Title: Good Night Kisses: Aishiteru

Summary: "Sasuke-kun… you're back" she breathed out "aa" she could feel his smile growing as he placed a hand on her growing stomach. Suddenly, rebuilding the clan in Sound doesn't seem like a bad idea after all…


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Good Night Kisses



- I'd do everything for you… follow you to the pits of hell… rejoice with you till heaven may come… obsession might be a case… I don't care what may happen and what others would think coz… coz all I need for my survival is you… next to me…I Don't know why but I think it's coz…-



The breeze fanned her vivid pastel pink hair her long tresses wove down onto her sleeping figure. From this open window, you can see the outline of her slumbering figure humbling at the darkened room. The intruder went in and peered at the sleeping figures next to her bed.

He took a good look at the two sleeping infants in the crib next to his lover's bed. The two looked like newborn twins, both having his own traditional raven hair. From what he can figure out, one was a boy while the other, a girl for one was dressed in a clad of blue while the other, in pink.

He gave a small chuckle as he gently stroked their cheek while mumbling to the boy "my, strong heir" and the girl "my lovely princess". He stared at them for a while, completely at awe at what had befallen him. He then tore his piercing sharingan gaze away from his two angels to face his children's mother.

Looking at her angelic face clearly, in the darkness he could see her lovely face tired out from exhaustion, if news serves him clearly, the young woman had just given birth a few hours ago. Giving a sigh, the young male kneeled down and leveled onto her so that his his aristocratic face was facing her slumbering one.

Giving her a small kiss in the forehead, he heard her inaudibly mutter his name in her sleep.


At hearing this, this young father couldn't help but give a smirk and buried his face onto her hair, inhaling her sweet cherry and strawberry scent "Sakura…" after staying in the said position, he cupped her cheek and smiled before dawning his hand down to her shoulder to wake the sleeping fairy up. Even at this time, Uchiha Sasuke still finds his love the most beautiful flower of all.

"Sakura…" he whispered softly "Sakura, wake up…" he said as he continued to shake her awake gently.

At the sound of her lover's voice, the pink-haired maiden immediately woke up from her deep slumber. Her emerald eyes fluttered open almost magically and she saw the lovely features of her love.

"Sasuke-kun" she whispered disbelievingly as pearly tears started gathering at her mesmerizing orbs "Sasuke-kun, you're here… oh Sasuke-kun, I missed you so much" she gasped as she buried herself at his large, broad chest, her arms embracing his large and muscled figure.

"aa." He grunted as he himself wrapped his arms around the maiden awkwardly, to him, it feels a bit weird to reciprocate such a hug with so many emotions for he's been a bit used to feel her stretched stomach going on between them "gomen"

Even if he is a man of few words, Haruno Sakura still understood what he meant by him apologizing. "ne, Sasuke-kun, it's okay, we can't exactly have you marching in on me giving birth when the whole place's bombarded with guards" she joked, but for some strange reason, she couldn't help the tears that fall onto her porcelain skin.

"ie, not that." He mumbled as he stroked her back, trying to comfort her "it's my fault why you're feeling this way, I promised to have taken you to sound a long time ago, it's all my fau-"

"Don't say that, besides, I'm grateful that you gave me time to bid my good byes" the girl cheered optimistically as she took an arm from the embrace to wipe away the cascading tears.

"Sakura, are you ready to… to go?" he asked, hoping for the answer he wanted.






"thank you" was all that said as the two graciously hugged gently, both appreciating the warmth given to them by the other.

As Sakura buried herself in the young lad's chest, their heart beating into one rhythm, she heard him say the words she longed to hear… the words that the mighty Uchiha says occasionally… the same words woman and even men might love to hear…





-it's coz I love you-

-always and forever, my dear Uchiha-



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