Judd just stared in aww at Lionel.He could of figured that out. But then again Lionel could be right except about the soda part. He had to talk to both Vicki and Nada. Just then he heard sobbs. He tiptoed to the sound it was coming from Vicki's room. He heard girls talking

" Darrion maybe you are right, but can we forget me for a second..(snniffle) what about Shelly and Conrad." Judd could detect a small smile in her voice but he could tell she was still crying. Does she really like me that much. He heard some one move toward the dorr.

" hurry back Vick."Dariion cooed.

Vicki stepped out of he door by that time Judd was pretending to walk by. She pretended not to notice him.

" hello to you too Vick."

She whirled around and glared rolled her eyes than whirled back around. Now Judd was upset.

" What is the matter with you! "He yelled so loud everyone came running:Judd had grabbed Vicki's arm and was squeezing it tightly."

" Don't touch her!" Shelly yelled.tending to her best friend.

" You inconsiderate Jerk!" Darrion yelled.

" What happened?" asked Nada.

" Judd hurt Vicki!"

" Did you Judd?"

" It was an accident."

" It was an accident!"

Nada stared at him and then at Vicki. Who had a bruise on her arm.

" Come with me Vicki." Nada said. Helping her along. When they reached Nada's room. Vicki sat down and Nada looked at her.

" I know you like Judd."

" What?"

" I like him too in fact I kind of love him. But lately God has been showing me who I need to be with and I agree with God." VIcki glowed. She stared at Nada as she finished.

" I believe that God brought me to the states to meet..Mark."

" Woooooooooow!" VIcki said hugging her."

" I'm glad your excited." only problem is I don't know if Mark likes me back."

" Well if this is God's work like you say it is then everything will fall into place." They hugged and Nada left the room. Leaving a dumbstruck Vicki.