in such a manner. More or less she expected the demanding tone that she was used to hearing from her wayward wielder.

For him to look at her in such a way when he had just been so hard core only moments before... It really showed the depths that being reincarnated had on him. The old him had a no nonsense attitude that demand attention and respect. But this time around he was so much more pleasant to be around.

Unable to stop her squeal of excitement as she crushed him further into his body and started to rock side to side. Ignoring his slowly pailing face that showed his loss of oxygen at each second.

"Oh my god! Did you really just plead with me?!" A grunt was all that he could must as she continued her assault on his poor body. "You did!"

To his immense relief (and severe dissapointment at being removed from his position between her...) he was let go as she rolled him over. After gasping for air for some time he managed to look upward and back into her dark eyes, trying his best to ignore their current position consisting of her thighs resting on either side of his body.

'Must not look! Bridge builder and teammates in trouble!'

His view was cut and the the smell of pine and wildflowers filled his nose as her snow white hair covered his face. Her head resting beside his own as she nuzzled into the crook of his neck.

"So, you want to win?"

In that one instant the blond became aware of how dangerous his new companion was. Her words had lost there sweet and sultry feeling, shifting instead to malevolent and awe inspiring before he could comprehend what had happened.


"And why do you want to win?"

"To protect the bridge builder." He responded, his conviction coming back full force. "To help out the people of this dying country!"

"I see." Her words muffled some what. "That does seem like the noble thing to do... But is that your true reasoning?"

"I-I guess so." He replied to his own surprise. "A part of me wants to help. But at the same time I want to win."

"Why do you want to win though?"

"Because I just do!" He snapped. "Because I'm tired of losing! I'm fed up with it and I want to win!"

"Oh?" The blond picking up on the mocking tone. "Hm. I don't know if I can help you then. Not until you admit why you want to win."

"What?" He asked as she raised herself up onto her arms, looking down at him with a teasing expression.

"That wasn't your reasoning before. I remember quite well why you were so always adamant about winning. Why you worked so hard." The boy frowned at his female counterpart.

"If you know then why are you asking me?"

"Because you don't know."


"Dig deep my precious. Let your true intentions come to light. Remind yourself of your goals. Tell me what you want the most of all."

He pondered those thoughts for a moment. Letting her words seep deep into his mind as he searched for the answer. And then he felt it. A part of him stir from deep within his very soul. As if a great beast had been awakened after slumbering for such a long time. His mouth opened an replied in a voice that was both his own and entirely alien.

"I want to..."


"I want to be the best there ever was!" The confidence in his voice causing her to smile brightly. "And in order to that I have to beat all those in my path!"

To his immense pleasure she grabbed him once more before bringing him into another depth defying kiss. This time it felt as if his very being was reborn. And for the first time since he had arrived on this planet he had felt complete and utterly satisfied.

"Then let the world know of your return!" Her voice raising slowly as a strange gust of wind appeared from nowhere in particular. "Tell me, who am I!" His demeanor darking as he slowly began to understand her words.

"You are my light and my darkness!" His once refulgent eyes dimming darkly. "My night and my day!"


"My hatred and my love! My fear and my courage!"

He locked his gaze into hers for a final time, this one sending a shiver of excitement down her spine. The wind had long since come from a simple breeze into a howling wave. The air around them becoming heavy as her body began to glow a shade of dark gold.

"You are my sword and my shield! My pleasure and my pain!" His voice clearly heard despite the roar of the wind. "You are my past, present, and future!"

"Now, tell me! What is my name!" An insane glint entering her eyes as the light nearly blinded him, her figure now resembling a glowing star.

And in that instant he became a god.

As if in slow motion his tongue darted forward to wet his lips as they parted to say the name that had been lost for nearly centuries, a name that would cause all of those who remembered it form to flinch in fear.

"Haeru, Da-Ku Crepusulum!" His mind finally clear after being clouded for so long.

And then, in a flash of black and gold, all hell broke lose.

"Curators of the Rex Regis": my bastardized form of Latin: It's suppose to say "Guardians of the King" They'll show up either late in this one or in the next one in which that story will be completely devoted to them. They'll play an important role later on in the story and as the serious goes along. You'll find out how important as it evolves from just past the Naruto and Bleach universes and branches out into some others...

Haeru: Japanese: To shine

Da-Ku: Japanese: Dark

Crepusulum: Latin: Twilight

So his activation phrase is "Shine, Dark Twilight."

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