Dinah stepped beneath the steaming spray of the shower, sighing happily as the liquid warmth washed away the early Spring chill. It was a good thing she'd switched from wearing the fishnets or else she would have frozen tonight. As it was, this shower was the best way to warm up after that long mission in the cold weather.

Closing her eyes, Dinah turned her face up to the falling water, enjoying the warm caress of the liquid as it ran down over her. The water sluiced down over her uptilted breasts, her nipples starting to perk up a bit as the contrast of cool air hit her now-flushed skin.

Dinah thought about doing something about the new kind of warmth that started low in her belly. The first thought to come to mind was the feel of strong, callused hands of her lover on her body. Before she could even reach down to run a hand over herself, a tension in the air caught her attention. Feeling a presence outside the curtain, she turned sharp eyes to her left, and hide a smile as she saw, through a field of plastic-painted seashells, the white hair and lone blue eye of her lover.

His timing was perfect, as always. "Hey there, soldier," she said, playing up the husky tones of her vixen side.

Having moved the shower curtain back, Slade gave her a long, perusing look from head to toe. "Hello…nurse," Slade replied with a salacious smile and a wink.

Dinah smiled back, a slow smile that beckoned him close, along with the crook of one finger. Slade obliged her, removing his pants (the last of his clothing) and joining her in the close confines of the shower, a rush of cooler air following his heated entrance, before it started steaming up again.

As Slade's hard muscled body pressed against her, his lips covering hers, Dinah corrected her earlier thought: this was definitely the best way to warm up.