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'Italics' are flashbacks/Inner-Sakura's thoughts or persons on the other end of phones, and lyrics (haha).

'Bold Italics' are thoughts in flashbacks.

"Sakura has a hangover."

"…who are you?"

"I am God."


"Oh God...!"

Sheets clenched in pale, slender fingers with nails polished in the color mint. A larger, masculine hand curled over the smaller one, untangling them from the crimson satin before entwining with the slighter digits.

"Come for me, tenshi." Her breath hitched at the silky purr; back arching, chest pressing flush against the toned abdomen of her lover, hot metal burning into her skin adding to the pleasure coursing through her body as she came undone. A low growl sounded next to her ear as the slim male above continued to thrust into her tightening body; emerald locked with grey as nails raked across the male's shoulder leaving angry red trails in their wake.

"Please…" She wasn't quite sure what she was asking for, but all thought flew from her mind as he kissed her, his tongue sliding over her full bottom lip before nipping it lightly, seeking entrance. The slick muscle darted into her mouth, savoring the intoxicating flavor of vodka and mangos.


A groan of pain sounded beneath the crimson sheets located atop a massive black framed bed; a pale hand slid over the mattress to rub at an aching forehead buried into a fluffy pillow positioned beneath a mass of unruly rosette locks. The hand paused and the form shot up suddenly, releasing a whimper of pain as the world spun and the throbbing in her head magnified tenfold.

'Oh, my head…' Sakura willed the nausea down, slowly opening beryl eyes to take in her surroundings.

"Where the hell am I?" She murmured aloud; to her left large bay windows, leading to a balcony – she was rather high up if being able to see over the vast city was any indication – took up an entire wall. The wall adjacent to the windows had two thick wooden doors and situated between them an oak dresser six drawers high with rustic-bronze knobs for handles stood. To her right, on a desk made of a steel metal frame and glass toppings and shelves, a laptop sat open displaying a screensaver of black with a single red cloud outlined in white bumping the edges of the monitor as it moved. Sakura noted that the two bedside tables made of the same components as the desk were just as stylish. The floor was a rich amber in a herringbone pattern that the doors of the room matched in color – and her clothing was strewn haphazardly across the floor and over objects, drawing her to the realization she was naked and most definitely not in her own home. Fragments of last night's activities flashed through her mind and the sound of running water reached her sensitive ears.

"Oh, fuck me…" She breathed, staring at the door leading presumably to the bathroom before launching herself from the bed.

'He already did that and it was hella good!' Her inner squealed, cackling wickedly.

She fell to the floor in a heap of blankets, belatedly noticing she was entangled in the sheets, and furiously began to work her way out of the conspiring inanimate cloth. She had to get out of here - and quick - before he finished showering and she had to deal with an awkward situation. Her temples pounded mercilessly as she gathered her clothing; she slipped her halter on hastily and began the hunt for her panties – her pants were over the back of his leather computer chair, so they didn't need finding. She froze as the shower shut off, her eyes widening.

'Mother f…' She cursed in her mind as she pulled her pants on, grabbed her shoes and purse, and high-tailed it out of the room.


'Holy! He's kind of a big deal, isn't he?!' Sakura had to agree with her inner as she passed a glimpse around the spacious apartment over the banister. However, she had no time to stop and gawk at the well-furnished living area – she needed to get out of here before he left that bathroom and noticed she was no longer there.

'Pfft, as if he wanted me to stay.' She thought derogatively while descending the stairs and heading towards the front door to make a swift exit. She came to an abrupt halt outside the entryway to glance around the small lobby area; there was only one other door located on the floor and it was directly across from where she stood now. Situated on the wall parallel to the window separating the two apartments two elevators waited idly.

'What the mess?! They have two elevators for just this floor?!' Sakura winced at the shriek of her other half and stumbled towards the elevators; pressing the button indicating down. The metallic doors opened instantly with a small ding. She examined the inside as she stepped within the confines of the metal box and pressed the button for the lobby floor; mirrors lined the walls on three sides and a metal bar cut through the center of the reflective surfaces.


Fingers gliding through long pink tresses tugged lightly to pull her head back against the mirror as her long legs wrapped around a narrow waist. A soft moan echoed in the air as a hot mouth attacked the porcelain skin of her neck and hips ground against the clothed apex of her thighs; her arms locked around his shoulders as her fingers wove into messy orange locks. A hand worked at the zipper of her pants; a gasp of surprise escaping kiss-swollen lips as long fingers delved below the band of her panties and over the soft flesh beneath.


