Never Tear Us Apart


Darkness greeted her eyes as she awoke in a cold sweat. Pulling her covers off of her petite body, she began to realize it was just a dream. No plot a dream but, a nightmare. When would these nightmares go away? She was afraid to sleep and she was always grumpy during the day. Deciding to travel downstairs for a glass of milk to help her nerves, she gracefully rotated her body so she was facing her big, bay-window and her feet were flat on the hard wood floor. By using her memory and hands she guided herself out of the darkness and into the dimly lighted hallway and downstairs to the kitchen. It was the middle of August and the weather wasn't at all what it should be, cool not stinking hot. So when she opened the fridge she was extremely gracious for the cold air it breathed out onto her face and neck. After grabbing a tall glass she settled herself down on a barstool at the kitchen counter and relaxed her shoulders in defeat. She didn't want the morning to arrive, but it was arriving alright, in about three hours. Tomorrow the love of her life was getting married and there was nothing she could or would do about it. This was supposed to be his big day, not her pity party; she would attend the wedding and the reception out at Nathan and Haley's house. She would raise her glass to the toast of good luck and how they were meant to be together and all that jazz, but she wouldn't drink to it because he once said those things to her and she believed him. She would slip out before he even noticed her there. Following that she would stop at the local Grandpa's Liquor for some good ole comfort and then drive to the beach and most likely cry. As she downed the last of her milk she heard a soft knock at the door. Setting the glass down quietly and awkwardly standing trying not to make a sound; then feeling incredibly stupid after she realized that if it was a robber or some other kind of creeper they would not have knocked so she went over to the big chestnut door. As she unlocked the door she pulled her satin, knee-length robe of her B-cup chest. She gasped as she let the door swing opened, catching it before it hit the wall.

Well, hello love of my lifeā€¦


This is my new story. I wrote it after reading one of my favorite author's stories about the LucasLindsey wedding. This is how I wish it would have gone. But I am not Mark, so nobody asked my opinion.

I really hope you enjoy this storyline. It is guaranteed to be exciting, breath taking, and sad alllll at once.

The next chapter will be up this time tomorrow.