-Kattylin would like to everyone that has this fanfic… especially the ones who stuck through it from the original story, Hell Girl's very first chapter…-

-Kattylin would like to everyone that has this fanfic… especially the ones who stuck through it from the original story, Hell Girl's very first chapter…-

Something about this chapter: based on some requests and also my sempai's opinion, I'm starting where I left off in Hell Girl's last chapter… yes, there is implied and absolutely not descriptive lemon so I find no reason to up the ratings but still just to be careful…

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Beyond the Snake's Eyes


-Orochimaru's a step ahead of others but what he didn't see is the ever so growing affection between his beloved daughter and future host-


-Details will be followed accordingly to the manga-





Moans of pleasure could be heard from the small dim room. Inside, two tangled lovers lay on top of one another, the young man's firm and calloused hands roamed endlessly onto the young female's body, taking in and memorizing every single detail of his lover's body.

Every curve… every mound… his… all his…

His and no one else's…

Their love making continued in a rhythmic pace, each yearning for the other's release, their desire growing with every second. He thrust onto her small body in a fast uncontrollable pace as she in turn moaned his name in pleasure. The melodic sounds that their makes, it was all music to his ears… They continue their lovemaking, first slow then fast and animal-like. He then began to thrust inot her in an unruly pace, their bodies roughly splashing against one another.

- I love you… so much… but-


-I never wanted it to be this way…-

Uchiha Sasuke awoke with a start and smirked as he recalled the events of the past night. Rolling to his left, his hands encircled the curvaceous waist of the pink haired goddess lying next to him. He bought his nose up to inhale her sweet strawberry scent before taking a peak at her peaceful sleeping face. Doing so, his handsome features turned down into a sad frown as he saw dry tear marks on her lovely porcelain face.

It was always like this.

Every night, after each of their lovemaking, his cherry haired goddess would cry herself to sleep. No, don't get me wrong, no, he doesn't rape her. In fact, over the years they spent together, training, eating and being friends with each other, the two started to slowly fall for one another, like a sweet simple drug that you can't avoid. It wasn't long for this Uchiha's wall to slowly melt down during her company… but then…

- I'd give you my life… I wanted, so much to be with you… to feel close to you… to hug you… to kiss you…-

-I'd give you my life without second thoughts but-


-I don't want to feel used…-

"Sakura, what do you think you're doing?"

That snake… that damned snake. It was that entire snake's fault for gods' sakes…

"Sasuke…" the small girl sobbed harder onto his chest "father… he…"

He loved her and very much hoped to start a family with her, by love and not by…

"I want a grandchild Sasuke… a future vessel"

Over the last few years of being with her, he's sworn to protect and kill anyone who's touched his beloved cherry blossom. He wouldn't let any harm come by her way. He'll protect her from pain, sadness… anguish. But still…

"Sasuke-kun…I'm pregnant…" his hug on her tightened even more as he felt his chest being soaked up from her globs of tears "I-I don't want… I don't want to give him our baby… Sasuke, what'll we do?"

He's sworn to protect her, always and forever… he'll protect her and the child even if it means killing his sensei, her father, the snake, Orochimaru to do so.

-we can… we will… we'll live a simple and happy life… I won't anything harm you…-

-I'll protect you with all my life… Haruno Sakura…-

He continued to watch her peaceful slumber, the rise and fall of her back came in response with her breathing. His dark onyx eyes wandered to what was his as his large calloused hand stroked her slightly round stomach that told him that she was about four months along with his child. His gaze traveled back to her dried tears and couldn't stop the feeling of tightness contracting at his chest at the sight of her pained expression. As his left hand began stroking her long pink mane, his right left it's place on her rounded stomach to slowly and gently caress her bare arm and shoulder in a caring manner.


Uchiha Sasuke has indeed fallen for Haruno Sakura, but of course, someone would have to kill him first before he admits it.

He stayed in that position for a few moments, enjoying the warmth given to him by his love and child before deciding to take a quick shower before waking her up for their morning training with Orochimaru. Yes, they train together. When Sasuke first came to Sound three years ago, he had to admit that his cherry blossom was a lot stronger and better than he was at fighting and that sort but then, an Uchiha is an Uchiha. He learned quickly and it was just in a matter of months until both he and Sakura were at the same level of fighting and that sort. It was also then that he learned both of her and her abilities altogether.


