It was snowing here and so I was inspired!

Prisoner of Love

When I awoke in the morning my entire body was tingling with feelings of pleasure. All of my nerves were on end and I could feel my being wrapped in unending warmth. I turned my head, my long bangs hung in my eyes like a curtain, blocking my view of the man who slept peacefully beside me.

Still I could not believe what had happen only hours ago…it had felt like a dream, not only a dream but one that had appeared in my head some lifetime ago. My body shook as waves of ecstasy coursed through my blood. I wondered if there were other girls like me, girls who looked at sex not as a simple carnal act but a means to express undying love. I covered my head with the sheet and giggled to myself. Expressing my feelings like that, so openly even if was just to me, felt nice and new.

I peeked out and looked over at 2D's face. It was sweet and peaceful, distant too, but I loved it none the less. Despite his experience he was so gentle with me…so kind and soft. I wanted to touch him but decided against it, thinking it was better I let him sleep, just a bit longer.

I turned away from him and gazed out of the high windows. Sometime during the night, the freezing rain had become snow and had quieted the world outside, even quieted the noise that usually raged through this house. All I could hear now was the muffled sound of Murdoc's bass a great distance away, and 2D's soft breathing. Closing my eyes tightly, I reminisced to the time when darkness still engulfed my bedroom…

And I remembered how gentle 2D's hand felt as they ran over my body and how our sweat mingled together as our bodies did the same. Sometimes I felt like screaming his name and other times I felt like crying, but then…just as I felt I was about to break down he would grab my hand and for that moment everything would be okay again.

"You…love…me?" Like I honestly had to question it at this point, and in spite of it he gave me his best grin.

"Hmm…" He murmured softly as he kissed my check, and then trailed soft kisses to my neck, to the collar bone, all the way to my heart. I let my other hand run through his hair as he lifted his head back up to look me in the eyes.

"I'm not in all the way yet…" He said gruffly, "I can stop now…if ya want me to?"

I shook my head as unconscious tears slipped from my eyes. "No, I am okay!" I told him feverously, this was something I had wanted from the beginning. Even though other woman have had him in this way, even though I am not his first like he was mine…I still wanted it…I wanted him to be one with me…

"Then why ya cryin', silly?" He leaned down and licked away a tear that slipped down my cheek.

"Happy tears, 2D-kun, happy tears!" I urged, and in a sense it was true. I was happy, blissfully so…but that did not mean I did not feel the pain.

"Are you sure…love…I can stop…"

"Don't stop." I said again and this time he obediently nodded his head and proceeded. The tears streamed down faster but I did not care, this pain was something I had wanted, something I gladly accepted…

And suddenly the pain slipped away, replaced by a wave of euphoria, something that felt like an endless high. "It is in." I murmured as I raised my arms in the air, wondering if it always felt this good. I was so immature…and yet I did not even care. All I cared about way the beautifully rare man who was atop of me, who cared for me, who sang for me…who loved me.

"I love you…lovely Noodle."

When I opened my eyes, my memories drifting back into my mind I turned over to look at my sleeping lover. Maybe today we could go out and play in the snow like we did when I was younger, maybe we could drink hot chocolate and tell jokes and laugh and just be normal…and then, when night came we could kiss and touch and…I could feel my cheeks burn along with my imagination.

Scooting over closer towards him I partially covered my face with the sheet and lightly poked his cheek. He made a funny noise and to that I responded with another poke.

"Quit it…" He muttered in his sleep as he swatted away my hand which was no longer near his face. I then lifted the sheet and poked his tummy, a giggle escaping my throat. Despite my incredible reflexes he managed to grab hold of my hand while I was busy searching for my next spot.

"Noodle, love…didn't anyone eva tell ya not to wake somebody unless it's real important and such?" He looked over me and I could see the amusement hidden in his features.

I nodded my head and followed with a shrug of the shoulders. "I have never really been one for rules…" I gave him a mischievous wink and he nodded, almost profoundly.

"No…no, suppose you 'aven't, 'ave ya?" He ruffled my hair and I pushed his hand away with a laugh. The joy that we were still able to be ourselves in the face of the earlier events uplifted me…it was almost as if had we not admitted the feelings that grew between us…we would have been worse off.

"2D, will you play in the snow with me today?" I asked gleefully and his face lit up.

"It snowin'?" He questioned excitedly. He sat straight and looked up at the windows, grinning wider seeing that his question was confirmed. "'Ell yeah we're gunna play! You wanna go sleddin' or maybe skatin'?" He racked his brain, trying to come up with fun things for us today…and to that my only reply was a hug.

"Oi, w'at's this fer?" He asked me softly as he slowly wrapped his arms around me too, holding me tightly.

"It is just because I am so very happy, 2D-kun." I leaned up to kiss his shoulder, "I do not care what we do today…let us just do it together, all right?" I looked up and he gave me a sweet smile in return.

"I fink I can manage t'at." I laughed softly, and soon his laughter accompanied mine.

As the laughter faded away, we both fell back down onto the pillows and held each other, listening to the beautiful, haunting sound of Murdoc's bass, yet locked in the silence of the snow outside.

"How is you head?" I asked him, breaking the silence, and looking over with a soft smile.

"Not too bad, I'm 'appy to say." He gripped my hand, "You know…none of the otha girls I've been wit eva asked me 'bout my 'eadaches."

I nodded, "That is because they are they and I am me. We are two completely different things and none of them love you like I do…" I was silent for a moment, "Do you understand?" I asked, drawing invisible circles on his back with my free hand.

"I fink so…" He nodded and closed his eyes tightly. I gazed at his face, all of his features, and smiled, closing my eyes as well. In spite of the shackles of this love of mine…I felt I could not have been freer.

Love is quite the contridiction, isn't it?

Opening my eyes I poked his back. "I think it is time we got up." Half-heartedly he let me out of his arms. Swinging my legs over the side of the bed I reached down and pulled up my clothes that had been scattered about the floor.

"I can…" I slipped on my pajama top, "Get you something from the kitchen if you would like to stay here a little longer." I smiled but he shook his head as I continued to dress.

"No…I fink we should go in togetha."

I dropped the slippers I just picked up off the floor, "Together? Are you sure…my room is right across the hall and I am sure Russel is there…"

"I dun care love. Do you wanna keep all dis a secret?" He cocked his eyebrow and I suddenly saw his point, funny 2D was making a proper decision that I had not even considered.

"Okay, then get dressed." I threw his clothes at his face and he caught a bit of the fabric in his mouth, coughing wildly…well, I sighed to myself, so much for progress.

I sat down on my bed as I waited for him to finishing dressing and when he did he held out his hand for mine. I took it gladly and he opened my bedroom door, still gripping my hand tightly, and opened the door to the kitchen. And as I had expected, there sat Russel eating merrily.

He immediately noticed our grasped hands, "What's goin' on here?" Though he probably meant to ask the two of us, he was looking only at 2D-kun.

"We came from my room." I said brightly without meaning too.

"Together?" Russel asked, getting closer towards 2D, and I instinctively moved in between them.

"Ah…yep." 2D said bluntly. With his free hand his rubbed his cheek, "Me and Noodle 'ere, are in love…" And moving swiftly he pulled me into his chest and crushed his lips into mine right there in front of Russel…and yet despite the inappropriate time, I could not stop myself from falling into it…though just as I closed my eyes I felt his lips be drawn away from mine and the sound of Russ's fist impact 2D's cheek erupt in my head.

"D…" Russel bellowed, "You're dead."

Kuso…Kami-sama, what have we gotten ourselves into?!