Ninjutsu and Kido

Flashback (())

Disclaimer: I do not own in anyway Naruto or Bleach. Inspired by James D. Fawkes' Sit upon the frosted heaven and Case13's Crimson edge (Which needs to be updated!)

The normally crowded streets of Konohagakure were now a current of constantly moving people. People from all across the shinobi world had flocked to the hidden leaf village in anticipation for the start of the next phase in the chunnin selection exam: the finals. As it was every year, a big event featuring the best young talent in the shinobi world. And in Konoha they were especially popular, a festival beginning with each finals. Regardless of how the competition was stacked up.

From his position on the buildings high above the people Naruto watched the proceedings with a small amount of interest. Somehow they had managed to erect a carousel which was given the task of handing out rides to the various children in the village. It was quite an odd sight to see the people wearing various types of clothing not normally found in Konoha, the ones from Suna standing out the most with their wraps that were normally used to be the hot desert sun.

'At the very least the stadium will be full.' He thought as he stood up and walked further in to the roof. 'But is that a good thing?'

"Quite a sight isn't it?" A calm and relaxed voice inquired.

The blond stopped and turned his head to the side. Eyeing the village leader. "I suppose so. A festival like this one is always full of people though."

The Hokage shook his head. "No. The collection of different people. From different cultures."

"Ah. Yes. It is something to behold considering the world we live in."

The old man nodded and walked to the edge of the building looking down just as the boy had did moments ago. "Violence. It makes the shinobi world go around. Even when war is not abound we still fight to the death. And here, for this gathering to take place, a tournament of children is a foot. It disgust me."

Naruto looked to him and smiled faintly. "What are you to do about it?"

The old Hokage shook his head as he looked down on the people. "Nothing I can do. I'm much to old now, my time long gone and spent. I just wished I'd be here to see true peace-"

"There is no such thing." Naruto interrupted. Sarutobi blinked.

"Excuse me?"

"True peace. There is no such thing." Naruto continued as he turned and walked towards him. "The shinobi arts started as a way to bring about peace. Against the warring ways of the samurai. And yet they turned to cause even greater violence. Some people believe that bringing the nations together will bring true peace. Do you believe that."

The Hokage nodded. "Yes I do."

"Then you are even more foolish then I thought."

Again the old man blinked in surprise. "W-What?"

Naruto sighed. "No matter what happens there will always be a difference in opinions." Walking up beside the gobsmacked old man. "Collect everyone together, abolish the shinobi and samurai ways. And that will bring peace. But not true peace. A false sense of security. On the outside everyone will look to get along but as usual something will be hidden. Dark desires and feelings. For there to be a congregation of people there must also be someone to lead them. And that someone will make decisions that everyone will not agree with.

"And by fault someone will feel slighted and seek revenger, or to take power from themselves. Which would lead to a rebellion of authority. Which would lead to violence. And war. So you see no matter where we go or what we do we will never have true peace. Even the animals and plants have conflicts with each other. It is the way life is. And nothing will ever change that."

The Hokage sighed and took a step back. Smiling sadly. "I suppose your right. It seems that only in death will we be-"

"Ha ha ha ha."

The Hokage frowned and stopped suddenly as the blond broke in to sudden laughter throwing his head back and mouth wide as his body shook with amusement.

"What's so funny?" He found himself growling in frustration. Just as suddenly as he began Naurto stopped cackling and looked to him. Sarutobi sharply took a deep breath and the devious and crazed look on his face. A look that did not belong on someone so young.

"The human naivety people are putting out there." The blond responded. "Trust me. You will never be safe from violence and war. Especially in death."

"Especially in death?" The Hokage muttered. "What do you mean by that"

Naruto smiled some what. "You will never know. And for that I envy you."

"What a beautiful morning!" Saichi exclaimed as he stretched his arms out wide and yawned largely. Namido looked to his teammate and smiled a small smile.

"That it is Saichi!" Harukaze exclaimed as he stepped up behind his student and clasped him on the shoulder. Grinning brightly. "And an even better day for a chuunin exam finals."

"Yep!" The Kumo gennin chirped. "And I'm gonna go for the gold. Starting with your younger brother sensei!"

The Kumo jounin regarded his charge with a look before he grinned brightly in return. "I hope so." He began. "Or else Raikage-sama would have come all this way for nothing..."

