Vampires Don't Eat Chocolate:

A/N: It's set in the third person, because that is the easiest for me to write. And it should be rather obvious that the only thing I own is Brie, because everything else was in Stephainie Meyer's work. I know, I know. I added and OC. I really don't care. This first one is really short, but it's a good breaking point.

Brie stretched. This town needed some serious help. And she wasn't just thinking about the sun, though that would be nice. They'd been sent to Forks, Washington to fix a few things gone wrong. They hadn't been notified how much of an understatement 'wrong' was. Patting her backpack to reassure the presence of her trusty iron skillet, Brie began her walk to the high school. Even at eighteen, she could pass as a freshman, so she was the perfect candidate for her 'family' to send.

Bella was so excited. She hadn't had a night away from Edward (except when he was hunting) in forever. He must have planned something super special for Valentines Day. She practically bounced out of her truck and over to where Edward waited for her by the Volvo. Bella was disappointed when all she saw was a big flat box with a bow. He'd gotten her chocolates. How . . . normal.

"Vampires can't eat chocolate." Bella lamented.

"You aren't a vampire." Edward said, pushing the box towards her.

"Yeah, don't remind me." Bella sighed. It was his fault she wasn't a vampire. If she had any choice in the matter . . .. But she didn't. Not really. They made it to where they normally sat in English, and Bella watched as another student came in and handed the teacher a slip, just like she had done her first day.

Listening carefully, Bella still couldn't hear what the teacher said to the new girl, so she leaned over to Edward. "Who's the new girl?"

"Huh, what?" he said, not paying attention. "Oh, uh, she's Brie. Bella, I can't read her mind." That was when the voice came to both of their minds. You wouldn't want to. I've almost made several people go insane. Bella looked up at Brie. She was short, and tiny. Her hair was a neat mass of gold curls. But most importantly, her eyes were blue. Not a vampire, then. But those electric blue eyes were looking at Bella and Edward, assessing them. Brie smiled, hoping that she hadn't freaked them out too much. She had a feeling they were the cause of most of the trouble in this area.

Lunchtime rolled around, and Bella had almost forgotten the new girl. Edward was so much more interesting. However, he was brooding over what had happened in English, so she couldn't forget. They sat down with Alice and Jasper, alone. Her human friends had decided to leave them be today. Bella had just relaxed into their normal conversation when another tray landed on their table. Jasper and Bella looked up in surprise. Brie had been completely silent. " Do you mind if stop that!" The last two words were directed towards Jasper. Brie sat down fluidly, still talking. "It is already annoying knowing what everyone in the room is feeling, I'm sure you understand. Having you throw negative emotions at me is not making it better. So stop it or you will rue your existence." Bella finally realized what was going on. Jasper had been trying to make Brie go away.

By now, all of them were gawking at Brie. "Well, I guess I better introduce myself. I'm Brie. I'm a High Magus, which is a fancy phrase for 'really powerful witch'. My specialty is taking care of people's souls. Now, do you want to explain what a bunch of vegetarian vampires are doing in a nowhere high school?" None of them made a move to say anything. "Well then, I guess I'll just have to talk more. Me and my . . . I guess you could call them coworkers. We think of each other as family. We're here to fix the mess you've made. It's kinda our job to make sure relationships between humans and others go as they should. So that's another reason for why we're here. I also heard that there's predators in Port"

"Why can't I hear what you're thinking?" Edward interrupted. It was obviously bothering him.

"Oh. That. Well, when I first was being trained, Kira could listen to my mind fairly easily. She couldn't stay in the same room with me until she taught me how to block my mind. Witches usually learn it to protect information, but I just do it because my brain hurts people when"

Edward interrupted her again, "May I read it?"

Brie snorted. "Of course. It's not my fault if it hurts, though." Alice was shaking her head. Edward ignored her. For less than a second, he had a dumbstruck look on his face. Alice and Brie blurted at the same time, "I told you so."

"As I said, it hurts people to hear my thoughts. I think it has something to do with the multiple languages, the songs, and the shorthand." Everyone looked to Edward to see what Brie was talking about.

"She was singing at least five songs, thinking in two different languages, and the gaps were filled with a language she invented." They all gawked at Brie again. Finally Jasper got the guts to answer his question.

"So, you can feel them too?" He whispered

"Even yours." Brie sighed. "Bet you can't feel mine. I'm going to have to teach you that one. It can get pretty horrible when you let the wrong emotions leak out. And my way makes you so much less uptight. But, you see, I know much, much more than just what you're feeling. I know the cause of what you're feeling. That girl over there." Brie pointed to Lauren. "Is feeling stupid because she got conned." Bella sniggered. "And I can see your souls. It's harder when you're a teen, because they're so undefined, but maturity and responsibility really shape them. There was this one boy I knew, and he was only sixteen, but he was a pirate captain and his soul was very well-defined.

"Yours, Bella, is a little bit easier to see than the rest of the humans at this school. It looks a lot like I would envision Juliet's, except that the love is a lot stronger, and it brings with it a great deal more pain.

"The rest of you all have very visible souls." Bella smirked as she threw Edward a glance. She had been right about his soul all along. "I expect you would after doubling your normal lifetime. It's really quite, oh there's the bell. I'll see you all later." They watched in silence as Brie silently danced her way over to the trashcan, and dropped her garbage in. Somehow, around the talking, she'd eaten all of her food, and most of Jasper's too. None of them had noticed.