"Between Breaths (A LL Perspective)"

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or the Blaqk Audio song from which the title comes from "Between Breaths (an XX Perspective)". I'm using the song as inspiration and that's about it (since I cannot post straight-up songfics in this site). It makes a wonderful soundtrack if you're reading, in my opinion. I just own my thoughts, or at least I like to think so. Sexy song, sexy characters, sexy storyline. Two geniuses – they're bound to make words their foreplay. It is long but there is a payoff worth reading for. Call it PWP if you'd like…I could care less. Two-part one-shot because I'm too lazy to finish it all at once.

Summary: One night, L and Light find themselves talking about their first time. They start to retrace those steps and revisit the scene of the crime as the night goes on. LXLight Yaoi.

Between Breaths (An LL Perspective)

Dale, from Candy Apple Heart Attack

Night had long since settled upon the land, making the moon the ancient ruler at the helm of the starry sky. Both sovereign and bright legion of stars cast a silver glow on the vast expanse of civilization below where most slept and others outwaited the darkness in favor of dawn.

Among those sleepless few were a detective and his partner, both men lying in bed – one typing away into a laptop and the other stared blankly at the ceiling wishing he could fall asleep despite the obnoxious clicking noise of the computer keys. Every once in a while a chain would rattle faintly and cause one man to cut his eyes to the chain and watch it lay still and glimmering between both bodies. There was no lights on in the room except for the computer screen; the faint illumination casting an uneasy glow on the detective's face and the periphery of the bed.

Ever since the detective had cuffed himself to the other man, said man's sleeping habits had changed. A lot had changed for the sleepless handcuffed man. More than he would have ever imagined.


Feverish typing muffled the deafening silence of the room and disturbed the peace and quiet in Light's mind.

Clickclickclickclickclick. Clickclickclick. Click. Click click. Click.

The typing stopped suddenly. L looked over at Light who was lost in his thoughts. The young man beside him had his lovely head propped up on a mound of pillows and his hands rested gracefully on his abdomen over the velveteen covers. L had always admired Light's poise and elegance – the precision and easy flow of the brunette's every movement overshadowed his own poise, making him look even more awkward than he really was. Regardless of the gruesome suspicion of murder hanging over Light's head, he still managed to look like an angel sent to earth to take L's breath away.

There were few things that grabbed L's attention other than solving cases and serving as justice's favorite henchman; one of those few things being Light Yagami's beauty, brains and incomparable grace. Why and how the boy did so, he did not know, but Light was so heartbreakingly lovely it was wrong and painful to watch as much as he did.

L called Light's name softly, wanting to ask his friend a simple question or two. Depending on his answer, he would ask some more questions and eventually lead him to the reason of his mini- interrogation. Something productive had to result from his late-night quid pro quo with his equal.


Light's eyes left the patterns of the ceiling to hold the detective in his line of vision. Light shifted his body into a sitting position and leaned his back against the headboard. It was not unusual for L to call on him late at night to ask questions about the case so he was not bothered by the detective in the least bit. He watched L's poker face intently, finding it exotic, unconventionally pretty and a tad frightening. With L, Light never quite knew what to expect – unlike a tennis match, he could not always hit the ball back as soon as L threw it at him…dealing with L was like standing in front of a tennis ball machine with a blind fold trying to hit all the fast balls spouting out of it like a machine gun. If Light did not know better, he would think L was a lean, mean justice machine. The thought unnerved Light, but he was lucky enough to be on equal footing with L on many levels. If the detective could be so precise, so could he. Such was the beauty of their partnership. Light answered in a tone barely above a whisper to L's call.

"Yes, Ryuzaki?"

"Do you remember the first time?"

L's face was close enough for Light to see his face in full detail. The onyx orbs that bore into Light's swirling honey ones were twin crystal lakes that hid myriad intentions under that placid glimmer. The strange nature of the question puzzled Light, causing him to ruffle the chestnut locks of his forehead and ask L what he was talking about.

"The first time for what?"

It was L's turn to look at the bemused brunette; not a hint of emotion gave away his answer and his face took on that familiar statuesque deadpan as he clarified his question to Light.

