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Chapter one: The Meeting.

Sarah and Cameron were standing in an alley when a man wearing a purple trench cote walked up to them. His head was downcast, and a large purple hat blocked any view of his face. He asked, "Have you read any good books lately?"

Sarah replied, "Yes, The Catcher in the Rye."

That had been the agreed code phrase. Well, not exactly agreed. Agreed implied that both parties had a choice in the matter. That was not the case here. Sarah had simply gotten a call one day. She picked up the phone and:

"Is this Sarah?"

"Yes. May I ask who's calling?"

"I hear you're looking for the Turk. Is this true?"

"Who is this?"

"Meet me tonight. Nine o'clock. Brickstone and Kennedy. And bring the machine."

"What machine?"

"The terminator you call Cameron. Back to the meeting: I'll ask if you've read any good books lately. You reply, 'Yes, The catcher in the Rye.'"

"Wait! Who are you?"

"Nine o'clock. Don't be late." Click.

The man in purple raised his head. It was blank. (No I don't mean his expression. I mean his face. He didn't have one. At least not one that Sarah could see.) The man in purple tipped his hat. "Pleased to meet you, Sarah Connor."

Sarah thought it was strange that the man knew her real name, although not as strange as the fact that he knew Cameron was a Terminator. However, neither of those things were important right then, only the Turk was. "You said that you had information on the Turk."

"I said no such thing. I only asked if you were looking for it."

"You mean you don't have information on the Turk?"

"I didn't say that. I only said that I didn't say I did."

"So, which is it?"

"Which is what?"

"Do you or do you not have information on the Turk?!"


"Yes you do, or yes you don't?!"

"Yes, I do."


"Well What?"

"Well what is it?!"

"That will come in time. First we have a mission to complete."

(Okay. I know this was a really short chapter. More is on the way. I'm just working hard on another fic right now, and I wanted to get this started before I lost the idea. It just came to me around eleven O'clock. I was thinking of something similar to this for my other story, but it just seemed to work better by itself. Please let me know what you thought. Thanks.

P.S. Do you know who the man in purple is yet? Cause he's not an O.C. I'll give you a hint. He's someone from D.C. Comics. Well, by.

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