The three gennin all blinked in surprise before their faces paled. "Raikage-sama is here?"

Haru grinned and nodded. "Of course. He wants to see one of his strongest gennin in his moment of glory. Which means you have to put on a show Saichi."

"O-Of course." The gennin replied while grinning weakly. This only served to further amuse Haru who laughed loudly.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll be fine. Just remember what I taught you and you'll be successful."

"If you say so...."

"I do. Now let's go we have to hurry to the stadium."

The jounin watched as each of his gennin walked ahead before following after them. A frown now firmly in place. Truth to be told he was unsure of how Saichi would do. Without a doubt Naruto was as talented as they came and it would take every trick the Kumo gennin had and a little luck to come out with a win. Let alone with enough energy to continue on. If anything this was one of the worst matches for him. He would most likely be unable to fight any further. And that's if he did win. Not to mention it was a no win situation for Harukaze himself. Who was he too cheer for? His student of his younger brother? He hated complicated situations like these. But there was nothing he could do.

With a sigh the cloud jounin followed after his student. Unable to determine which side he would choose at the moment.

At least the fight would prove entertaining.

"Do you remember your task?"

She glanced towards him. The annoyance at being asked the same question again now evident on her face. Still she did not let any of it slip in to her voice.

"Of course. We all remember. You don't have to worry about us. It's you who has to make the first move."

He frowned. "Watch your mouth gennin. We don't have any room for error here. Konoha shinobi will be on our asses from the moment we leave the stadium and all the way to the coast. Slip up and we fail. Get left behind and we let you die."

"Yes. I know. We know." Gesturing to her two other teammates. "We've been through the scenario several times already. All we need now is to have every thing play out for us."

"Fine. Now hurry up to the stadium. And don't you dare lose little girl."

Scowling at his retreating back she began to say something before a hand was placed on her shoulder. Looking back at Ganjou who shook his head. They were annoying and rude to say the least. But still the superiors in every thing shinobi. And as such she had no choice but follow along.

Turning to her team she motioned with her head for them to follow, heading for the site of the exam finals. Weaking Naruto was the first part of the plan. And the only way to do that was to make him go through numerous battles. Which meant at least two of them had to do battle with him. As simple as it sounded though she knew it would be anything but that. For some reason she couldn't get rid of this nagging feeling that something was going to go seriously wrong....

Oh well. No use thinking about it now. The only thing they could do was move forward.

To what. She really didn't know.

"Welcome! To the Chunin selection exam finals!"

A massive roar sounded as those in attendance showed their appreciation. The long awaited start to the main event of the chunnin exams was at hand. The time for each village to display their young and upcoming talent. A show of which village would dominate for the next generation.

The gennin at hand all looked up at the sea of screaming fans in the audience, each with their own thoughts and plans in mind for the battles to come. Naruto, now back again in his cloak, looked down the line from his position at the end of the line. Looking at each gennin in attendance. Everyone but Uchiha Sasuke was hear. He frowned beneath his hood. Kakashi had no doubt decided to make a flashy appearance. As in line with what he usually did.


"Alright kids. You heard em." The new proctor Genma said. Chewing on his tooth pick. "You guys are the stars of the show today. Make it interesting people."

Shino tilted his head to the side. "Is our goal not to win the tournament?"

The jounin looked to him. "Yes..."

"Then you need not worry. All of us here are along chunnin level in fighting capability."

The jounin raised and eyebrow. "Really now? Think so?" Looking down the line at each of them. No one seemed to shy away from the praise. Instead each of them looked back with determination on the face. No one said a thing and the jounin just shrugged in response. "Alright then. Everyone but those in the first round leave the arena floor."

They moved in order, each heading up and away from the battlefield until only the last two were left on the battle field.

Hanami stared back at the gennin in front of her. Sneering at the awful green outfit he wore. Lee seemed not to notice though and continued to smile back brightly at her. Genma looked between the two before steping forward.

"Alright, here we go. You two are the first up. Are both of you ready?"

They both nodded in confirmation but said nothing more.

"Alright then. Then let's begin, the first match. Kaguya Hanami V.S. Rock Lee."


Hanami stared at Lee. Lee stared back. She shifted a foot back. He tight end his fist. A deep breath for both of them.