A bright flush travelled up the column of her neck to stain ivory cheeks rouge as the memory flashed before her eyes. 'You think there's a surveillance camera in here? I want a copy!' Sakura could only pray there wasn't as she turned to examine herself in the mirror and did the best she could to fix the tangled locks on her head so that they were somewhat presentable from their bed head appearance before slipping the shoes in her hand onto bare feet. She leaned back against the wall, letting her eyes slip shut while she attempted to will the ache in her head to stop as she released a deep sigh; the bell dinged when the elevator arrived on the ground level and the doors opened with a metallic shing. She stepped out into the spacious, high ceilinged lobby with its large crystalline chandelier, black marble floors, and tall ionic columns strategically placed around the vicinity in awe. Wide beryl orbs grazed over the expensive establishment, coming to a stop at the receptionist's desk; above the two women working the counter was The Rin'Negan in silver script.

'The Rin'Negan!? I'm inside The Rin'Negan?! Who the hell did I sleep with last night?!' Sakura wondered in astonishment wincing as the headache spiked; she pushed the revolving doors to the outside world forward and hailed a cab. One of the yellow cars halted immediately for her and she quickly climbed inside with a request to be taken to Hidden Leaf Hospital. With a nod from the driver Sakura turned her attention to the little black bag in her lap and began to rummage through it for her cell. She winced at the number of missed calls – she conveniently overlooked the hospital pages she'd most likely received at being late to work – and began to listen to her messages.

'Haruno Sakura, you may be my most beloved apprentice, but you're LATE! You'd better be here within the next twenty minutes or I'll have your head and your interns if they don't stop bothering me.' Sakura winced as her mentor and boss' loud and irritated voice roared through the phone into her ear.

'Sakura-san, I don't mean to bother you, but Tsunade-sama has been trying to reach you for the last two hours. I hope you are all right and will return my call when you get the chance.' Uchiha Hinata's voice was the second to play out; Sakura skipped to the next message as she pondered over why Hinata still called her –san, and listened as Ino's voice sounded from the speaker of her cell.

'Yo, Forehead! Where the hells are you?! Tsunade's going to have a bitch fit when she notices you're late! You'll have to tell me all about him when we have lunch. Oh yes, I know you must have had a hot, steamy night if you aren't on time for work! Haha!' The pinkette groaned in despair.

'Sakura, dear, are you all right? I got a call from Naruto this morning asking if I'd heard from you. He sounded hysterical, but knowing that boy he's just over reacting. Anyway, just give me a call back so I know that I have nothing to worry about. Love you sweetie, bye!'

'I'm going to KILL HIM!' Sakura seethed, eyes narrowed - how could he have called her mother – 'That dipshit!'

'SAKURA-CHYAAAAAN! Are you all right?! I can't believe you just left with that guy! Oh my god! You're not dead are you?! SAKURA-CHYAAAAAN! You can't be dead! Pick up your phone! She's de –' Here Naruto's voice was abruptly cut off as Gaara began to speak.

'Sakura, call us when you receive this message. Be careful.' If there had been something she could bash her head against – she would have done so ten times over already. While Tsunade and her job may have been the most important matter, calming down that idiot of a best friend she had was top priority; she really did not want to put up with his loud ass so early in the morning and with a hangover no less, but she knew she had to. With a deep sigh, she began to dial the numbers that would link her to Naruto's cell.


'My dick- been there done that
Your dick sits there with dunce cap
My dick- V.I.P.
Your shit needs I.D.'

Naruto mumbled incoherently as he pressed the navy blue down pillow more firmly against his face to drown out the sound interrupting his wonderful sleep. He more felt the rumble of the body pressed against his back than heard the growl as Gaara stretched over him reaching for the offending object.

"It's Sakura." The gravelly, sleep-filled voice of the redhead murmured. The blonde shot up in an instant, snatching the phone from his lover's hand to answer.

"SAKURA-CHAN! You're alive! Thank God! We were so worried! I kept thinking we should have stopped you! That guy could have raped you, and then chopped your body to pieces, or kept you hostage and never let you eat ramen again!"

'Shut up, Naruto. I have a killer headache and I'm only calling to tell you I'm perfectly fine. You think maybe next time you could... Oh, I don't know... Not involve my mother, you imbecile! Seriously. What's wrong with you? I'm going to hurt you next time I see you.' Sakura ranted from the other end; Naruto pulled the phone from his ear with a grimace.

"Sakura-chan, I was just worried about you, ya know?!" The male whined into the receiver, pouting even though he knew she could not see it; a smirking Gaara shook his head and slid from the bed, heading for the bathroom.

'I have to go Naruto; I need to call my mom before I get to the hospital. Tell Gaara I said good morning and I love you both. See you.'

"Have a good day, Sakura-chan! We love you, too." Naruto flopped back into the bed and snuggled under the covers after tossing the phone onto the nightstand. Sleep - he needed more sleep.


Sakura breathed a sigh of relief as her mother's answering machine picked up. She left a quick message assuring the older woman that she was fine and healthy, and that she'd call her back later before hanging up as the cab pulled before the looming white concrete and glass architecture that made up Hidden Leaf Hospital.


