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Title: Behind the Snake's Eyes

Summary: Orochimaru is always one step ahead of everything but what he didn't foresee was the growing affection that both his daughter and the Uchiha had for each other. SasuSaku

Ratings: Rated-T

Disclaimer: if Naruto was mine, Itachi wouldn't have killed the clan and gained forces with the clan so that Uchiha would take over and reign over Konoha. Sigh. And Sakura would've been a consort given to Sasuke by his father. Oh joy.

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Behind the Snake's Eyes…


Izuki Haruno gave one last hard push as she felt her baby's body 'pop' out of her. The medic that was assisting her with her childbirth quickly wrapped the small infant in a neat little towel.

The new mother gave a sigh of happiness and content as she heard her baby's loud wail.

After cleaning the said child, the medic handed it back to her with a smile. "Congratulations, Haruno-san. It's a beautiful baby girl"

Izuki Haruno could do nothing but smile sweetly as she stretched her arms, as though to carry the baby girl. The medic then handed the baby to her keenly, with a small smile in her face.

"I'll leave you two alone, Haruno-sama, I'll be back for a few minutes to get hime-sama's name" she said softly as she made her way to the door.

Izuki then peered at her face. She looked perfect.

The baby had the exact combination of BOTH of its parents.

'Light porcelain skin that she obviously inherited from her father' she thought out sadly. Indeed the baby did have the same pale porcelain that its father has. The baby also inherited her mother's pink hair; only, hers was a very much lighter shade of pink that its mother had.

Izuki smiled as she strocked the small infant's cheek before giving it a small kiss in the cheek.

She then saw the small child fidgeting around as it started to open up its eyes.

"Here baby, look up to mommy, over here" Izuki cooed as she began stroking the small girl's cheek.

As though to respond, the small infant half-opened its small eyes. Izuki gasped and almost dropped the small infant because of shock.

The small infant's eyes revealed pair yellow snake-like eyes which seemed to have seen and pierce through everything.

"Those eyes…" Izuki whispered as she felt a pang of sadness hit her heart. It wasn't long before she was starting to sob hysterically and uncontrollably while clutching the small infant near her chest.

She seemed to have stayed there for a few minutes or so before a nurse and a medic quickly came to her side, it might've been because they heard her sob outside the room.

"Haruno-sama what's wrong?" one of them immediately asked, worried.

The crying Haruno just shook her head as she showed the said medic her baby's eyes. At this, the medic gasped horribly and was a bit taken aback by this.

Izuki then looked at her child's piecing yellow snake-like eyes and gave out a sigh of joy as she saw the yellow starting to slowly melt and turn into deep emerald green orbs.

"Tsunade-san, what'd I do?"

The renowned medic just took a few moments of silence, as though thinking before saying, "Well… Haruno-sama… it seemed that your daughter did inherited his eyes but it seemed as though hime-sama could control it" the great sannin said, carefully choosing her words.


"It seems as though she could control those eyes. It might be the same way the Uchihas and the Hyuugas control their Sharingan and Byakugan…"

"I see…" Izuki said as she nodded her head in understanding.

"So what's the name of this little princess we have here?" Tsunade asked cheerfully, obviously trying to change the subject into a much happier and more enthusiastic.

Haruno Izuki gave her a warm smile before looking out to the window while mumbling, "What to name you… what to name you…" she mumbled as she stocked the child's tuff of pink hair. By now, the small infant had gone back to sleep and was now comfortably snuggled against the blanket that was wrapped around her.

Izuki gave a sigh and cursed inwardly, ' can't think of a damn name' she thought about this as she bit her lower lip.

Just as she was about to give up and let Tsunade name her baby, her eyes suddenly fell onto the nearby cherry blossom tree.

She watched it for a few moments, following its falling pink petals slowly fall down top the ground. Finally, she figured the proper name for her first-born.

The new mother turned her gaze to Tsunade and smiled a 'thank you' for being patient and waiting for waiting so long for the small child's name.

"So have you decided yet, Haruno-sama?"

Izuki then got a deep breath before opening her mouth and speaking, "Well, I really wanted to name her Kireichi, for beauty but I figured that Sakura would be a much better choice." She said as she put the sleeping infant to her side and reached out to fill in Sakura's birth certificates.

"Sakura sounds nice" Tsunade said quietly as she took the papers and went out of the room followed by the other nurse that came in with her.

Izuki then gave out a satisfied sigh as she leaned back to the pillows, it was really a tiring day for and she wanted nothing more but to lie down and sleep beside her newly bor daughter.

She leaned back and closed her eyes only to find them being bought open again when she heard a cold and cruel laugh from behind.

"YOU!" she hissed out like venom.

It was him… The father of her child… How dare he? The must have some thick face to show his ass here in the hospital.

"Is that a way to great your beloved my dear?" the man before her slithered out earning a sharp glare from the woman in front of her.

"Orochimaru" she hissed his name out like venom.

"She's really cute, Orochimaru-dono" a new voice suddenly said. Izuki's eyes then widened and turned around again only to find one of Orochimaru's men holding her sleeping daughter.

"Get your hand off of her!" she growled out as she motioned for her baby. Alas, she was still a bit too weak from childbirth so the man before her had great advantage.

"Bastard" she whispered angrily as she saw the man hand the baby over to its father.

A grim smile then crept up onto the Snake-bastard's as he peered into the bundle of blankets. "Sakura, huh?" he asked inwardly as he took a look at the child's face. "Nice name" he muttered as the small child began to slowly open its eyes.

"Ahh… what beautiful eyes" he said motioning at her dark emerald, jade orbs. He then reached out his hand as though to caress her cheek but Izuki said something that stopped him in his tracks.

"Don't you dare touch her"

Orochimaru just gave a slight chuckle before telling her, "And who're you to tell me that?"

"I'm her mother"

"True, but I'm still her father"

This left the older Haruno quiet. The snake just gave a slight chuckle as he stroked the small infant's cheek. The child just looked up to him, curiously then…

Orochimaru's eyes gave a glint when the child he was carrying suddenly had a change of color from its eyes. It turned from deep warm, dark emerald jade orbs to a shade of yellow. Orochimaru chuckled fondly as he saw the snake-like eyes his daughter has.

The child's mother couldn't do anything but to just watch them.

The man Orochimaru was with peered from behind before saying, "Whoaa! Boss, she has your eyes… no offence or anything but her eyes looks creepier than yours boss"

"Yes I know Suigetsu"

They then stared at the newly born child for a moment before both started to make their way out of the room.

"Wait! Where the heck are you taking her?!"

"To live with me of coure… I'm going to train and make her strong"

Izuki's eyes widened at this, she then opened her mouth as though to scream but then, she felt someone from behind her pull a kunai against her neck before hissing.

"Oh no, there's no way I'm gonna let you do that"

"Asshole" Izuki muttered inwardly.

Izuki Haruno was a great ninja and was a bit surprised that the enemy could get to her that fast, true she was low on chakra and she wasn't exactly on the condition to fight but still…

Even before Izuki could do a counter attack, the said Suigetsu had hit a pressure in her neck, thus making her pass out for a few hours.





"Sakura!" she cried as she quickly rose out from the bed only to find herself being surrounded by her medics, friends, and of course, family.

"Izuki-sama…" Tsunade started off.

"Yes?" Izuki said urging her to go on.

"We're really sorry but we can't save her… the bastard set up a barrier around the room and there was nothing we could do…" the legendary medic said as she cast her eyes downwards.






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