"The first time we made love, Light-kun."

Light froze at L's statement and images of that first time rushed through the thousand of nerves and synapses in his head, stirring up a torrent of questions and feelings that Light himself had a hard time understanding, let alone explaining. He did not know what to say to L, but he slurred something tactless before he could catch himself in the act.

"Um…not to be a mood killer, Ryuzaki, but our first time hardly counts as 'making love' "

L's demeanor seemed to darken slightly even though his face was the epitome of unwavering calm at Light's cutting comment. The comment should not have affected L as much as it seemingly did, but it stung anyway. He was trying to talk to Light as a more than a friend and way beyond his role as a detective, but somehow Light had screwed up his conversation-starter. And L never started conversations that were not about business. L mentally reprimanded himself for trying to make up for his lack of social skills in the first place - he should have stayed in his protective bubble of callousness and let the matter remain forgotten. L's voice held an intangible edge of hurt pride, but he managed to sound unfazed and collected.

"So, you do remember, then."

Light perceived the sting of L's comment and decided damage control would only infuriate the detective and would probably cause him to go on Kira rant just to get back at him. Light noticed L was trying to be a less-than-dismal human being and have a conversation with him. L's disposition made Light regret the silly words that had wounded the detective's feelings.

"Of course I do."

Light said in a softer, more receptive tone. He hoped L would take the hint and lower his defenses for him to try to talk again. Light hoped he had not thrown away the chance to see L past the pretenses and the detective wiles. Light waited for the messy-haired man to continue his talking.

Light's eyes gave away the restlessness starting to build up inside him as he thought of all that had been said and done the first time L and him had had sex. The thoughts paled in comparison of the real events and words failed to describe the happenings.

L picked up on the brunette's uneasiness and correctly read it as anticipation. He was also thinking about what they had done to and with each other that night that seemed to have happened so long ago. L did not particularly like to admit this to himself, but he had immensely enjoyed that night and had developed some strange feelings that had intensified since.

L's words became tinged with a bitter undertone as soon as they left his marble rosebud mouth. He really did not know why he was getting so guarded and snappy with Light's response at something he himself had started. L did know, but he would rather die several times than admit his feelings point to Light, to the man who could possibly be his best friend and greatest enemy.

"Then, what was it, Light-kun? Was it just a mindless and primal act of interaction between two creatures?"

Light felt the hostility hiding underneath L's words. For someone who was so controlled and blank in his manner, L was reacting badly to something that would have never bothered him otherwise. It was bugging Light to feel his friend so distant from him and regretted missing his change to have an honest conversation with the man. Once again, he tried to appease L and try to coax him out from behind those empty walls he had put around himself.

"I doubt it qualifies as that either, Ryuzaki. I can't rightfully call it 'love-making', but I can't call it 'mindless sex' either. It was more than one, but less than the other…that's all I can say about it. I hope you didn't take my comments the wrong way, I just don't know what to say."

L had heard everything Light had told him, and inwardly accepted Light's apology. Chances were that he would not have known what to say if he were in Light's place either. The dark feelings that had welled up in his mind and mouth dissipated, leaving his words devoid of ill feelings and replaced by the pleasant and quiet lilt he usually switched to when talking to his Light Yagami, the friend and not Light Yagami, the suspected murderer.

"Then, what would you call it, Light-kun?"

Light had expected L to throw that particular question at him, but that didn't mean he knew what to say. He wanted to be truthful with L, but he also had to be careful with what he said. He didn't put it past L to use the topic as yet another ruse to get him to confess he was Kira or something like that. L was not above any dirty trick and Light knew that perhaps too well. There was also the possibility that L was indeed trying to talk him about their odd relationship and he did not want to hurt L's tiny feelings…or whatever was lurking in that lonely heart of his. It was probably pride more than feelings. He stumbled upon his words as he tried to find the most neutral response he could give L while still staying true to his own feelings.

"I…I don't know what to call it. I never bothered to label it, to be honest…"

L straightened up against the headboard as much as his impossibly hunched posture would allow him. He scooted closer to Light, pulling the chain out of his way as to not sit on it. L cocked his head to the side like a confused puppy and his mouth barely moved as he asked with a curious face

"Why not, Light-kun? Was it so meaningless that you did not even bothered to give it another thought?"

