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TMNT rap by LJ

COPYRIGHT 2001- LJ Productions.

The characters Mike (Michaelangelo), Raph (Raphael), Leo (Leonardo), Don (Donatello), Splinter, Casey (Casey Jones), Shredder, the Foot Clan, Krang and Rocksteady do not belong to us. It belongs to those great guys, Lairdman and something. Check out the Ninja Turtles site if you want to know who to thank for the inspiration.

Note: Please pretend we're young, like 8 years old. Then no one will flame it and claim it as absolute rubbish. The 'L' side of things (as in 'L'J) has no idea I've taken it. Maybe I'll one day tell her…

SO there's 4 green turtles

and 1 large rat

There's an extra bad baddie

and it doesn't stop at that

There's a rhino named Rocksteady

& a brain named Krang-

But Casey slides into the lair

and says to Leo, "You Rang?"

YO Leo, yo Raph, yo Don and Mike-

Shredder's wrecking havoc

so you'd better take a hike

To the foot clan….

who are stirring up trouble.

You'd better get there quick

'fore they reduce New York to rubble

LEO swings his sword

And Don whacks with his bo

Raph finishes them off and

Mike says, "We gotta go."

And before the sun comes out

and before the cops gets there

They're already eating pizza

in their lair- YEAH!

THE creator drops his pen

And takes a break from his manga-

and as he turns his head

he hears 4 voices yell: