Garden of Naked and the None Serpent...Serpent

Rin stood naked before Ayame, next to the forbidden tree of knowledge. "You should so eat it, Rin. He DID say you could eat from the garden. Why not EVERY tree.."

She said, "He said we couldn't eat from this tree..not even touch it."

He flicked his wrist and laughed, "He's just trying to scare you..there certainly is nothing wrong with this tree. Why, you will be as gods..knowing good and evil."

She looked up at the great tree and saw the shiney red apples, "They do look good..and it is the tree of knowledge..maybe I will become wise."

She plucked an apple from the tree and gave it a large bite. She handed one to Haru, "These're good. Eat."

He ate one as well. He looked down, "I'm naked.." She looked down at herself, "Yes..we are."

Ayame sneered, "Yea..didn't you realize that a LONG time ago? I mean..seriously..can't you feel a breeze?"

Rin sewed fig leaves together into clothes for them, "I was unashamed then.."

"HARU! RIN! WHERE ARE YOU!", God yelled and marched through the garden.

Haru and Rin hid themselves among the brush. God yelled, "COME OUT OR I'M STARTING THIS OVER!"

Haru stepped out, "I am here..but I was a afraid so..I hid because I was naked.."

God scowled, "Who told you, you were naked? Did you eat from that tree I told you not to eat from?!"

Haru said, "Rin did it."

God slapped her, "What've you done, idiot!"

Rin said, "The serpent told me it was okay!"

God said to Ayame, "You cursed beast, I'll-"

Aaya nods, "Mmhmm..yea..cursed above all cattle and above every beast of the field; I'll go apon my belly and dust I'll eat all the days of my life.."

He walked away into the garden. God pointed, "Y-YEA! Don't forget it either, serpent!"

God pushed Haru and Rin out of the garden, "Get out and never return!"

Haru sighed with sadness and walked into the desert, holding Rin's hand.

"What a strange day," He said, "Now what.."

She looked at the barren landscape, "Let's have children."

He laughed lightly, "We'll name them Abel and Cain.."

((Where'd THAT come from..oh well..just another Godless drabble ;D ))