Never Tear Us Apart

"Lucas," Peyton poked him on his chest. "Luke, the rain has stop, come on we need to get up and drive somewhere I think we need to tell people about us." Peyton kept poking Lucas to try and wake him up.

"Stop it woman. I am sleeping." Lucas mumbled.

Peyton giggled but rolled her eyes at Lucas, he was always like this when he was sleepy. "Lucas Scott, wake your ass up and let me up so I can pull my dress back on and get to my car."

That got Lucas to wake up and sit up straight. "Where are you going?"

"We are going to go over to Haley and Nathan's house to tell everyone the news that we are together." Peyton kissed his cheek and grabbed her dress that she didn't realize it was so damn fluffy earlier that morning.

"Oh okay, cool. See you in a bit then. Love you." Lucas smiled as he grabbed his pants and shirt.

Peyton smiled and got out of the car blushing slightly at the fact that she and Lucas just had sex in the Naley family car.

When the two arrived at Nathan and Haley's house, Lucas walked in first while still holding onto Peyton's hand.

"Thank God! We have been trying to get a hold of you two!" Haley shrieked.

"Whoa, what's wrong Hales?" Lucas let go of Peyton's hand and grasped Haley's shoulders, looking his buddy in the eyes.

Haley smacked him on the chest. "That is for dumping Lindsey at the altar."

Peyton gulped and wished she could disappear, noticing how Haley wasn't seeming to be all too happy about Lucas leaving Lindsey. Then Haley did something that shocked her, she hugged Lucas. "And that's for finally letting your heart get the best of you…with Peyton." Haley smiled at Peyton and then walked over to her, enveloping her into a hug as well.

When Haley wrapped her arms around Peyton, Peyton let out a breath she hadn't realized she was holding in. She needed Haley's approval more than anyone else, she was his best friend and best friends must approve of girlfriends. "Thank you," Peyton whispered.

"No thank you, I am just so sorry for treating you like crap this year, I had no right to dump my issues onto you when you needed me." Haley whispered back and then pulled away to look into Peyton's eyes. "You and him," Haley looked over at Lucas briefly. "Are meant to be, don't escape it again." Haley winked and then walked over to Nathan and sat on his lap while watching the end of some Raven's basketball game.

"Broody and Goldie locks huh," Peyton spun around and smiled when she saw her best friend of eleven years giving her a knowing smile. "I knew he'd come to his senses." Brooke waved Lucas off and hugged Peyton.

Lucas chuckled and then smiled at the two loves of his life; Peyton, the love, love of his life in which he was in love with, and then Brooke Davis who he loved and always considered a huge part of his life, his best friend. Not many exes could become such close friends but hey, if Peyt and Nate could do, why not Brooke and Lucas?

"I am just glad I didn't need to knock some sense into is all," He heard Brooke joke.

"Okay people! I know I made a huge mistake, okay!" He smiled and then took Peyton in his arms. "But now I have her, and nothing is EVER going to change that because in a minute I am going to ask her to marry me and I have a feeling she isn't going to say no this time and embarrass me in front of all of you guys."

Peyton gasped and hit him in the chest and then kissed him fiercely.

"Whoa, Sawyer, you usually kiss the man after he proposes to you. And on a second thought get a room." Nathan yelled from the couch, earning a smack on the shoulder from Haley.

Peyton laughed against Lucas' lips at her friends and then wrapped her arms around his neck like she always did and he pulled her flush against his chest. She was so comfortable in his arms, right where she was meant to be.

"Well, not that I love me some Leyton or anything but, we are going to bed it's been a day." Haley yawned as she got up, Nathan following her to the kitchen.

Brooke smiled at the two sets of love birds and sighed, kind of wishing she had her own love bird equal but shook the thought before throwing a pillow at Lucas' head. "Seriously, get a room, I will see you at home Peyt," Brooke grabbed her purse and walked out the front door.

"I think if two different people say it, it means we get a room." Lucas said against Peyton's lips and then pulled away, chuckling at Peyton's moan.

"Do you think…Lindsey will be there?" Peyton looked down and their chests touching, she smiled inside that his heart was finally slowing down.

"So what if she is, I love you, I am going to marry you. But if it makes you nervous, how about we stay at you place? I haven't seen the inside of your room," Lucas wiggled his eyes.

Peyton rolled her eyes and started walking towards the door. "Come on little horny boy, let's get you into my bed so you can pop my cherry."

"Sick!" Nathan teased as him and Haley walked out into the living room, shutting off the overhead light and walking up the stairs, Haley laughing hysterically at Peyton's red face.

"Come on chicken legs," Lucas yanked on Peyton's hand and dragged her out to her car.

Peyton and Lucas entered her house she shared with Brooke after coming back from the church where they picked up Lucas' car and proceeded to, shamefully, make love in the church's parking lot. What was it with them and back seats and having sex?

Lucas tripped over something and knocked over something.

"Shush, I don't want Brooke to come out and say something embarrassing about us sneaking in…" Peyton put her finger up against Lucas' mouth. "I CANNOT believe we just had sex in a church Lucas Scott!" She swatted him in the chest as they entered her room, not bothering to flick on the light. She made it to her bed, surprisingly still in Lucas' arms.

"Hey it takes two," Lucas laughed and started kissing his way down her neck.

"Are you serious? You totally made me…ugh, whatever, let's just not speak of it again." Peyton sighed as she felt his hands on the zipper of her dress, sliding it down for the third time that day.

"Chill Peyt, it was only the parking lot, it wasn't like we had sex on the altar." Lucas unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Peyton rolled her eyes but then gasped when she felt his hot tongue swirling over her nipple. "Mmm, Luke,"

Lucas smiled at how he could still make her moan his name just like it was their first time.

"I love you Lucas Scott," Peyton smiled and pulled him up to her mouth, kissing him softly as he started to remove his clothes. "Always and forever, no wait that's Naley," Peyton cracked up.

Lucas rolled his eyes and then jumped back into bed with the love of his life. "True love always baby, true love,"

There will be an epilogue to really tie things up. It'll be a Leyton wedding in it. :) No worried. Hope you all liked! Thanks for reviewing this story and so sorry it took hella long to UD it.