Leave it to L to bury the stake in anyone's heart with more brutal honesty than was necessary. It really was no wonder people shied away from him – his approach to conversation were shocking, hurtful and all-around dismal. If there was one word L did not know the meaning of was probably the word 'tact'. This type of straightforward approach was meant to put the target amidst a tough crossroads where L could pick apart his answer from any possible angle. The only way he could get out of that situation was to answer l's question with a question of his own.

"Did we even give it thought before it happened, Ryuzaki?"

L was silent for a moment and brought his thumb to his mouth. The dark-haired man chewed on his finger as he stared at some unknown spot somewhere in the room (as if the room itself was anything more than nondescript). After a long moment he finally gave Light an answer.

"No, Light-kun, we did not. It just happened and we let it take place."

Light was too elated that L had given in to his own question and was a second too quick to answer.

"Exactly. Now stop trying to make seem like a heartless bastard."

Before he had finished speaking, he knew he had screwed himself and left the door wide open for L to make that despicable accusation he was so fond of.

"Kira is a heartless bastard, Light-kun."

The mention of Kira was like clockwork. After all, it seemed like L had indeed taken advantage of the situation to put in his two cents. Light was annoyed to no end by that stupid observation partly because of how often he heard it and partly because it hurt him to be accused of something he was not guilty of by his dear friend. He rebutted L's statement out of irritation, but his voice sounded tired and resentful.

"Goddamnit, Ryuzaki, stop that. I'm not in the mood for that nonsense."

Light sounded like he meant it and L noticed, but he didn't seem to care. Actually, it wasn't so much that he didn't care, it was mainly because it was a habit to accuse Light of being Kira and a defense mechanism to help him wiggle out of the potentially serious conversation he was about with Light. He had started it, but he was a bit apprehensive at continuing it. L couldn't stop what came out of his mouth like a quick-spreading wildfire.

"You think the deaths of hundreds of people at the hands of a psychotic murderer are nonsense?"

Light clenched his fist around the handcuff chain and pursed his lips in a tight line that was a clear indication that his patience was wearing thin. Why did L have to go about ruining a perfectly nice and normal conversation? Light hoped he did not have to physically fight L over that stupid argument to shut him up – he was too tired to fight and he wasn't sure that he'd be able to stop at only one major ass-kicking. He might just kill the other man with a surprise attack instead of a heart attack. Light opted for a verbal warning before using his fists.

"If you don't want to get hurt right now, Ryuzaki, I suggest you lay off on the I-suspect-you're-Kira routine. Tomorrow is another day and you can resume it if you like; right now, I don't want to hear it. Just let me rest."

"There's no rest for the wicked, Light-kun"

Once again, L had not been able to resist the urge to taunt Light. The brunette's venom-coated jab at him made him regret his taunting almost instantly. L's comeback had a perfectly timed delivery – which was what infuriated Light so much. It was as if L sat up every night thinking of ways to turn any innocent remark into a full-blown declaration of guilt. The brunette didn't have a hard time imagining why on earth Kira would want to kill him…in another context, he might have even condoned it.

"Is that why you stay up all night eating your way through a dentist's nightmare and type until smoke comes out of your fingers?"

Light could also be viciously straightforward and he knew how to rub L the wrong way. The invective had been aimed at his childish tendencies and Light's words had done the job. L ended the verbal sparring on the spot before Light could gain enough momentum to vent at him for accusing him with every word.

"I apologize, Light-kun. I will not bring up Kira right now if that is what you wish."

Light ignored the apology and sighed tiredly; he was pleased with his accomplishment: getting L to back off and give him arrest was difficult if not downright impossible. He slid back down into the pillow and closed his eyes, letting his delicate lids extend over his eyes to rest his vision and consequentially his mind. His attempts at talking to L maturely had been a fiasco. The detective often ruined the moments when Light did not hate him – it was almost like a natural talent, second nature. Instances like those made him wish time would side with him so he could get out of being tied to L. It was excruciating sometimes…most of the time, to be honest.