Coming out of the shower, dripping wet, raven haired Uchiha had a towel wrapped loosely around his waist as he dried his dark raven hair with another small towel. Strolling over to the bed, he went on all fours and above the sleeping beauty before bending down and whispering hotly on the shell of the girl's ear.

"Sakura… Sakura wake up" he called onto her softly as he gently shook her shoulder for more emphasis. The weary girl on the other hand just moaned a little something before turning to her other side to continue her perfect snooze.

Muttering an amused 'annoying' he knew that further attempts would be futile so he decided to do a different approach.

He proceeded to lie down onto her small frame as his lips and mouth started doing wonders all over her neck and body while his two mischievous hands began making its way to massage her perky breasts. It was in a matter of seconds before he finally got some bit of reaction from the pink-haired goddess.

"hmn, Sasu-kun, not now.." her broken groans adorned his ears as he continued his pleasurable ministrations on her pale neck. Then finally, at a particular hard nip on her sweet spot, she gave a small shriek and pushed the young Uchiha before rubbing her sore neck all while glaring at the said boy, a small blush adorned her cute porcelain face as she noticed what she and Sasuke were wearing (not wearing to be exact).

Favorably, Uchiha Sasuke decided that he loved that small embarrassed expression Sakura had on her now blushing face. Smirking, he leaned onto her further before asking her slyly "what's wrong blossom? You've already seen me with something should we say less on…"

Sakura in response, blushed in an even greater shade of red before giving him a small "hmph" before further wrapping herself tightly with the blankets around her naked frame.

Chuckling at her slightly immature retort, he told her "you should probably go take a shower and get dressed, we don't want to be late for training… again" getting off of her, he proceeded on drying his spiky black hair.

-this is the one of the few times that I'll be with you so I wouldn't even try to waste a minute of being with you…-

Sakura had already gotten up from the tangled mess on the bed and comfortably wrapped herself up in the warm blankets and was already beginning to stand up from the bed. She took a couple of steps before falling down onto the floor, the pain in both her thighs and in between her legs. Her piercing emerald green orbs dangerously flickered from their usual emerald green to their unusual snake yellow color that she inherited from her dear old dad.

"stop laughing and help me up. Dammit Uchiha I'm gonna kill you for this one"

By now, Sasuke had already put on usual dark training pants and was about to put on his usual midnight blue shirt with the clan crest on the back when he bent down onto her eye level and kissed her forehead before whispering an "I love you two" and running some chakra to mend her sore leg and thigh muscles as he placed his hands gently on her thighs. He then pulled her up the arm before leading her to the bathroom and telling her for the umpteenth time to go take a shower already.

-I'll try to make us feel contented… happy…-

-even in this hell hole, I'll make you happy… make you forget about your sufferings… I'll make you feel loved because baby…-

-I love you-

Later that night:

They both lay in bed, enjoying each other's warmth as they both recalled the happenings of today. It was the usual training… only, they were both given one of the few last books and scrolls that held different forbidden jutsus and techniques all over the ninja countries. Just another few months of training with the snale sanin… just very few months of mastering the techniques and jutsus… just a few more months… he knew very much that he had already surpassed the snake long before, but then one couldn't be too sure… heaving out a breathless sigh, he knew. He knew. It was almost time… almost time to get rid of that stupid snake…

Just another few months of preparation would suit both him and Sakura the best. He figured that with Sakura being either at her peak of pregnancy or already given birth, she won't be able to fight Orochimaru that much and even so, she is the man's daughter and he really couldn't blame the pink haired girl if she tried to double back on the last minute. So, just to be careful… really careful and prepared, Uchiha Sasuke had to assume for the worst possible case scenario.

Finally settling on the idea, he held the pink haired woman close to him and slowly whispered onto her sleeping frame.

"soon Sakura… soon"

Yes, soon… soon that stupid snake would disappear by his hands one way or another.







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