Chapter one

"My name's Leon,I'm under the presidents orders to rescue you.." He said calmly approaching Ashley.

"My ...father!!"Ashley replied getting to her feet.

Leon heard a noise and turned around to see another young woman sat on the floor,Her arms wrapped around the knees drawn up to her chest,her head down and her long black hair in a slight dishevelled ponytail.

"Hey,What's your name?" He asked walking across the room and bending down to her. She

raised her head to see his beautiful blue/grey eyes looking straight at her.

"I'm Brogan" she replied rubbing her tear stained eyes with the back of her hand.

Leon gently placed his hand on her shoulder and said

"Come on lets get out of here" Brogan looked up at him shocked,she didn't think for one minute that she was going to escape the hell hole that she'd found herself in. Then just when she had resigned herself to her fate this handsome man offers her a life line.

"But...but...your not here to rescue me ? Your here for her "Brogan answered pointing to Ashley before continuing."Her father is paying you a fortune for her safe return and I cant offer you anything..."

"What," Leon interrupted "I'm not going just leave you here because I'm not on your payroll!Just because I'm not getting paid to save you doesn't mean that I won't,what kinda of a man do you take me for..."He continued with an offended tone to his voice.

"I didn't mean...what I meant was..."She stammered.

"Look it doesn't matter lets just get out of here,we don't have much time" Leon said rising to his feet but holding out his hand to help her get up off the dirty floor.

Brogan managed a weak smile at him before he turned and started to head out the door,Ashley looked her up and down and followed behind him.

They walked around the balcony till they reached a ladder leading to the lower level,Leon jumped down turned , looked around then back up at Ashley,

"Come on.."He said ,Ashley looked behind her then back down at Leon before saying"I can't...I..."

"It's all right, jump and I'll catch you"He said holstering his gun before brassing himself at the bottom of the ladder. Ashley turned to face Brogan and smiled before looking down at Leon and jumping.

"Oh my god ,she did that on purpose!!"Brogan said to herself almost laughing,"She must think he's cute,at least she has good taste"

With his beautiful blue/grey eyes,handsome face and toned body under that figure hugging black t shirt,she wasn't going to deny that she found him attractive.

Brogan was snapped out of her thoughts by Leon calling her from the bottom of the ladder.

"Hey Brogan everything OK up there?"

She approached the top of the ladder,

"Yeah,just thought I saw something sorry" she answered

"No problem,come on I'll catch you"He replied with Ashley arms folded and pouting behind him.

"Eeeerrrr no its OK,I can make it by myself"she said before launching herself off and landing just next to him.

"Huh...OK"Leon replied with the a shocked look on his face which made Brogan smile,Ashley on the other hand was giving her the 'He's mine' stare which just made her smile even more.

The way she jumped off the ledge and landed perfectly surprised him,Looking at her long hair,tight clothes and polished fingernails he assumed that she'd be like most of the woman he was sent to rescue,typical bimbo with the survival instinct of a lemming,but as he watched her walk past him and peer around the pillar he knew that she was different and the way her ass looked in those jeans only helped change his opinion.

As they made there way through the pews of the old church he heard a deep voice call.

"I'll take the girl..." That creepy voice continued reeling off his plot and telling Leon the gift bestowed upon Brogan Ashley and himself.

Leon suddenly turned around to see some of Saddler's followers pointing bow guns at there backs,Without hesitation he grabbed the girls and ran straight for one of the large stain glass windows and leapt through it taking the girls through with him, landing on the hard cobbled floor outside with a crash.

"Are you all right?"he asked looking the girls over for injuries

"I'm OK,"Brogan replied a little shaky

"Leon,what's going to happen to us " Ashley said getting to her feet,Brogan looked at Ashley and nodded in agreement

"Don't worry, we got ourselves into this we can get ourselves out of it" Was his reply with a confidence that reassured them,Leon meant every word and they believed in him.

There was something about him that made Brogan's pulse race,when he looked at her with those piecing eyes she felt naked,like he could see straight through her to her very soul. No matter what the out come of this dire situation he had left a mark on her that she not be able to erase easily.