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I'm being stalked by my dead crush.

Stop laughing, I'm not kidding.

His name is Sasuke Uchiha, he is one of the best looking boys in this universe, utterly brilliant, and he was killed last year by a drunk driver.

Which is why I cannot comprehend why he is in front of me, looking very solid, and in my room.


See, I had thought the day had started out strangely, you know, with thinking that you're late when you're not, the feeling at the back of your head that someone's following you, and a test you didn't prepare for but somehow still know the answers to when you probably shouldn't. Then for some reason when I went to Tsunade's office to pick up some books, Tonton started squealing like crazy and refused to come near me, even though I've had to occasionally fight her off with a stick before.

I had thought that was strange, but it's nothing compared to opening the door to my dorm and having someone already be in there.

A should-be dead someone.

"I'm definitely hallucinating," I said aloud, trying to convince myself that I wasn't seeing the Sasuke Uchiha (who is supposed to be six feet under) staring at me.

I was a little surprised that I hadn't screamed, fainted, or thrown something at him. I'm not generally levelheaded to begin with, so it didn't really make sense why I wasn't going into hysterics over, if not a dead guy, then a stranger that somehow broke into my room.

"No, actually, you're not, Sakura." He corrected me in that all too-familiar voice, smirking a little at the (probably) stupid expression on my face. He was relaxing on my bed, hands interlocked and resting behind his head.

Quickly, I checked over my shoulder to see if anyone was in the hall, and closed and locked the door behind me. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on, but it was going to need a little privacy.

Turning back to Sasuke, I took in his appearance. He was still wearing the clothes he had been buried in: neat button down red shirt, black jeans, black shoes. The black coat and tie he had also been wearing were discarded carelessly on my desk. I touched the garments tentatively, feeling the fabric between my fingers. So either he was, somehow, actually here…or someone I don't know somehow got into my dorm and forgot their dress clothes.

Somewhat understandably (or not), I prefer the former.

However, that doesn't mean I'll be reasonable about it.

"How can I not be? Admittedly, hallucinating a year after the death of a close friend is not natural, but maybe I am experiencing some rarely documented case—" My confusion had finally turned into mild hysteria and I began rambling as my brain tried to process the information.

"Sakura, shut up."

My mouth automatically snapped shut. It appeared that even in a (not very) spectral form; Sasuke still had influence over me.

"Thank you, now let me explain." He slid off the mattress, leaving no indication that he had been laying on it, and came up to me. I had to crane my neck to look up at him. Despite having been dead, he had still somehow managed to grow a few inches, even when I hadn't.


"First off, I am not an illusion, even if I am dead." He clapped a hand over my mouth before I could question him. Though I probably could have spoken anyway, I kept quiet, disturbed by how I could feel his hand covering my mouth, but the touch was so light, insubstantial, almost not there.

"Second," he continued, removing his hand from my mouth when he thought I wouldn't interrupt him, "I'm not exactly a ghost. I'm a bit more like a poltergeist. I can touch objects and people, but they can't necessarily touch me." He laid a hand on my shoulder, just brushing the nape of my neck, and again I felt that odd, light touch. "Do you understand me?"

I nodded a little, his explanation made sense. Briefly I wondered if someone was playing some cruel prank, but quickly brushed off the thought. It was unlikely to be some elaborate joke. Sasuke had been too popular, too greatly mourned to be 'brought back' for a stupid prank.

I refocused my attention on him to show I was listening and tried not to think too hard about the hand still on my neck, hoping that he couldn't feel changes in body temperature.

"Good. And third," Here he hesitated a little, "I'm here because I need your help."

I will admit that, strange as it seems, I was expecting something like this. I mean, ghosts (or poltergeists or whatever the hell he was) didn't exactly come down from heaven just for tea and cookies. And Sasuke himself wasn't the sort of person to want any extra attention in life, and I doubted that would change beyond the grave.

"Help with what? If it has anything to do with telling your loved ones to 'move on' or anything like that I don't think I have the tact—"

"It's not that," he cut in, sounding faintly annoyed, more like his normal self. He took a deep breath before continuing.

"I made a deal with Death. If I am successful with my goal by the time my seventeenth birthday comes around, Death will give my life back to me. And I'm going to need your help." He looked directly at me, never once breaking eye contact.

My mouth dropped open. I probably resembled a fish, but at that particular moment I didn't care.

"W-what?" I stuttered, wondering if I had heard him right. Sasuke let out an exasperated sigh. The hand on my neck must have tightened, because the pressure became a little heavier.

"You heard me. I said that—"

"No, I heard you," I cut him off, my mind immediately refocusing on my hallucination theory. "But this—this defies all logic. You're here. I accept that. I'm glad about that. But to think that you cut a deal with Death—himself? Or is it 'herself'?" It was silly to wonder about how to refer to a God-thing, but I can be nitpicky that way.

"I can't really tell." He said, serious expression vanished, replaced with a more sheepish look, "It sounded male, but…"

"It looked like a girl?" I supplied, trying to be helpful.

"Among other things. But that's not the point."

"I know." A new thought struck me, "But why do you need my help? Why not get Naruto's help, or even your parents? They're closer to you than I've ever been." I flopped onto the bed Sasuke had abandoned, crossing my legs together. Sasuke simply waited for me to stop fidgeting before explaining.

"I doubt my parents would believe that their son has a chance to permanently come back from the dead;" he said firmly, "And Naruto, while he probably would believe me if I tried haunting him for long enough, would also try to do something stupid, without a doubt."

I winced; that scenario would be very likely.

