Judd, Vicki, and Lionel walked through the Global Community Headquarters., in their disquises. Vicki in her disguise was known as Lynn Majors, Judd was now, Tony Hanson, and Lionel was now Randy Carlile. they walked side by side. It had been every hard trying to get into the Global Community headquarters and get their uniforms, Vicki was still mad at judd from previous events so she walked by Lionel.

Flash back

" It's just a suggestion Vick."

" Don't call me that! You only decide on what you want you act like my dad!"

" I'm not trying to."

" Yeah well then don't , You treat me like such a child go get married with Nada and I can be your little daughter."

" Is that what this is about?"

" I don't know is it! She could feel the heat rising into her face.

" Lets talk about this."

" No Judd I'm done talking to you about anything I hate you Judd okay?! Now go live with Nada in happily ever after Israel!'

" But Vick," vicki stepped in her room and grabbed her suitcase. She grabbed her clothes."

" Vicki what are you doing?"

" I'm packing my rhings and I'm getting out of here I'll bust Ryan out on my OWN!"

" Now Vick you don't mean that,"

" Judd don't you get it. I'm giving you and Nada what you wanted since day one me out of your lives."

"I don't need you leaving Vicki!"

"What good am I to you Judd?!"

" We can talk this out!" he yelled Judd was now loosing his temper.

" Don't tak to me okay."

" NO COMe HERE!" not realizing his own strenght he pulled Vicki back but when he let go she fell back and hit the wall and blacked out. When she woke up she had a head ache."

Flash back ended

" Come on." Judd whispered.

" You have to talk to me sometime."

Vicki simply turned her head away from him.

" You can''t leave once we get Ryan back."

" YOur right Judd I can't I'm staying a week and then I'm leaving!"

" What!?"

" You heard me and I won't repeat myself."

" Lionel do something."

" Man yall' have to stop fighting. Your like the parents of this family:

" Oh yeah well I won't be for long, and Judd and Nada will be the proud parents of this family and you knwo what? You can count me out of it!"

"Can yu guys just pull it togather? Ryan won't be able to contain his joy once he sees us and he would love to see you guys stop fighting."

Vicki turned her head snorted. Just then a man came up behind her and grabbed her by the arm.

" Where are you taking her!" Judd yelled

" What''s the problem? I thought you were GC officers. We shouldn't have a problem." And latched on to Vicki he walked away and pulled her along as well.