Updated: June 1, 2014

"The roses are lovely, young master."

But their thorns are sharp, their beauty short-lived.

"The others may think you're terrifying and conceited and cold-"

Her body is cold now, and everyone forgets—

"But I don't."

But I don't.

Augustus Mori taught Kurei that his life is a death march through winter. He can't be bothered by the cold—he must be one with it. Kurenai taught him that summer thaws everything. It was inevitable, as the night yields to sunrise, and so he surrendered to the end of his midnight.

And fate taught him that wildfire destroys everything.

"I'll always be here."

I can't ever leave.

"I know I'm weak."

So am I.

"But you are strong. You are my heart."

As you are mine.

If love has to be won, then Kurei will fight for it. If destruction is the name of the game, Kurei will learn to play.