L struggled to get Light's attention focused on him again, but his seemingly disjointed question made Light's eyes flash open. The warm brown eyes of his friend turned to look at him quizzically but his friend's mouth remained unmoving.

"Do you think we made a mistake, Light-kun?"

Light straightened up again and gave L an unreadable look before he launched into a stony-faced rant.

"Ryuzaki, you and I are people who do not make the same mistake twice. If it had been a mistake indeed, we wouldn't have let it happen more than that one time. You and I both hate to be wrong and if this was wrong, why would we do it again and again? Even if the nature of the act itself seems wrong to the eyes of many, it's not how it feels to us…at least to me anyway."

"Do you think it was a fluke, Ryuzaki? Is this why you keep asking me about it?"

Light had struck again and L had no other choice but to be as truthful as he could possibly be. He managed to be truthful enough, but it has a gargantuan effort on his part. He had never told Light a single truth in its entirety…why would he start now?

"No, Light-kun. I did not feel like it was wrong either." He paused and then continued in a more quiet tone, "I think I agree with you – our first time was somewhere between sex and love… there was too much between us for our encounter to qualify as meaningless, but there isn't enough attachment to deem it love-making. I wonder what that makes us, Light-kun…" L paused yet again, "do you wonder too?"

L's face was always uncanny, but when he was finished saying something appallingly honest or downright brutal, his face was almost scary to look upon. The innocence of youth, the shrewdness of innate intelligence and the malice of experience all came together in that porcelain face, turning it into a haunting turbulent mask that never ceased to unnerve.

Light did not know what to think of L's strange declarations. He just didn't know how to handle a sensitive L. He had never had to deal with something of the sort from the man who could have been made of stone for all he knew, but Light had to admit the admission made him feel inexplicably good and satisfied inside; however, it was still a bit disconcerting. A sentimental L was not something he had expected. Not something anyone would have ever expected.

With L, he never quite knew what to expect. He chose his words and spoke them with a control that was almost painful as it was admirable.

"Now that you mention it, I have wondered where we stand as well, Ryuzaki," Light paused to gauge his words and the subsequent reaction they would hopefully elicit, "Are we lovers, fuck-buddies or just a pair of misguided suspect and detective?"

L cringed at Light's rude wording for he liked to keep his conversations free of vulgarity as much as possible. Despite Light's choice of words, his question was an interesting one; the possible answers provided by the brunette being all inextricable from each other yet unsuitable in their nature. They were all wrong, yet they fit into the situation awfully well. It seemed like game of right and wrong they had been playing ever since the Kira case began had taken a more personal turn than it should have, not to mention that it was potentially more damaging and deadly than just heart attacks. The feelings were there, but all he needed was the evidence.

It always came down to the evidence.

Light kept his eyes trained on L, not even blinking lest he missed a key reaction or even the most insignificant twitch. The unruly mane on L's head slid into an even more impossible mess as the detective looked up to respond to Light. L's dark eyes settled on Light's shoulder and stared at the fabric of his pajama shirt. The deep burgundy color of Light's pajamas, L thought, accented Light's skin tone nicely as well as the vivid shade of chestnut his hair had. It was almost as if the imperceptible flecks of gold scattered on Light's hair suddenly came alive and played tricks on L's eyes and mind.

The brown and the gold of his friend made him think of chocolate and honey…two things that L was craving at this late hour all together in one enticing package. The sweet promises held by his friend and the sugary confections called to him like a siren that he could not ignore. The siren's voice was Light's voice.

Light was the honey and the chocolate he craved. Light was exactly what he must have, what he would have.

Light's screams was all the encouragement he needed; his body, the evidence.

L's erotic musings were dashed by Light's handcuffed hand flailing right in front of him, the chain clacking unpleasantly in front of his face. The sound made by the chain was unusually irritating, which made L's own hand lunge to catch Light's and stop the shapely wrist and equally shapely hand from rattling the blasted chain.