"And Itachi?" I inquired.

The glare he gave me made me shrink away from him.

"You know perfectly well we don't get along, and I am not about to trust him with my life." He snapped, "Never did in the figurative sense, won't in the literal sense." He huffed and crossed his arms, irked.

"Well, then why ask me?" I asked, once he had seemed to have calmed down a bit. He relaxed a little and uncrossed his arms, sitting back down on my bed without any suggestion of extra weight on the mattress.

"It's complicated."

"I'm pretty sure I'll be able to handle it." I tilted my head to one side, "Tell me."

For nearly a minute he didn't speak, his face thoughtful.

"For the most common reason," he said finally, "You were picked because you are close enough to me that my coming back is something that you want, and I think you're smart enough to help me figure this out. I won't say anymore." He looked at me expectantly, "What do you say. Will you help me?"

It hurt a little, the fact that his only reason for coming to me was to have me help him. But I'm no fool, for the most part. If helping him meant that he would come back, why would I refuse him?

"All right, what do I have to do?" I looked him directly in the eye, mentally resigning myself to what would undoubtedly be a long period of emotional tumult.

He smiled, much to my surprise. In life, his smiles were always were rare and few and far between. After death, I had somehow doubted that he would ever make a single positive facial expression again.

"Nothing much. You just need to sign the contract."

Should have known there would be a catch.


"This is the contract?!"

I stared incredulously at the fat scroll Sasuke had conjured and was offering to me. Not only was it written in some elaborate, barely discernable script, but the writing was tiny.

"Yes, now I'll need you to sign here at the bottom once you're done reading it." He unrolled it, the paper unwinding all the way down to the floor and then some.

I didn't move to take it from him.

"Sasuke, I agreed to help you; but this is insane! I can barely read this." I scanned the script, catching words and phrases but nothing to string together coherently. I glared at him. "There aren't any traps in here, are there?"

"Nothing dangerous, I assure you." Sasuke's mouth twitched up again into a small smile, but disappeared so quickly I thought I was just seeing things.

"You sure?" I attempted to stare him down, forgetting the fact he would obviously win because he didn't have to blink.

"Sakura, I can promise you that you won't get bodily hurt if you sign the damn thing."

It was obvious that, despite a year of being dead, Sasuke had not gotten any more patient.

"What about emotional hurts?" I asked suspiciously. Sasuke winced, as though he had hoped I wouldn't remember.

"…If we succeed, there shouldn't be." He answered, his words sure of themselves, though where it was it real or a show I didn't know. But it was Sasuke, and he really had no reason to trick me, especially now he was dead, so I skimmed the document best I could, then picked up the pen nearest to me and signed my name at the bottom.

The second I set down my pen, a man appeared in my room. At least, I think it was a man; it was hard to tell under the cloak and dark clothing.

"Sakura, this is one of Death's messengers," Sasuke, as usual, seemed completely unfazed. "He'd like the contract, if you would just give it to him."

The messenger nodded and held out a wrinkled hand expectantly. Trying to contain my shock (somehow I had managed not to scream), I rolled up the scroll and handed it to him, trying to get a better look at the shadowed face which I could have sworn I had seen somewhere before. He didn't give me a chance, vanishing the instant the scroll entered his grasp.

"Is this sort of thing going to happen often?" I asked. Sasuke shook his head and turned to a shelf tacked above my bed, examining its contents.

Not comfortable with the sudden silence, I asked a second question, "What are we going to do now?"

"Nothing today, exactly." Sasuke didn't turn around to speak to me, "We have plenty of time, we'll start when we want to."

I stared at him, wondering if being dead had addled his sense of time. If I was the dead one, I would be itching to find a way to come back to life as quickly as possible.

But oh well. All I knew what that it was Sasuke, and he would do what he needed to do when he was ready.


Seeing as I couldn't do much else, I fetched my book bag (which had been forgotten the second I had seen Sasuke) and started on my homework right there on my bed. I didn't look up, but occasionally I could see Sasuke walk in my range of sight, apparently exploring my room for any new changes. It was maddening not to be able to hear him moving around, and more than a little creepy.

Especially when I looked up to find him reading over, or rather, through (his head was sticking out of my blazer) my shoulder!

"Sasuke-kun! What are you doing?" There was an odd tingling sensation in my shoulder now, which I assumed came from Sasuke's form passing through me.

Sasuke (or rather his head) turned to face me, a little too close for comfort of any kind.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" he demanded. "Your fourth answer's wrong, by the way."

I stared at him. "No it's not."

"Yes, it is. You swapped the wrong variables." He pointed, and I shuddered when his arm passed through mine.

"Sasuke-kun; you're dead, and you've never taken this course. Do you really expect me to believe you?" I glared at him, a little irritated.


"Ha, ha. No." He was staring at me with the familiar petulant-slash-superior expression on his pretty face, and already I could feel myself starting to blush. Considering that he had almost always been untouchable to me, I guess him being a ghost didn't really affect my hormones any differently.

"Fine. Do it your way." He got off of the bed and stood in the center of the floor. "Does Naruto still have the same dorm?"


"Good." Without another word he turned and left through the wall. I mentally sighed, knowing that I would have to get used to that and get used to it fast, if I wanted to keep his cover.

A few more questions began to pop up in my head, as I worked on my homework. Would Sasuke come with me everywhere? How was I going to talk to him, since it was pretty obvious no one else would probably see him, without looking crazy? Where would he stay at night? My room?

Most importantly: What the hell was his bet about!?

This was not going to be easy.

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