Questions and Answers

"That is the question. Now, I think that your terminator has sufficiently tired out the guards. It's time for us to go in."

Cameron had indeed tired out the guards. She'd even managed to break their necks. However, the vampires were beginning to recover, even from these injuries. So when Sarah and the man in purple entered, they moved quickly to drive a wooden stake into each of the vampires' hearts. As the wooden stakes penetrated the chest cavity, the Vampires' skin and other organs evaporated into dust. All that remained were their skeletons.

Sarah was about to remove the stake from the corpse of her vampire, when the man in purple spoke. "You don't want to do that."

"Why not?"

"They'll regenerate."

"What? Aren't stakes suppose to kill vampires?"

"How do you kill something that's already dead? The stakes have varying levels of effectiveness based on what bloodline the vampires are from. If you spear a vampire and it's entire body turns to dust, you can pick up your stake and continue on. However, if their skeleton remains and you take the stake out, their bodies will regenerate."

"Wait, I thought you said that you weren't a vampire hunter."

"I'm not."

"Then how do you know so much about them?"

"As I've said before, I do my home work."

The trio continued through the building, dispatching vampire employees as they went. They used the same tactics. Cameron would fight the vamps while Sarah and the man in purple hung back and used the garlic and Crucifix to keep the vamp away. Once Cameron tired the vamps out enough, Sarah and the man in purple would come in and finish them off. Eventually the group reached a large metal safe room.

The man in purple said, "We're here."

Sarah looked at the safe. "There's no way we're getting through that."

Cameron did a structural analyses and concurred. "It would take me several hours to break into this safe. By then, the authorities are sure to have become involved."

Sarah asked, "Why would a blood bank have so much security?"

The man in purple answered. "To a vampire, blood is more precious than gold. They tend to protect their hordes very well. However, this will not be a problem. We've come prepared."

"What, you've got ten pounds of C4 in that coat of yours?"

"Nah, to loud." The man reached into his pocket and pulled out the dish of ice cream he purchased from the Baskin Robbins.

Cameron said, "I really don't think that this is an appropriate time for frozen desserts."

"On the contrary, this is the perfect time." The man took the cover off and dipped two fingers inside the dish. He scooped out some of the nearly melted ice cream and began to spread it on the metal safe room.

Before Sarah and Cameron's eyes the reinforced steel, that the ice cream came in contact with turned, to liquid and dripped to the floor. Sarah exclaimed, "What is that stuff?!"

"The thirty-second flavor is a stabilizing catalyst. It melts metal at the point of contact, no heat build up. If you wanted to, you could even eat the stuff. Although, I wouldn't recommend it. There's a reason that they keep the thirty-second flavour a secret. It tastes like old fish." By the time the man was finished his explanation, he had created an outline around a human sized section of the steel. The man turned to Cameron and cleared his throat. "If you would be so kind."

Cameron looked at the man, then at the out line. She gave it a single solid punch, and the steel flew inward. The man tipped his hat at Cameron and entered the vault. Sarah and Cameron followed.

The man snaked his way in between isle of chilled and powdered blood. He seemed to know right where he was headed. Cameron observed that it took them one minute and thirteen point twenty-seven seconds to reach a series of filling cabinets. The man opened up the second draw of the third cabinet and thumbed through the files. "Let's see. Ah, here it is, right under BFM." The man took the folder out.

Cameron asked, "BFM?"

The man answered, "It stands for Big Freaken Mess. They use it often."

"Who's they?"

"That is the Question."

Cameron cocked her head to the side. "You mean you don't know?"

"Not yet."

Cameron righted her head. "Oh, thank you for explaining."

The man tilted his hat again. "Anytime." He opened the folder and removed a small camera from his pocket. Before pocketing the camera again, the man took several photos of the folder's contents. He placed the folder back where he got it. Then he proceeded to exit the vault and make his way back out of the building. Sarah and Cameron followed.

As they passed the bodies of the vampires, Sarah pointed to one and asked, "What about them?"

The man replied, "Leave them."

"But you said that they'll regenerate if someone removes the stakes?"

"Yes, and someone will. When the day shift starts, the dhampirs will see the bodies. They'll drag them into a backroom; and before they leave tomorrow night, they'll remove the stakes from their full blooded vampire brethren."

"Then shouldn't we come up with a more permanent solution?"

"Why? As I said, I'm not a vampire hunter. Even if I was, these vampires aren't really hurting anyone. They've found a fairly civilized way the coexist with our kind. Besides, we don't want to alter history too much. Your son will need them in the future."


This time it was Cameron who answered. "In the future several groups of vampires take in human survivors. If it wasn't for this, Skynet would have been able to eliminate humanity before John could organize any considerable resistance force."

"Why would the vampires shelter humans?"

"For their blood, of course. If they hadn't, your kind would've been terminated and their food supply would've become extinct. Vampires can't feed on our synthetic blood. At least, not for prolonged periods. So, the human survivors and vampires formed a symbiotic relationship. The vampires would protect the humans, and the humans would donate blood to keep the vampires feed."

"And you never mentioned this because?"

Cameron shrugged her shoulders. "It didn't seem relative."

"What do you mean, 'It didn't seem relative'?! What else are you holding back?! What else doesn't seem relative?! Do we team up with aliens too."

The man in purple cut in. "That's the problem with questions. The answers always seem to lead to more questions. You should quit while you're ahead. You don't want your life to become like mine. Trust me."

Sarah thought about everything that she'd been through that night and decided that the man had a point. She was much happier before she learned about any of this. In fact as Sarah thought back, she realized that the happiest time in her life was back when she was working in the bar. It was back before she got involved with any of the whole terminator mess. Sarah decided that maybe ignorance truly was bliss. She had to stop Skynet. She had to do it not just for humanity, but for her son. However, she did not have to concern herself with anything that she had discovered tonight. She could simply focus on finding the Turk. Sarah turned back to the man in purple. "About the Turk."

"Once we're out of the building." Sarah and Cameron continued to follow the man until they exited the building. Then the man turned around and reached into an inside pocket. He pulled out a small piece of paper and handed it to Sarah. "The Turk is at this location, but you better movie quickly. I hear that Sarkission is close to closing a deal on it." With a finale tilt of his hat, the man in purple turned back around and started walking away."

Sarah called after him, "Wait, who are you?"

The man stopped for a moment and replied, "They call me the Question." And with that finale answer, the man turned a corner and disappeared.

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