Fear my Bendy Straw

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Author notes- ERGH! SUGAR HIGH AGAIN!! FEAR ME!! Woo! Ima monkey, check-a dis! OOH OOH YEAH!!
Anyways, Johnny gets sugar high, just like Gaz did in "Sugar High". If you haven't read that,
read it before this, cause I command you to.


Fear my Bendy Straw

Nny stared down at the twelve or so empty brain freezie cups on the floor that he drank a few
hours ago. He should kill the 24/7 store clerk more often, being as he could get free cherry
doom brain freezies. Mmm mm, yum. He reached into his pocket pulling out a package of blueberry
pop-rocks, which was the reason he killed the clerk. There was no cherry pop-rocks in stock and
the clerk dude was too lazy to fill it up for him.

He really didn't like to resort to stealing, but he did leave a five dollar bill on the counter,
just because he was in a good mood.

Nny looked up at the crazy looking Burger Boy statue which had misterously appeared after coming
back from Hell, or whatever he had been to. He could have went to the town dumb for all he cared.
The devil was an ass, God was a chubby, furby look alike, and he really missed his head-explody
powers and that cool coat.

(Fiz:My mom has just informed me that I am retarded, ain't that great?)

Anyways, Johnny C. ripped open the package of pop-rocks and dumped some into his mouth, a little
too much. The shock of the mixture of cherry doom and blueberry pop rocks somehow created a bit
of shock to Nny's brain (ever been electricuted by pop-rocks? Not a pleasent experience.).

"Cheddar cheese, mozzarella, smear if on my dick 'cause I'm a naughty fella!"

Johnny immediatly slammed his hands over his mouth. What the fuck did he just say!? That
had to be the most disgusting, weird saying he had ever come up with, yet, he found himself

"What the hell is wrong with YOU!?" asked Reverend MEAT.

"Come on, burger boy, we're going for a ride! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!" Nny said, grabbing the statue and
running out the door.

Nny opened his car door and slid MEAT into the passanger's seat, and buckled him up.

"Buckle up for safety, buckle up! For all you know, we might hit a giant duck! Quack quack!" Nny
sang to himself, buckling himself in, shoving the key into the ignition and starting the car up.

"Vroom! VROOOOOM!!"

"Where exactly are we going Nny?"

Johnny was some what baffled at this question. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it. He
decided it was okay to talk to yourself, but you should worry if you start answering yourself.
Anyways, he decided where he was going already.

The nearest one was about 12 miles away, so he decided to go to the 24/7 store again, and load
his pocket with various candys, grab yet another cherry doom freezie, and sense Reverened MEAT asked
him, he stole the dead clerk's vest.

"You know Nny, you shouldn't be eating that much candy during a sugar high..."

"WHAT DO YOU KNOW, MEAT HEAD!!??" Nny managed to say after shoveing his eighteenth Starburst fruit
chew in his mouth, then took a drink from his freezie.

"Much, I know much. Anyway, its good that your getting out. I like this vest." MEAT said to himself,
because Nny was too busy paying attention to the road. More like trying to run over all the pedestrians
in sight.

*WHUMP* Sixth ped hit.

They finally arrived at the giant toy store horror know as Toys R Us. "WE'RE HERE!" annonuced Nny,
sounding like he had won the gold metal in running some race.

"Toys R US? WHY TOYS R US!?" asked the skeptical MEAT.

"New Dragonball Z toys this month! WEEHOO!!" Nny yelled as he jumped out of the car window, but
forgetting to unbuckle himself.

The Bub's Burger Boy statue snicker at himself, watching Nny almost choke trying to get out of the
seat belts evil grasp, which he soon got out of.

"Thank the Weasil God that I'm skinny!" Nny said to himself poking his belly, just because he could.
He then unstrapped the Burger Boy and walked toward the entrance.

"Your going to bring me in with you!?" asked Reverened MEAT, yet the question was never answered.

"PINEAPPLE NOISE!!!" screamed Johnny as he entered the toy store, and frigtened all the kids there,
because Pineapple Noises are scary, ooooh...

Nny ran to the nearest display, which was the stuffed toys. He searched threw all of them until he
found the perfect one. A Zebra! He soon put his Zebra toy on his head, put all the plushies back
in the bucket, including a few little kids mistaken as stuffed toys.

Johnny soon found the Leggo isle, which was full of Leggo type fun, wee! He grabbed various boxes
from the shelf, dumped all the tiny parts onto the floor, and began to build.

"Whew! I are finished!! Err!!! CHEESE NUGATS!!" Nny said triumphetely at his masterpiece of building
blocks. It was Happy Noodle Boy in all his glory, in one of his yelling posses, there was many
because he yelled at people alot.

"Momma, whats wrong with that man?" asked a boy, pointing at Nny, who was now feasting on left over
Leggo pieces he had not used.

"I don't know son..." the boy's mom said, tilting her head, confused at the thin man's actions.

Nny turned around and faced the mother and child. "YOU STARE, AND DISCUSS OF ME!! YET YOU ENVY MY HAT!!"
he screamed in the woman's face, then turned and ran toward the exit, but not without pushing the
Giant Noodle Boy sculpture onto the boy.

The sugar high Nny jumped into his car and drove off to his house, still with the Zebra plushie
on his head. He was upset that the woman did not envy his hat, which was the most beautiful
Zebra plushie hat in the world, in his opinon.

He soon arrived at house 777, his home, the house where hundreds have lost they're lives, yet it
was not filled with cheese as Nny wanted at the moment.

Nny went up to the front door, to only realize;

"OH MY GOSH, I LEFT BURGER BOY THERE!! I MUST SAVE HIM!!" Nny announced, as he once again jumped
into his car, and drove toward the 24/7 store to get more candy and another freezie for the long
trip ahead of him.

THE END!! (Fiz: YAY!)

Okay, I liked that alot. I know I had Nny WAY out of character, and I probably had Reverend MEAT
out of character. Yet I enjoyed writing this. Now, I wanted to include Devi in here, but I didn't
get to it. If I get good reviews on this, I might make a second chapter that includes Devi,
continueing Johnny's adventure in his sugar high state.