L's pallid fingers wrapped around Light's wrist like a second handcuff and held the golden hand in his grasp for more seconds than it was necessary and examined the inside of Light's wrist. The skin was smooth and it had a shade of softened white; there was a single light pink bruise forming around the wrist from the pressure of the handcuff. Otherwise the wrist was perfect and the shadows of the blue veins trailed up his arm like vines and rivulets of life. It was interesting to note about the specific blue hue of light's veins – it almost seemed like his blood was really blue. Blue like royalty, blue like God.

"Well?" Light took back his hand and managed to bring L back from his stubborn thoughts. L blinked as if dazed and suddenly his thoughts went back to the topic at hand. L's mouth twisted into the ghost of a smile and sighed Light's name and the honorary in a whisper that was uncharacteristic of the stoic detective…it was almost sexy.

"Ah, Light-kun… I think it is a bit of all three. At least that is how it seems to me…" L paused and looked down at his handcuffed hand, flexed the fingers and went back to speaking to Light, "the second choice sounded a bit too crass for my liking, but that does not stop it from being true"

Light giggled at L's issues with crude language, but he stopped abruptly and the sudden mirth drained off his face.

"Ryuzaki, why would you bring this up now? Maybe I'm missing something here, but I don't see your reasons for discussing this matter at the present time"

Their conversation had gone back to their first time. It was not the first argument that had taken several bizarre turns before going back to the root, and it was not the last. This time, Light wasn't catching up with the argument…he couldn't really think why L would bring up the subject, unless…

"Let's just say that I was replaying the scenario in my head, trying to find out what we are, what that was and where we stand, Light-kun…"

So it was what Light had thought it might be. The only reason as to why L would ask those questions could only mean he meant to revisit that particular scene as he would revisit any crime scene, scouting for any tiny sliver of evidence left behind and overlooked. Perhaps L wanted to get to the bottom of why they had ended up together as they had – it certainly would explain all the other questions he had asked Light. The only way to get answers was to start at the beginning.

He was curious as to what conclusion or crackpot percentage L would come up with to explain their undeniable attraction and lust for each other. That should be interesting.

"What did you find, Ryuzaki?"

Light's voice came out as a seductive whisper as thick and sweet as butterscotch veiled in layers of feigned innocence. Light's tone made L's spine straighten a little and his body was subject to warm tremors running from the top of his skull down to his curled toes.

It was cumbersome for L to restrain his actions and feelings. He wanted to close the gap between his body and Light's with one agile jump, but he had to keep his emotions under control – over a decade of keeping his cool was not going to be ruined by a raging hormone surge.

"I did not find any more than we have already discussed. Our first time was a special circumstance, thus leaving us in an unusual place."

Light chortled at L's statement and dangled the handcuff chain in front of L's unwavering face.

"Try awkward."

L was silent and shrugged at the comment. To him, the handcuffs were just a method of finding an answer that kept slipping through his fingers. No answer that he could offer Light was going to appease him – the boy had whined endlessly about the whole idea of being confined to having L violate his privacy in such an extreme manner.

"Yes, well, this isn't my idea of attachment to a person, per se, but it seems to be yours" Light mumbled darkly and his eyes shifted side to side glancing at the darkened room with peripheral vision, "Special circumstance indeed."

Light was expecting some stupid comment about him being Kira because of his dislike of the handcuffs, but a curve ball was thrown at him when L did not make a jibe about the genocidal maniac he was so obsessed with.

"In truth, Light-kun, my thoughts were not exactly looking for answers…"

Light struggled to connect his disjointed thoughts with his words and finally managed to slur something that was coherent enough to make sense, but obvious enough to warrant a laugh from L.

"So, you mean to tell me you were just replaying what happened inside your head for the sake of remembering what we did, Ryuzaki?"

L actually smiled (or attempted to and consequentially ended up looking like a demented harlequin) and chuckled rustily

"I guess I was. I guess I just want to know how and why it happened. As you might know, I have never ventured into those domains of human character and thus I do not quite know how it all works. Emotions and behavior of that kind is just unknown to me, Light-kun. Top detective or not, I have to admit that I am a failure at relationships of any kind."

