I know most of you people don't care much about Shanghai, because it is a World Tour area. But…well, I love that place, basically because of the background music. Yep, background music inspired Blood of Magic (Door to the Sharenian Castle music) and Hands of the Clock (Clocktower music), and now, the Shanghai background music has inspired a poem from me. Enjoy!

Song of Shanghai

Rising, dancing tunes of flame

Bays by sunning streets

Roads that shine with radiant fame

Never-ending beats


Rays upon the field of sky

Bright paths paved with light

Down the road, the petals fly

Pavements left and right


Rooster crows that signal dawn

Pink skies filled with wind

Flaring fiery sky torn

Fading blue, white-rimmed


Lively markets down the way

Men sell goods at stalls

Weapons, clothes, a wide array

Tempting bargain calls


Crossing past, out of the bridge

Challenge waits before

In the plains, a rising ridge

And a windswept floor


All, throughout, the song remains

A city from the sun

Bright sea city, distant plains—

A tune that has begun.

Haha, over-exaggerated, as are all my poems. But hope you liked it anyway. I rushed I seriously, and it took me around half an hour, typing inclusive (and by the way, whenever I state the time it took for me to finish a poem, it's inclusive of typing).

Rhyming this thing was very hard. I asked my father for help, and he gave me the word "fly" for the second stanza.