And then without warning Lee hopped backward, just as Hanami had reached him with a kunai mid swipe. The leaf gennin instantly pulled free a trio of shuriken before flipping them towards her while continuing to back away. Hanami deflected them with ease and tossed the knife after the leaf gennin. Lee stopped moving and shifted to the right, moving past the blade with ease and lifting his foot in to a swift kick. The Uzu gennin took a hard step forward and brought her arm up to bear. A strong block that caught his foot. The two stayed that way for a second before separating quickly.

Hanami rolled her shoulders and slid her foot back again. Lee looked at her curiously before he grinned suddenly. Reaching down and pulling up his leg warmers. Hanami raised an eyebrow as he revealed the numerous sets of weights beneath his clothing. She stood and watched as he unstrapped them from his legs and tossed them away. Eyes going shifting to the two craters they made when they dropped. The gennin gave a few experimental stretches as he loosened his muscles.

"I'm sorry." He began cheerfully as he stood to full height again. "But I can not take it easy on you just because you are female. Especially if I want to win this."

"That's fine. I don't expect it anyway. It'll be an insult to my skill level."

He grinned. "Good. I see you as a tough opponent anyway. I will need everything I have if I wish to advance." Sliding down in to his basic stance. "Now..... Here I come!"

Hanami took a deep breath and went wide eyed before ducking under a sweep kick. For a second there she had been totally caught unaware by his advancement in speed. She leaned back and nearly broke her back in half in a dodge of the second attempt. Spring back up and throwing a hook in to what was seemingly to the crowd mid air. Lee stopped on a dime and raised his arm catching the punch. Blinking in surprise at the force behind it, nearly breaking through his guard. Keeping on the offensive Hanami lashed out with a front kick and caught Lee in the gut sliding the gennin back for a bit before he shook it off and disappeared again.

Determination now set in Hanami sank low in to her own stance and scanned the area in front of her. Leaning to the left as a fist suddenly appeared in front of her. She continued with it and turned it in to a cartwheel, her legs flying up and catching hold of his arm between them at the elbow. Lee blinked in surprise before when was lifted of the ground and turned upside down. Slamming hard on to the ground as the girl grabbed him in a leg lock. Quickly she brought her hand together in to a seal. Lee grit his teeth together before raising his arm. Hanami blinked in surprise and looked down as Lee raised her up before slamming her down back hard. It was helpless to try and stop it. Her mouth flying open in a silent gasp as her limps went limp for a second. Lee pulled his arm out quickly and rolled before springing away.

Hanami rolled over and stood quickly. Grabbing her stomach and gasping as she tried to bring in some air. Honestly she had not been expecting that.

The leaf gennin smirked some before dropping back in to his stance. With a scowl the girl followed suit just seconds before he disappeared again. This time following his movements to a tee. A brief pause in concentration nearly got her knocked silly. But she recovered nicely, grasping his outstretched arm and pulling while spinning inside his guard. Her elbow landed in his abdomen and stole his breath for a second before he recovered and leaped back to safety. But she pressed her advantage, whirling around to face him and chasing in pursuit. Hands flying through a flurry of seals before she brought her fingers to her lips.

"Katon: Haisekishou!" (Fire Release: Burning Ash Accumulation)

Lee was caught off guard as the air around him was suddenly filled with a cloud of smoke, covering him up in the ash. Acting on the instincts that only a ninja could have honed he leaped from the ash and straight in to the air just as it was suddenly ignited. His eyes looking down on the ball of fire that would have enveloped him. Looking back up in time to catch a kick to the face that sent him spiralling back towards the ground. The leaf gennin hit the earth hard and sprung to his feet just as his opponent touched down in his previous position with a knee drop. Swing his own round house kick that was evaded by a simple lean backward. The girl continued her momentum in to a roll back towards the ball of fire. Reaching her feet and slamming her hands down in to a single seal.

"Katon: Kasumi Enbu!" (Fire Release: Mist Waltz)

From her mouth Hanami spit forward a wave of condensed air that traveled through the fire ball. Lee was again forced aside as the wave of heat forced him to move away. The next second Hanami was on top of him again, a flurry of strikes erupting forward. The leaf gennin was put on the defensive. Moving quickly to evade each attack before jabbing forward with one of his own. The girl simply tilted her head to the side and brushed past it before stepping to the inside of his guard again, hand launching forward with and open palm. Instantly Lee's other hand reached up and caught her arm around the wrist before it could make contact. However he was unprepared for what happened next, a bone punching forward at the bottom of her palm. Despite being told in advance of the kekkei genkai Lee had been unable to hide his surprise. Tilting his head to the side just enough to avoid being stabbed through the mouth, a scratch on his face instead.

