Title: Demonic

By: Metamorcy

Rating: M

Pairing: Ichigo x Shirosaki, there are hints of others but I'm not saying.

Disclaimer: don't own Bleach, only Sheeva, Sanu, Draka, Mur, Venom and Mayu, they are all my made up characters. Don't own Sync, Luc or Lloyd, just the evil versions of them I made.

Summary: AU, Sold to a demon prince of the underworld as a slave, Ichigo finds himself in more troubles than one.

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Chapter 12

"So this is my room." Ichigo pointed out, entering the place with Shirosaki trailing behind. Strangely, the demon prince had acted extremely calm and collected throughout the whole dinner, showing grace and skills (something that wasn't shown very often) at the table. Even the creepy smiles had been kept to a minimum and somehow this new side of the albino scared him, definitely. He was so used to the perverted version that now seeing the other loose interest in him made him feel a little…out of it. He had hoped that the dinner would end quickly without his father making any more comments about their relationship since his sisters were doing enough of that already but he didn't really mind it since it was a nice change compared to back at the castle.

But still...

He missed that dark place, there were a lot of people he cared for there and he couldn't just abandon them out of nowhere.

Shirosaki hummed, glancing over the small area with interest. The place was neat and orderly and luckily, Yuzu hadn't changed a thing. An oak desk was on the opposite side of the room and next to it was a single bed, the covers a light blue. A sliding closet was to Shirosaki's right and numerous of other items were scattered along the side but it seemed nice and cozy. The demon prince wrapped his arm around the swordsmen's waist, nuzzling into Ichigo's neck. The orange-haired man blushed brightly at the contact, squirming in the strong grip. "Hey! Let go!"

The albino smirked, pushing the human onto the bed and grin widely. Watching Ichigo bury his face into the pillow, his hands slid underneath the case while his body rested on top, holding him down.

The swordsmen lifted his head up slightly. "H-Hey!" He growled, his face feeling the coolness of the sheets, helping in lightening his red color. Ichigo glanced back, glaring at the albino, who was snickering and showing off his white teeth. He noticed the lustful expression that was on his lover. Thoughts of what could happen next occurred in his mind and tried to push himself up onto his elbows to make a retort. "Don't you dare."

"Now, now, Ichigo, you know better than to resist me." The albino leaned forward, crushing their lips together heatedly while using his free hand to yank the man back. His right hand slid under Ichigo's body, grabbing the middle of the man's pants, making his breath hitch. Shirosaki shifted back a few inches, his warm breath rushing over the swordsmen's tan face, smirking in victory. "You like?"

"Ugh…" The other seemed to be struggling with the left arm that was wrapped around his body than punched the bed sheets in frustration. He let out a deep groan when the hand that was clasping his erection moved and gripped the pillow tightly. "Oh, I give up! Just fuck me already! It's not as if I can stop you anyway."

"As you wish, Ichigo." Shirosaki tugged at the man's pants, yanking them down with the underwear. He decided to leave the other's shirt on since he didn't feel like taking it off…yet. He didn't undress any of his own either, observing the human moan as he licked the back of his ear. His tongue swirled along the earlobe and down the neck before nibbling on the flesh there while stroking Ichigo's member.

"Ah! Shiroo… don't tease me…" The swordsmen let out a loud groan, tossing his head to the side to allow better movement. He arched his back at the pleasure it brought, that same tongue working wonders. Ichigo clutched his fingers into the pillow, turning them white before twisting his head back to kiss the demon prince as if he had been deprived. Their tongues mixed together, exchanging saliva while fighting until Shirosaki dominated, taking over.

The albino pressed closer against the human's body, grounding his erection against Ichigo's ass while the swordsmen blushed deeply, feeling it nudge against him. Shirosaki's tongue explored the man's inner cave viciously, not leaving a place untouched while his free hand grabbed a fistful of orange hair, yanking Ichigo up further. The carrot top moaned deeply, sucking gently on the intruder, wanting to give the demon the same pleasure.

The demon prince took the bait as his other hand began working on the swordsmen's cock again. Ichigo yanked himself away for a gasp of breath with his fingers still clenching on the pillow and felt the pale hand below go a little faster, giving a tight squeeze.

"Aw, you're all flustered." Shirosaki muttered, leaning down to bite Ichigo's bottom lip. He felt a little bit of blood slip into his mouth, the copper taste touching his buds. He licked the ruby-colored liquid eagerly, wanting more of its sweet essence. "Damn you, you just have to taste so good."

Ichigo snorted. "You're just talking about my blood."

"That and your mouth. You're so delicious that I want to gobble you up entirely." Shirosaki grinned manically. "Turns me on."

The swordsmen rolled his eyes though it was hard to see. "What of me doesn't? You're always horny."

"Awww but you like it when I'm like this."

"Not always. I'd like a break once in a while." Ichigo leaned up, giving a short peck on the albino's lips. "That's probably why I'm always tired. You keep me up all night with your sex games."

Shirosaki leered seductively. "Now that you've mentioned it, why don't we-"

"No! I refuse!" Ichigo started to struggle again but he couldn't wiggle out of the demon's strong grip nor push himself back up. "Let me-"

He was cut off by a sharp kiss, the tongue reentering his mouth. Shirosaki spread the swordsmen's legs apart so he could access below better while keeping his lips on contact, getting Ichigo back into the mood and it started working as he melted into the kiss.

When they broke away, Ichigo was breathing deeply and closed his eyes. "Damnit…you're too good."

"Why thank you."

"ICHIGO!! MY SON!!" A loud banging at the door made the two flinch. They jolted up from their position, Shirosaki helping the other get dress quickly with lightning speed. The banging continued, getting loud at each one until they began to fear that the door might collapse in. It was obvious to whom it was and there were two more voices that reassured them of that as they told their father to stop.

Shirosaki glanced at Ichigo, who looked just like how he had come in. "Let's not do it here. We're having it at home and all night long until the next day before any rest."

Ichigo chuckled, shaking his head, sauntering closer to the demon prince with a smile. "Can't wait."

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