This is what happens you listen to a song over and over and over again…Ano, well let's see…in case you are not aware "Prisoner of Love" is a song sung by Utada Hikaru. , It's the theme song for this Japanese drama called "LAST FRIENDS" and in all honesty…NOTHING TO DO WITH GORILLAZ…and you know that. I know that…hey we all know that…

It's the song, not the drama…

It's sort of a song fiction I guess…but not really…

Whatever… 'Ey, Leeny…gunna read this one too?

BY THE WAY…I need help, should I refer to the Noodle and 2D pairing as 2-dle (Obviously pronounced like Two-dle) or Noo-D (Said like, New Dee)

Prisoner Of Love

Since the day you appeared
My dull "everyday"s have begun
to shine
Now I'm able to think,
"Feeling loneliness, being in pain - that's not so bad"
I'm just
a prisoner of love
a prisoner of love

I was not sure when it happened, the exact moment I fell in love with him I mean. I remember having cute crushes, thinking back to when I was a young girl and remembering the sound of his laugh, his smile, his speaking voice, and his singing voice…it all appealed to me in some way. It made me feel good about being there, being with him.

And then as I grew older, as a few years passed the crush evolved into something more, though at the time I was not sure of it. All I knew was that something in the pit of my stomach twisted every time he glanced at me, smiled at me, talked with me…sang with me. It was almost the equivalent but at the very same time completely different.

This feeling was as freeing as being on my Windmill Island, and as trapped as when it all crashed down…

And now, today, just a few months away from my eighteenth birthday…this feeling as changed once again into true and pure love. I would like to think of it like this, though some may argue a young girl like me would have no idea what true love is and maybe they are right but that does not mean I do not how it feels to be taken hold by it…

And as sad as that sounds…it's completely the opposite. To be a prisoner of love is both a terrible and wonderful thing. It pains me sometimes, to see him with other girls…girls his age…usually clinging to him like the icon he has made himself up to be.

None of them are good enough for him; despite the fact he is told he is not truly good enough for anything…there is none like 2D…

I lay on my bed, gazing up at the ceiling; swinging lamps fall back to and fro. The light that emits from them stings my eyes slightly and I turn over forcibly, away from the light…away from logical thought.

Over and over in my head an idea played, an idea that there was no chance 2D and I could be one, could honestly and whole-heartedly be together. My heart fluttered and ached in my chest, every time I thought about him, saw him, spoke with him this same pain ran through me, pleasing but agonizing.

These changes I have gone through, changes from a girl into a woman were killing me slowly, taking me apart piece by piece. I've acquired ideas that have never passed through my mind before; I was growing outside and inside. I understood the fact that this was nature at work, the fact that it happens to all girls at one point in time…

But I feared that I would not be good enough for 2D…he was, in my eyes, beautiful.

It sounds weird now; to call him beautiful because that is not the way he is seen as. People have called him a sex symbol, attractive, hot, all the normal adjective girls my age use when discussing a boy they find themselves falling for…but never beautiful…I have never once heard a fangirl call him beautiful.

I wanted to drift off into sleep, but a heavy pounding from my heart and a thumping on the door kept me from it. My head rose up quickly, my eyes widened in surprise. I slipped out from the bed and opened the door; the object of my affections stood on the opposite side and looked down on me.

"Can I come in?" He asked, his voice was breathless and his tone was huskier and deeper than I was used to.

"Hai." My words caught in my throat as I stepped aside to let him pass. He walked by me and took a seat upon my bed, letting himself fall back down upon it.

"2D-kun, what is wrong?" I walked over towards him, my feet light on the ground as I sat down upon the floor, waiting for his answer.

"All day there's been a strange thought floatin' in my 'ead." He told me, almost as if the situation was to be taken confidentially. I felt my lips tremble for a moment. His voice was…sad.

"Are you all right?" I placed my hand upon his knee; he sat up almost immediately, his dark voids looking into my eyes. I wondered what he saw in me. I wondered if it was the same feeling, the same idea I saw in him.

"I'm fine, love. Really I am." He told me and he gave me a smile, but it seemed unlike the 2D I had grown to love and care for.

"You need not lie to me." I told him, though I could not force myself to say something so brave and look him in the eye at the same time. It was his laugh that brought my glance to his.

" 'Ow do ya know I'm lyin'?" He ran a quick hand through his hair and bit his bottom lip. "Oi," he said suddenly, trying to change the subject. "Why'd ya let me in 'ere anyway?"

I shrugged my shoulders, "Does one need a reason?" I asked, rubbing my arm nervously, a chill of apprehension ran through me.

"Suppose not." He replied with a grin. The room was full of an odd tension, so different than how I normally felt with 2D by my side. It almost hurt my heart. I found myself wishing for the past, wishing for the innocence I used to have, the innocence of not knowing what love is.

"I dun like this feelin'." 2D told me bitterly, expressing the same feelings as myself. I stared at him, awestruck.

"I feel the same…we have never been like this before so why now?" I believe I wondered this aloud more to myself than to 2D, he probably did not know the answer anyway.

"Because yer not a lil' kid anymore Noodle." He said it so straightforward, so honestly like it was something he had been thinking about for a very long time.

"I know that." Even I could not identify the emotion in my voice.

"I dun know what to say anymore than that…my heart's been achin' now fer a while. Noodle, I dun know wot to make of it. Can ya explain it to me?" My eyes widened as I saw his hand clutch the spot where his heart beat, saw the distress in his expression.

"I am not sure what you mean." I felt my own heart flutter. I knew my causes, what exactly was ailing him baffled and frightened me.