Hanami continued on with a front kick that forced his grip free. Protruding another bone she launched forward in to an attack, slashing her arms in front of her. The leaf gennin darted backward and avoided being cut open by the unnatural sharp bones. The two of them danced in a myriad of taijutsu. Fist flying and kicks flinging. Annoyed finally Hanami pulled away and flicked her foot up. A single bone ripping out from her shin and towards her opponent. Again surprise Lee slid to a stop from his approach and leaned away to avoid the spinning bone. The girl charged after him, forming seals on the way.

"Raigen: Raikouchuu!" (Lightning Ilusion: Lightning Flash Pillar)

Rock Lee looked up.

And saw the light.

'How disappointing....'Naruto thought with something of a frown underneath his cloak. "After all that work..."

'Do you think so?' The familiar feather light voice sounded in his ear. 'I found it somewhat entertaining.'

He shook his head. 'It's not that. Just anticlimactic. After all that taijutsu and ninjutsu work she just uses a genjutsu and then walks over to him to knock him out?'

He could feel her shrug. 'Whatever works...'

"It's still pretty pathetic."

"Are you talking to yourself?"

He turned his head to the all pink girl standing next to him. Looking down on her with an emotionless look.

"Do you want to mind your own business?" The girl sneer but didn't say anything. Instead looking on to the field where Lee was being removed by his teammates. Naruto turned his attention back to the arena as well. Watching the winning gennin make her way back.

'I'm up next.' He thought with a tilt of his head as his eyes focused on the Kumo gennin that would be his opponent. Saichi looked to him before blinking and giving a bright smile and thumbs up. The blond in response raised an eyebrow. 'Okaaay.'

"Will the next two contestants report to the arena floor!" The announcement rang out over the intercom. Naruto looked down on to the field one last time before making his way towards the stairs way.

'Hopefully. This will end just as quickly.'

Gemna glanced at the two gennin. One leaf. One cloud. Both looking forward to humiliating the other.

Naruto looked over Saichi with a calculating expression, looking for any sign of weakness in him. And the Kumo gennin did the same, eyes scouring the body of his opponent. It wouldn't be easy. This much he knew. But he was determined to make it as decisive as possible.

"Are both contestants ready?" The examiner asked quietly. Naruto nodded confidently while Saichi grinned in response. "Very well then. Hajeme!"

Saichi moved first hands slapping together as they blurred in to motion and he formed a few seals. Holding his outstretched palms out in front of him when he had finished.

"Raiton: Densen!" (Lightning Release: Electric Line)

True to jutsu name a coat of lightning elemental chakra covered the gennin's hands before arcing towards the blond in front of him. Naruto did not falter. Grasping the edge of his cloak firmly he yanked it from his body and executed a spin before releasing it in front of him. The cloak was ripped apart by the ninjutsu. But Naruto, hidden behind it like a curtain, withdrew his trusty companion before dancing around it. By this time Saichi was ready. Biting his thumb he ran through a set of seals before slamming his hand to the ground.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu!" (Summoning Technique.)

He announced to the world as the infamous summoning lines spread out in a web like formation on the ground. Naruto tensed and halted in his charge. Watching as the puff of smoke obscured his view of the other gennin for a moment. There was a pause in the action like a calm before the storm before something came ripping out of the smoke and towards him. With incredible agility the leaf gennin executed a back flip and threw one free hand out to the ground before applying chakra and spinning to avoid the projectiles.

'Feathers.' He realized as he stopped and swung his feet back to the ground. Sure enough the smoke was fully dispersed as the taka summoning flapped it's massive wings. It was bigger the either gennin and had a four foot wing span. Naruto eyed the black feathered bird curiously. 'I honestly hadn't expected him to know this.'

A smirk found it's way to the forefront. 'But two can play it that way.'

Saichi grinned from his position behind the large avian. Panting a bit more then he usually would, obviously tired from preforming the summoning. The large bird gave a piercing cry that reverberated around the entire arena before it beat it's large wings. One time to hover in front of it's summoner, the second time blew up a cloud of dust as it took to the air. Soon it was circling over the arena with it's eye focusing on the two gennin in battle. Naruto eyed it wearily, it would be difficult to track it up in the air.

