Three months had passed since the news of Jason's prison escape had reached Mulder and Scully. Scully had instantly feared for the safety and well being for her child, but Mulder had promised to take care of her and the baby no matter what. For three months it was quiet, there was neither sound nor sight of Jason and Scully was beginning to wonder just what the man was holding up his sleeve.

Mulder watched with happy eyes as his partner made her way down into the basement that fateful morning, waddling the entire way. They had been living together well over the months Jason had been locked up and even though there was still a chance the baby could be the 'monsters' as Scully had once put it, polls were already being taken on Mulder being the father. Mulder prayed everyday he was the father of her baby as he was sure Scully did too.

"Scully, why don't you head home? I have everything here under control and I mean it looks like your completely tired." She had spent most of her day waddling up and down the hall of the basement searching for files, anything to keep herself busy and her mind clear of Jason.

"I don't know Mulder." She said plopping herself down on the chair.

"Call up your mother and spend some time with her, you need some rest." He said kissing her forehead. She noddded in repsonse, knowing so much work could be bad for the baby.

"Alright, I'll see you at home tonight." She said placing a soft kiss on his lips before he helped her out of the chair and walked her to the elevator.

When Scully finally arrived back in her apartment she searched around, instantly feeling a sense of lonliness and uncomfort, but she qucikly pushed it aside and entered the dark apartment, locking the door behind her and walked over to the phone to call her mother. As she picked the phone up something hard hit her in the back of the head and the next thing she knew she was faced with a cold darkness.

As Scully came to about thirty minutes later she found that she had been placed on the bed, her mouth was gaged with a rag and her hands and feet were tied with rope. Her heart started to race as her eyes searched the room and she could feel the bile rise and tears burn when her eyes rested upon none other than Jason Jaredson standing in the bathroom. His back was to her, but she could tell he had a knife from the reflection. She let out a soft cry that was more of a wimper and it caused him to turn around and face her. As he approached her she could feel the baby kick softly, giving its protest to something or another, its action however caused Scully to jerk fowward in shock.

"What's wrong Dana? That little bastard child of yours misbehaving?" He asked pushing the cold steele of the knife against her neck as he lifted her shirt up. She shook her head 'no', in a way of pleading with him to stop. "You know, we can always take care of that." He said now moving the knife to her round bare stomach and pushing it deep enough to draw a small amount of blood.

He forcefully kissed her teary face then slapped her check, leaving a red mark. Scully felt the tears burn even more behind her eyes and she urges herself not to cry, most of her bruises had just finally healed and yet here the inflicter stood, ready to leave his handy work behind onace again. He forcefully grabbed her face and forced her to make eyes contact with him before throwing her down on the bed and showving her onto her back.

"See Dana? This is the position you belong in." He said rubbing his body against her. Scully fought with all her might not to through up, knowing if she did, she could choke on it with the rag firmly in her mouth.

The tears are rolling down her cheeks and she begged him to leave her alone through the cloth over her mouth. He ignored her pleas as he cut the ties that binded her feet. When she started kicking him to defend herself he wrapped his hands around her neck a squeezed until she once agains lost consciousness. He quickly unbuttoned her blouse placed soft kisses along the newly exposed flesh, desperately trying to ignore the new part of her that he was coming to loath. He skipped the stomach and as he was unzipping her pants the apartment door opened and a male voice called out into the empty living room.

"You know what Scully, I thought it over. You shouldn't be home alone with just your mother." Jason looked to the intruder in the living room and saw his oportunity; Mulder had yet to realize what was going on. "Scully?" When he recieved no response he headed towards the bedroom figuring she had decided to take a nap.

As he entered the room a knife came down on him, cutting him in the face as he dodge the flying object. Mulder pulled out his gun and pointed it at Jason, firing it once but missing.

"What did you do to her?" He demanded upon seeing Scully laying on the bed unconscious, tied up and half naked.

"How does it feel Agent Mulder?" He asks in a mocking tone. "Knowing the child in her womb may not be yours? Hurts doesn't it?" He placed his hand on her stomach, finally getting the strength to the touch the offended addition of skin. "All a man wants is his legend, a way to make sure his genes are carried on and his name is forever remembered." He then pointed to Mulder. "But sometimes the woman chooses another to whom genes will be carried on, perhaps its not even your child Agents Mulder." He said lauhing. "But perhaps it is, the bastard child will never have a real father. We can always take care of that." He said the knife once again over the round bare flesh that was her stomach.

"Touch her and you--" Mulder didn't get to finish his sentence as a loud gunshot went off, Jason's body fell on the bed next to Scully and Mulder had wondered where the bullet had come from until he saw Scully move away from Jason's dead body. Behind her back, in her tied-handed grip, rested a gun.

"Are you ok?" Mulder asked untieing her hands and pulling the gag from her mouth. She nodded a yes from behind her tears. He cupped her face and kissed her softly, it was over, it was finally all over.

It had been two and a half months since the ordeal with Jason, Scully wondered everyday what she had seen in him, but was glad her and Mulder were happy with the other. The day had finally come for the arrival of her precious miracle baby and her and Mulder could had never been happier. As they now sat in the hospital holding their precious baby boy Scully asked one of the nurses if it were possible for a paternity test. Having waiting so long she didn't want to wait a moment longer thinking her son could be Jason's. But part of her knew it was Mulder's the infant looked just like the man she had come to love over the years.

A few hours later the doctor re-entered the room and looked Scully over.

"Dana, we did the test as you ask, and I have the results. We ran the DNA of your son against that of Agent Mulder and it was a positive match. Congradulations Agent Mulder, you are a father of a healthy little boy." A wide smile spread across Scully's face and Mulder got out of his seat next to Scully to kiss her on the lips and hold his newborn son.

"Hello William." He said calling the infant by the name his mother had chosen. "Looks like I'm your daddy." He said taking his tiny hand with his finger. "I promise to be the best daddy ever." With that he placed a small kiss on his tiny head before making his way back over to Scully to place a loving and passionate kiss on her lips. "And i promise to always protect the both of you. I love you both."

"And we love you." She said softly smiling.

Ok sorry if words are mispelled my word documents got deleted and im working off wordpad and there is no toolgramer bar and I'm like half asleep. Sorry if it was a crappy ending, but i was at a loss on how to end it and it had been FOREVER since i last updated. sorry again.