I know it's not St

I know it's not St. Valentine's day, but I saw a picture on youtube, and it gave me the idea for this story.


Miles Edgeworth hated Valentine's day. Not for the tacky gifts, the unnecessary hype, the sickening love letters, the flocks of giggling girls discussing their new love interests, no he could deal with all that. It was the ever-predictable actions of his two best friends.

"Wahoo!" Larry Butz leapt onto his desk, waving the handmade card triumphantly above his head like a flag. Even at the tender age of nine, he was always a hopeless romantic.

"I got one! You hear that? I got a valentine!" He hollered at the top of his lungs.

"Yes, I can hear you just fine." Muttered Miles tiredly. "So, Larry… who is it this year?"

"It's…" Larry opened the sticky excuse for a card. "Anna? Aw, man!" He let out a cry of disappointment.

Miles sniggered.

"I think Anna's nice…" Piped up the spiky-haired boy who was sat on the desk beside Larry.

"Yeah, but… She's got those things on her teeth." Said Larry.

"Braces?" Offered Miles.

"Yeah! And I wouldn't want my lip to get stuck in them when I kiss her!" Larry exclaimed.

"K-Kiss?" Cried the spiky-haired boy, blushing as if it were a very rude word.

Miles sighed defeatedly. Why he hung out with these two he'd never know. Larry Butz: Hyper, girl-crazy kid. Too much energy, not enough brains. Phoenix Wright: Shy, awkward, much too clumsy with a bit of a stammer.

"Hey, Edgey, you got loads this year! Just like last year… Some guys have all the luck…" Muttered Larry enviously.

"Hmph." Miles snorted "I have no interest in the gaggling girls who insist on sending me this rubbish." He pushed the pile of cards off his desk and onto the floor.

"You're not normal, man." Chuckled Larry. "So, Nick, you get anything?"

Phoenix went red and looked at the floor, tapping his forefingers together.

"Well… Y-yeah, I-I did…" He said in a barely coherent mumble.

"Really?!" Larry cried, making his surprise obvious.

Phoenix bit his lip, fidgeting even more. For some reason, the floor had become extremely interesting all of a sudden. He nodded.

"Cool! From who?" Pursued Larry.


Larry didn't bother to wait for the answer, pouncing on Phoenix's school bag, rooting through it.

"Here it is!" Larry pulled out a small red card victoriously.

"Ah!" Phoenix cried out, trying frantically to grab the card back, but Larry easily pushed him away.

"Georgia? Ah, man, you're so lucky!" Cried Larry "She's totally cute, am I right?"

Phoenix snatched the card out of Larry's hands.

"Sh-She's ok, I guess." He mumbled.

"What? You're crazy, dude!" Said Larry in disbelief. What was wrong with his friends? "You don't want gorgeous Georgia, but you think brace-face Anna is 'nice'?"

"H-Hey, I don't like her either!" Stuttered Phoenix defensively.

But Larry didn't seem to be listening.

"Nick and Anna sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" He chanted gleefully, as Phoenix sank lower and lower in his chair, his face beetroot red.

Poor Edgey, caught in the middle of it all, simply sighed and shook his head.

They were like this every year.


Bad ending, I know, but I couldn't think of how to finish it… Do forgive me!

Oh, and Anna and Georgia are just girls I made up on a whim, they have no romantic relationship with any canon character (I can't stand canon characters being paired with OC's).