"Betcha didn't expect that huh?" Saich taunted. Naruto eyed him for a moment before he responded.

"Nope." He honestly admitted as he bought his arm up to view. "But I won't miss a beat because of it."

"Oh?" The Kumo gennin questioned as he clasped his hands together. "Not even a little?"

"No." Naruto responded resolutely. "Because your not the only one that can do that."

Saichi blinked in surprise as the blond bit his own thumb before swiping it against the top of his forearm. A shiver of anticipation running down his spine.

Naruto grinned.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu!"

From his position in the stands Harukaze clenched his fist and bit his lower lip.

'Damn.' He thought as the cloud of summoning smoke overtook his brother. 'I hadn't expected this.'

From the moment it materialized Saichi knew he wasn't going to like it. The dominating presence filled the air around him and made his body stiffen. It's paw stepped from the smoke first, larger then his head. And then with a burst of chakra it dispelled the rest of the veil. Screams of panic and excitement rained down on them as the beast shook it's fur covered body and opened it's gaping maw wide, allowing each of it's gleaming fangs to gleam in the sunlight. The Kumo gennin could feel the lump in his throat slide down as it yawned loudly. It's lupine eyes glanced in both directions before it turned it's head around and looked back at the blond behind it.

"What is this boy?" It questioned sounding more like a growl. "Why am I here."

Despite the intimidating presence of the beast Naruto stared back as cool as a cucumber. Emotion absent on his face as he raised his sword and pointed the tip of it to the cloud gennin standing in front of them. The monster followed the direction of the blade before it's eyes landed on Saichi. It's maw seemingly crinkling in confusion.

"A boy?" It questioned. "A gennin?"

"The exams." Naruto calmly corrected. "I explained it to you before."

"I never expected to be summoned here though." It countered as it looked back at him. "Your not even dirty. Have you began to fight yet?"

"No." Naruto explained. "But I never expected this either." He raised his sword to the sky and pointed upward. Upset the beast turned it's eyes sky ward before the confusion faded away in understanding.

"Ah." It said as it nodded it's tv sized head. "He can summon. Well imagine that. I wonder how many of you can do that."

It was at this point Saichi realized exactly what he was dealing with here.

'A fox?'

Indeed it was. A fox the size of a horse. And with a poor attitude if the conversation had been any indication. It's paw was the size of his face and it's claws the size of his hand alone. It's midnight black fur gleamed in the sunlight and behind it he could see not one but two tails dragging on the ground. It turned it's attention back to him and pulled it's lips back, revealing it's rows of fangs. The Kumo gennin could not stop the stab of fear that shot through his stomach.

Suddenly it began to laugh. Throwing it's head back and opening it's large mouth wide. The entire coliseum went dead silent as the sound over took their whispers. It finally stopped and bore it's amber colored eyes in to cloud gennin in front of it. The amusement evident in it's gaze.

"Look at him." It mocked. "He's going to piss his pants just looking at me."

"Your a very intimidating fox Shikon." Naruto added. Saying it's name for the first time. The fox, Shikon, snorted.

"You didn't flinch."

"It takes more then a big fox to scare me. You should know that."

"Ah. That it does." Nodding it's head as if it had suddenly discovered something. "Are you ready to get this over with?"

Naruto turned his attention to the Kumo gennin. "How bout it Saich-san? You ready?" He questioned.

As if a switch had suddenly been flipped the dark pool of emotion in his stomach disappeared and Saich stood up firmly. Grinning brightly as he began a set of seals.

"Let's go!"

The battle began again. The bird above them suddenly folding it's wings together and dropping in to a dive. Naruto and Shikon both glanced up to note it as Saichi finished his ninjutu and thrusted his hands out. It was the same as the one to start the match. Naruto and Shikon both leaped to the side in two separate directions. The blond hitting the ground and rolling up as the bird descended upon him. Grasping his sword tightly he slid his feet back and swung with nearly all his might. The blade whistled through the air and forced the bird to forgo it's attack in fear of being sliced in two.

Shikon adjusted it's self midair and slammed feet first. Suddenly shooting toward the cloud gennin with fierce some speed. Saichi grinned in response and began to back peddle quickly as the hulking fox raced toward him. His new hand seals speed coming in handy again.

