Okay, I guess I'll be doing the Bart/Bob idea although I had my heart set on the OC/Bob idea. However, to please myself, I am going to put Bart's life similar to what the OC girl's would have been. Btw, I'm unsure about Maggie's age so am just gussing.

Idea: Having just moved across Springfield to live by himself (without being choked by his father, nagged by his mother, and made to feel dumb by his sisters) Bart finds it's hard to live alone. Although this 16 year old attends school still, he feels isolated and alone, ignored by all in a sense. Turning to alcohol, he accidentally foils Bob's new plan. What will happen when he not only gets kidnapped by said man, but realizes he lusts after him as well?! Will he live through it all? And who is this surprise guest I've mentioned? :P

"That's it!" Bart shouted, anger coloring not only his tone but his face as well. "I'm leaving! I'm sick of being treated like a doormat!" Gasps from the Simpson family rose as he continued, "I'm tired of Marge treating me like I'm younger than Maggie! I'm sick of being told off by Lisa, you know it all! I'm fed up with being strangled by Homer for no reason! And I'm so tired of you all fussing about Maggie! She's eight years old already and she's taking up her 'smart' sister's attitude!"

"You…you can't leave! You're not legal age!" Homer stood up from his couch, which had left quite an imprint of his heavy set body. What did Marge see in him? That was a question that always stumped him; Why would Marge settle for something so...less than what she could have gotten?

Bart snorted and grabbed the small bag that he had packed earlier. "Wanna bet?! My birthday's next week and when I turn 17, I'll be legal enough to say kiss my ass!" With new age came new words, replacing 'eat my shorts'. Calmly yet quickly, he stepped outside. Luckily the sound of heavy footfalls did not follow him, meaning no one was coming after him.

He was now leaving the place he called home for so long. So many good memories matched so many bad ones. He could hear the sobs from his mother and sisters and the growl (was there the sound of fist hitting the wall?) made from his father. Closing his eyes, he walked through the yard. He looked back once more to remember such a crappy built house and sighed.

Then he walked away.

A month had passed since the incident. Bart had celebrated his 17th birthday all alone; not even Milhouse or Nelson would come over! So he had ordered a small pizza, a small cake, and was going to get soda when he noticed something. Next to the soda was vodka, whiskey, beer…alcohol.

What was the big deal about it anyway? His father spent a good portion of his life sitting at Moe's drinking when he wasn't sitting down on the couch. What was so addictive about it? He remembered tasting it once on accident and absolutely hated the taste! Then again…it had been cheap beer he drank.

Despite the law saying you must be 21 to drink legally, he bribed Apu into letting him have the vodka. Later that night, he drank it all. He understood why Homer had drunk such a drink; it numbed the pain. Of course the next day, which sadly happened to be a school day, he was hung over.

He attended school every day, barely scraping by with a C. He could have made high B's, even perhaps a low A if he really wanted to, but what was the point? The teachers ignored him, his 'friends' forget about him, even his own family refused to acknowledge him!

He never went to church again. Hardly anyone would notice and if they did notice he didn't go, no doubt they would be happy. All he did there was cause trouble…well, that and poke his father who slept during the whole thinh.

No doubt that he was feeling down. Although he promised not to be a drunk like Homer, once or twice a week he would buy some vodka or whiskey. It was strong stuff, very powerful but it tasted good after you got through the burning sensation.

The place he had found to live at was a small abandoned like house. It was old, yes, but in better shape that his old home. He managed to hook up a T.V., put some food in the new refrigerator, and bring his room from home to this new one. He rarely ever turned on the light when he got home from his small job at another store near by. Usually he'd let the T.V. light keep him company until he fell asleep on the reclining sofa.

It was a decent life.

He really thought he would be able to live happily. He really thought that if he saved more money and got a better job, that he'd be able to live freely. He thought wrong though.

The very next day of the month anniversary that he left…he ran into Sideshow Bob again.