Sora and Kairi, sitting in a tree,

Sora and Kairi, sitting in a tree,

Sora and Kairi, sitting in a tree,


That was the song the other kids always sang. They sang it about Riku, too.

Riku and Kairi, sitting in a tree,


First comes love, then comes marriage,

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage!

Whoever had the potential for embarrassment became the subject of the song. Kids were always doing things like that. Riku wondered if he'd ever stop behaving like a child…

Riku and Sora, under the papau tree,


First comes Kairi, washed up on the beach,

Then come other worlds where Riku can't reach…


Riku, Sora, Kairi happy as can be,


First comes friends, then comes fun,

But Kairi can only love one…


Riku and Sora, with Kairi on the beach,


First comes a dare, then Riku sets the pace,

But Sora's showing Kairi to the secret place.


Riku, Sora, Kairi, all out by the sea,


First Kairi pranks, then Sora's sleeping in the sun,

Pretty soon Riku is the only one.


Kairi and Sora, sitting by the sea,


First come dreams, then Sora's strange,

But Kairi tells him to never change.


Riku teases Sora, looks totally carefree,


First comes papau, then she's Sora's girlfriend,

And that's the part where Riku's friendship will end.


Riku by his lonesome, confused as can be,


First comes voices, a path he can take,

Then the worst decision he'll ever make.


Sora, Donald, Goofy, wandering the street,


First come friends, then heroes and Keys,

But he never told Riku about that, you see.


Kairi, lost her heart, asleep and is doing,


First comes darkness, then a kidnap or two,

If he wants to save Kairi, he knows what he must do.


Riku and the Soul Eater, wandering the streets,


First there's Sora, then Kairi, too,

Then Mickey-Leon- Jasmine-Pinnochi-Mulan-Cloud-Roxas-Donald-Goofy- Diz/Ansem(whoever!)-Minnie-THE ENTIRE FREAKING UNIVERSE!


Riku and Mickey, fighting to be free,


First comes love, friendship so true,

Maybe one day Riku will forgive himself, too.


Riku in Darkness, helping behind the scenes,


First comes Sora, no matter what it takes,

Even if he can never go home again.


Sora on his knees, with Riku and Kairi,


First came truth, then some pain,

Will Riku ever be himself, again?


Sora, Kairi, Mickey, all over by the sea,


Riku's childish decisions he makes…

They'll stay with him, no matter what it takes.


Riku and his friends, happy by the sea,


First came blood, then sweat and tears,

But they finally got him back (It only took two years).