"Raiton: Gian!" (Lightning Release: False Darkness)

The B-ranked ninjutsu briefly caught Shikon by surprise. But not enough to keep it from avoiding the technique. The great black fox slid to a sudden stop before it darted off in a different direction. Still that was not all Saichi could do now. Grinning as he waved his hands after the beast, the jutsu redirecting it's path to follow.

'Damn! 'Shikon thought as it eyed the ninjutsu in it's vision.

Realizing it could not outrun the ninjutus it dug it's claws in to the ground before launching it's self forward with great force. Spinning around mid air to face the ninjutsu as it built it's own chakra up from the pool in it's stomach. A great roar was released that sent all the coliseum occupants jumping with ringing ears. The wave of chakra released from it's maw totally demolished the lightning ninjutsu and continued on. Saichi gaped in shock before his body moved of it's own accord, jumping to the side to avoid being hit. A good idea as the area he had just been standing in was suddenly blown apart, rocks flying in every which direction.

The gennin hit the ground hard and rolled over... Right in to the path of Naruto's downward thrust. But just as he was about to be run through his own summon came to the rescue. Ramming the blond in the chest and flying off with him. The hawk summon soared high in to the air with only a few flaps of it wings. And then it turned over and let the blond fall off. Naruto bit his lip as the air rushed by him before he was grabbed by Shikon, landing firmly on the fox's back. Shifting his body the blond swung his legs on to either side and turned around, holding his sword off to one side as they rapidly closed in on the Kumo gennin. Saichi cursed before he suddenly jumped up, landing on his own summon just as the blade sliced through the air where he had just been.

"Damn it!" Shikon growled as it skid to a stop and turned around. The tandem watching as the cloud gennin was spirited away to safety on the wings of his summon. "These bastards are annoying!"

Naruto grunted his agreement as he watched the bird bank and turn around. Shikon tensed before suddenly darting to the side as another lightning ninjutsu was fired. Slamming in to the ground where they had just been. The two raced along the ground as strike after strike of lightning ninjutsu rained down on them. Those that came too close where batted awake by Naruto's sword. It was clear things weren't going as they had planned.

"Any ideas?" Shikon asked as it darted past another bolt. "Because not even I can keep this up forever."

"How close can you get me?" Naruto asked. The fox snorted before it dodged another strike.

"Close enough for you to pull of our own ninjutsu. It misses though and were done with."

"Don't worry. Just get me as close as you can!" The blond ordered.

The fox lowered it's shoulders before it strained it's muscles and started forward even faster then it had before. Reaching one end of the arena before it suddenly jumped to the wall and rebounded back. Taking off to the opposite end as Naruto raised himself up and steadied himself on the back of his summon. Shikon reached the other end and narrowly avoided another ninjutsu before it ran in to the wall. This time going up the stone surface. The crowd watched in awe as the summon swerved past more bolts before it reached the top of the wall and pushed off with all the force it had. The stone where it had jumped from was blasted apart as the summon leaped in to the air. Naruto raised his sword up and at the cusp of it's jump preformed a shunpo empowered jump.

'Sprinkle on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring! Move and become the wind. Stop and Become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!'

The blond grinned.

"Hado 63: Raikoho!"

Even Shikon, falling back to earth, had to admitted it was impressive.

As if the world had suddenly exploded a bright flash occurred before the sword glowed. And suddenly from the tip a bolt of lightning the size of a tree trunk burst free and speared the bird summon. The hawk screeched in pain, a sound that was heard above the clap of thunder, before it dispelled rather violently. From here the great fox could smell the burned air. Dots in it's eyes as it tried to see straight. Saichi and Naruto began to fall, one more violently then the other. And Shikon realized this was it's chance.

As soon as it landed the fox shot of again and bounced against a wall before swinging it's body about. It's tail catching the cloud gennin in his fall. Saichi's cry could be heard among the ringing ears as his body was roughly redirected and tossed in an opposite direction. The cloud gennin slammed in to the ground. Hard. Before he bounced up and repeated the process. Finally rolling to a stop. Naruto himself had dug his sword in to the stone wall as he descended and it slid down like a knife through paper before his momentum was stopped. Using both feet to push off and roll backward through the air where he landed with grace and proceeded to roll his shoulder.

The silence in the stadium was thick enough to cut with a knife.

Genma took one look at the downed gennin.

"Saichi is unable to battle. The winner is Naruto."

No one clapped.