Light almost smacked himself on the forehead – a rude L he could deal with, a sensitive L he could find a way around, but the self-deprecating, self-pitying L he had just seen was someone he did not want to even think about. It was almost as if a woman was fishing for compliments by putting herself down. Light saw the ruse, but he fell for it anyway.

"You're not that terrible, Ryuzaki. Yes, you're pretty bad and I cannot explain how the hell we have managed to get along even though we butt heads so often, but you're not a complete failure; you just need a ridiculous amount of practice at social interaction. At least you have one friend next to you, you know…"

Light nudged L softly on the ribs and let his eyes rest on L's own, unhooded and unguarded. He wanted to show L he was being truthful. Flashes of that bygone time when he had yelled at L to look into his eyes to see the truth of his innocence reflected on them were floating around in his head, making him feel as vulnerable and weak as he had felt that day. Lowering his guard in front of L was the unthinkable – do it at the wrong time and danger would claim you.

L looked away from Light's eyes and spoke to the blank wall as if Light did not exist and was not sitting next to him on the bed.

"I suppose that is true, but you didn't have much of a choice when it came to befriending me, Light-kun. I have, in a way, imposed myself on you…"

Light was thankful L was a total failure at human behavior and emotions – if this is what he would have to put up with on a consistent basis if L had the approximated feelings and thoughts of an average sentient being, he would probably have to contact Kira himself and beg him to put a stop to it. The genius' regression was beyond all levels of annoying, but Light ignored it because it was a transient hissy fit. All he could do was be rude and try to snap him out of that pathetic state and keep going.

There was also a possibility that it was just a ruse to get something out of Light. Either way, Light said the same thing he was going to say.

"Okay, Ryuzaki, listen: I haven't become your friend just because I'm permanently stuck to you because you don't trust me…If anything, those facts alone should have discouraged me from befriending you and should have made me a lot less cooperative with you and your investigation. However, I have chosen to rise above many of your infuriating antics and I have come to consider you a friend. You're not made of stone and I know that…perhaps better than anyone else, Ryuzaki, so, get over yourself."

L just stared at Light with his jaw hanging slightly, leaving his mouth opened in a tiny 'o'.

"What gives you the impression that I have any human emotions, Light-kun?"

Light wanted to make some witty comment about L acting like a little mopey teenage girl with next to no self-esteem, but he held his tongue and decided not to ruin the moment. He told L the truth of what he felt, knowing that L would not know how to deal with his words.

"When I kiss you, your cold skin warms up almost instantly; when I caress you, you voice your pleasure with unguarded expressions and cute little sighs; when I undress you, your eyes are not longer blank and empty but full of desire;" Light took a breath and it hitched in his throat, " when I ride you, you shudder and you claw at me wanting more; when you lie next to me completely spent, you smile sweetly and your face becomes alive and warm;" He paused and took L's flabbergasted face in his warm hand "when I tell you you're beautiful, your eyes shine brighter than the Tokyo skyline. When we're 'making our mistake', Ryuzaki, you become human just like everyone else… and it's beautiful to see – whether it is the first time or the thousandth time."

L was deathly still and Light grazed the detective's jaw with his thumb. As it was expected, L did not know what to say. L's hoarse whisper of Light's name brewed up a storm of chills deep within Light, making him shudder.

"Light-kun, I –"

"What, Ryuzaki? Are you embarrassed that I can see right through you in those moments? Are you surprised that you can feel those types of feelings even though you have chosen to remain detached from that part of yourself?" Light's hold on L's face strengthened as he continued to speak to L. "Guess what, Ryuzaki? I know you have feelings and I see them clearly when one of us is underneath the other coaxing them out with kisses and touches. You can withhold information about the case and about yourself from me, but you cannot hide your humanity from me. I have feelings too, Ryuzaki, and I am not afraid to show them to you."

Light noticed L's hands clenching at his sides, one hand clamping around the handcuff chain and the other hand bunching up the bed sheets into his fist. It was a sign that Light had finally breached L's Trojan walls and that the man behind them was going to listen to what he had to say and go with the flow. He felt L's throat constrict and his fingers caressed the twitching windpipe involuntarily. L shuddered.

"If I am guilty of one thing, Ryuzaki, it is of admitting you are my weakness."