Sakura slipped out of the locker room in the standard doctor's attire - white lab coat, sea-foam green scrubs and sneakers - and promptly ran into Tsunade and Shizune. The rosette froze, pen poised in her hand as she pulled it from her coat pocket.

"You're late. I don't care where you've been. We've got an emergency surgery and we need you." Sakura nodded as Shizune handed her the patient's chart and they moved briskly down the hall to the stairs and up to O.R. 3.


The outside courtyard for hospital personnel to enjoy their meals was a much nicer place to eat than the cafeteria. It was furnished with various patio dining sets that patrons could eat at and vending carts with an array of drinks and snacks. The sun was high in the sky and clouds drifted slowly by. Three arduous hours later found Sakura slumping into a chair across from a leggy platinum blonde with brilliant sky blue eyes that sparkled mischievously as they recognized the figure before them.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in. You look like shit." Sakura glared and began working on her first meal of the day – she was starving.

"I feel like shit, I don't know how Tsunade does it." The blonde laughed, not unkindly, before responding.

"She's been doing it for years; she's probably built up some freakish immunity to hangovers by now. So…Spill." Sakura grunted in annoyance before recounting the details of her romp with a complete stranger; both on the dance floor and off.


"So what you're telling me is… you're an exhibitionist?"

"Hell no, pig! I was drunk." A snort sounded across the table. Sakura scowled at her best-female friend in frustration.

"Forehead, I don't see what you're being so defensive for. It's about time you let someone into your pants again. I'd let the world know if I was having wild hot monkey sex with a deliciously mysterious exotic male. I think I'm kind of jealous." A wink was sent her way, but Sakura was far from amused and simply gave the woman a blank look.

"Did you get any information from Mr. Dance-floor-dry-hump before you ran off at least? A name? Phone number? E-mail?" Ino prodded raising finely tweezed brows suggestively.

"Ino! Don't be so loud! I, unlike you, don't want everyone knowing my personal life." Sakura squeaked in horror, casting a quick glance around the vicinity to make sure no one had overheard their conversation.

"Stop being so paranoid you prude. Having a healthy sexual appetite is good for you. All you do is work. All work and no play makes Sakura a dull girl." Ino took a long drink from her water bottle before digging a cookie out of her one-hundred calorie Keebler Elf fudge striped snack package.

"I don't know which is worse; your nonchalance about the whole situation, or Naruto's hysteria." A slender pink eyebrow arched as Ino proceeded to choke on the cookie she was chewing. Bright blue eyes watered as tanned arms flailed about before grabbing the bottled water on the table and taking a large gulp.


"What the hell?! You're the doctor here, I was about to die there!" Ino declared loudly glaring at her companion.

"You weren't dying pecker-checker. You didn't even do the globally recognized gesture to signify you were choking." Sakura replied flippantly as she finished off the apple she'd been devouring.

"Tch, whatever. How could you even compare me to that annoying, loud, obnoxious blonde idiot?!" Ino demanded in a huff, slamming her palm against the arm of her chair.

"You realize you just described yourself, right? How are you a psychiatrist again? Oh, right. You analyze others because you can't fix yourself and take your own advice." Sakura laughed raising a hand to her mouth and cutting her eyes to the right as if she'd just let out a big secret.

"This coming from the exhibitionist in denial." Ino replied tartly as she ignored the jabs at her profession; after all, she'd said worse to her pink haired friend.

"Really though, I wish I had been there. I can't believe that fool Naruto shouted at you and your mystery man in the club. We should go. You, Temari and I; Hinata and Tenten wouldn't be any fun since they're attached. Speaking of Hinata, we still have to find Panda performers or whatever for little Itsuki's birthday this weekend." Sakura groaned in exasperation; she'd completely forgotten about that.

"I forgot all about that. I don't know if going back to Akatsuki is such a good idea, though." Sakura muttered.

"C'mon, it'll be a girls' night out. Temari and I could definitely use a fun night, and maybe you'll get another!" Ino laughed as Sakura growled and flung the core of her eaten apple across the table at the blonde.

"Tsunade-sama likes you best; you are her protégé after all. Ask her to give the three of us the night same evening off."

"It's not like you don't get nights off any way." Sakura scoffed as the blonde flipped the end of her long pale ponytail over her shoulder after she finished inspecting the ends. Ino shrugged as she stood up; Sakura followed suit as they headed back inside the building, depositing their garbage on the way.

"I don't do blood and guts and broken bones like you two. I'm too pretty for it."

"More like too much of a prissy bitch." Sakura muttered as they headed separate directions.

"I heard that!" Ino called after her; Sakura laughed as she waved her hand at the blonde in dismissal and turned down a hallway.

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