L couldn't breathe. Light's honesty was choking him and making him lose all his precious control. All his deductions became mere threads of irrelevant thoughts, all his percentages vanished into the nothingness of zeroes and his composure fled his body without any indication that it would come back eventually. Light was too close for comfort, but that didn't mean he wanted the younger man to back away. He wanted his friend close, his enemy closer, and his lover with him.

"How am I your weakness, Light-kun?" L managed to ask without stammering or crying out for Light's touch. Light was touching enough for him to want more contact, but he was far enough to tease L with the lack thereof. Fear of losing control was the only thing keeping L from throwing himself at Light. His mind was going insane with all the conflicting thoughts bombarding him all at the same time.

"Even if we are chained together 24 hours a day, I still want more of you… I want you all the time, Ryuzaki, whether you notice or not. Sometimes I might seem like I'm hard at work, but I'm actually replaying our encounters in my mind and hoping we have one later that day…"

Light crawled out of the covers and moved closer to L until he was kneeling before the detective. L was afraid to even breathe, but he shifted his weight and crouched on top of a pillow. This made his face stand on equal level with Light's.

L moved his face close to Light's and whispered in the brunette's ear

"I didn't know you felt that way, Light-kun"

Light wanted to melt into a puddle at the heat of L's breath and he whispered against the alabaster cheek of his lover

"Now you do, Ryuzaki"

For minutes, neither man moved from their places; L's mouth was still pressing lightly against Light's ear and Light's cheek was still a millimeter away from touching L's. Neither man dare to go any further nor pull away. They were entranced by the sound of each other's breaths and the heat their bodies produced.

L broke the silence.

"Light-kun, can I ask you a favor?"

"What is it?"

"Would help me reenact a case?"

Light couldn't think of what to say…only of what he would like to do to L, therefore his response was rather dumb.

"Uh…sure. Which one?"

L's tongue darted out from his lips and brushed the shell of Light's ear. He murmured

"Our case. Our first time."

Light groaned and clamped his hands on the back of L's neck, his fingernails scratching the skin of the nape. L sighed at the contact and Light could barely contain his desire as he asked

"Where do we start, Ryuzaki?"

L put his hand on the small of Light's back and lifted the hem of his night shirt to caress the heated skin.

"Why, at the scene of the crime, of course."

Author's Note: The rest of this…um, story, will be posted as soon as I get my thoughts together and write out the end – the dialogue has already been written, all I have to do is fill in the narrative. I did as a two-part one –shot because it would take forever to finish and I really wanted to post something after not having done so for a while. Besides, I just went through an ugly moment, so writing was the only way to get rid of that train of thought and go back to pseudo normality. Sorry for the sexy cliffie.

And for that vapid little flamer that was plaguing Chip's Fairytale Ending with nasty comments, I'm going to ask her un-nicely to stop leaving such hateful, repetitive and pathetic comments about how Chip cannot write at all and how she can do better than my sweet chipmunk. It's downright pathetic how that dumb guttersnipe cannot even make sense and yet attempts to criticize a work like Chip's that is flawless and entertaining. Her writing is ten times better than mine and yet I don't see that "sucky ho" flaming my writing…AND JUST BECAUSE YOU SYMPATHIZE WITH THE SCHIZO KLUTZ THAT IS MISA ON A PERSONAL LEVEL AND TAKE GRAMMAR LESSONS FROM HER DOESN'T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO JUDGE SUCH IMPECCABLE WRITING SO UNFAIRLY AND HATEFULLY. I wouldn't have such a problem with this if Chip had done something wrong or if the bitch was making sense and making a fairly decent point, but all of these motives are clearly absent. Forgive me darlings for going off like this, but it had to be said. Jenngrl, if you're reading this, I hope you got my message and NEVER EVER fuck with what is dear to me. It's just a story, get over it.

For further reference, I don't hate Misa…just the bitch who cannot discern constructive criticism from aimless and ridiculous ranting. Misa is tolerable, in my opinion. I hope it rains lettuce on you, flamer. Burn in rabbit food hell.

Sorry for the rant, folks. You will hear no more of that from me…for now.