Keep Driving
Intro, Disclaimer and Teaser.


As we all know the Transformers (live action) movie was a hit. Most of the nay-sayers about the Bay directed film eventually accepted that all involved had done a fantastic job. Sure it wasn't the best for drama or originality but this is a film about the Autobots and Decepticons, subtly never was easy for giant robots hell bent on blowing each other to slag. (Nor for Bay but we can forgive that).

Unfortunately there were bad points. For one it gave rise to the almost unlimited amount of Sam/Bumblebee slash fiction around here. (I ain't even going to start on how disturbed that is, just no.) Another is the design of the Bay-formers. Sure they move brilliantly and look awesome but they are not supposed to be sculptures. Yes, bits flying off in a knock down drag out fight also look awesome but these guys are fighters. Last thing you want is a bloody great gap in your armour plating or exposed systems like eyes and neck. Simply there are too many bits to be damaged.

Classic Transformers (back in the good old G-1 days) were blocky, the transformation involved very little other than to stand up and unfold the arms. They might not have looked particularly modern or cool when transforming but they were armoured to hell and back. Fire sabot rounds at a classic and you leave little dents before they blow the building down around you with a single shot.

I'm the first to admit that animation errors and the science behind the classic Transformers was, well if I'm being kind, distracting and incorrect. I'm sorry to say the Originals were better suited to warfare. They aren't exclusively better because the Movie-verse transformers are faster, can transform into anything of equal mass and a lot more versatile. In the classic show the Autobots and Decepticons were trapped with what they transformed into, they couldn't just upgrade when the car was out of fashion. There are other advantages like the inbuilt holograms and web access but they aren't that important right now

Neither are perfect because both have flaws and advantages. So lets throw them together and see what happens!

Authors Note:-

This isn't my first journey into transformers Fanfiction writing. In fact I have a large crossover universe scattered through various other shows. Including Stargate, Smallville, Buffy and Kim Possible(!) They are all part of the same over arcing story, so is this to a point. Don't worry, this story is self contained and only effects itself but it is part of what I call my Generation 1.5 Universe. For more check my Author's Bio.


I don't own any version of Transformers. They belong to Hasbro and the writers involved.


Starscream powered down his engines and pointed his nose cone at the planet again. A short atmospheric hop to escape the human insect's tracking system and throw off Autobot pursuit. Not that they could follow without a flight capable alternate mode on one of them but Starscream hadn't survived the slaughter of his companions by not being prepared.

He needed help, Barricade had been badly damaged in his earlier fight with that yellow slag pile Bumblebee. With his battle computer off-line and Frenzy busy (until he was decapitated that was ) the overgrown weakling had no useable weapons. After the battle started to go against them and Megatron fell Starscream ordered him to fall back. There were only three Decepticons left and the flesh creatures had weapons that could destroy them.

Factor in the Autobot numbers, abilities and the fact that Prime was still standing retreating was the only option. before coming up with different tactic. Starscream was picking up Scorpinok and then meeting Barricade at Starscream's original landing zone. With time they could repair and reload, prepare for the future. Homing in on the lone locator signal Starscream made a few braking turns as soon as the atmosphere was thick enough before transforming and landing.

A couple of humans in a flimsy structure noticed him, they clung to each other in terror before hiding inside the questionable protection. In a foul mood the Decepticon Air commander lunched a missile, eradicating it and leaving a black burn mark on the rocky desert. 'Scorpinok!' he shouted in Cybertronian. 'Show yourself.'

There were a couple of dull thuds signalling subterranean explosions before the Decepticon burst out of an out cropping. Clattering forward the battle drone clicked its fore-claws in fear. It's tail was missing a good length and hung limply, one side of it's face armour sealed shut and sand poured from gaps in it's torso. In short the specialist hunter-drone was too damaged to be any use. It looked like Barricade wasn't the only one needing repairs.

Suppressing a growl Starscream looked down. 'You're coming with me.' he said.

The small Decepticon cowered, his head scanning the skyline. As he did so Starscream detected a build up of static charge in the atmosphere. The sky darkened as storm clouds formed high above. 'What is happening?' he asked himself before multiple lightning strikes converged a distance off.

It was practically impossible for a Energon storm to gather so quickly naturally. Battle computer active and weapons drawn Starscream scanned the impact point. More energy discharges scattered and coalesced. In the blink of an optic the charge united into a single pulse. A purple/pink rupture exploded into existence and a triangle of power blasted down into the ground, blinding Starscream's sensors.

'We have to get there. Whatever did that had enough power to turn me into a God! That's just the advantage we need!' Transforming into jet mode Starscream hovered for an instant as Scorpinok latched onto his under side.

Starscream landed an began to investigate it. Shifting sand had been frozen into glass by the heat, it looked something like an inland sea. An experimental stamp of his foot cracked it's surface but not deeply. The power that did this was truly immense. 'What do we have here then?' A high pitched voice suddenly laughed. It had come from a large shape climbing to the top of a sand dune. 'Looks like a foolish mechling to me.' Now it was closer Starscream could make it out. A red and silver Transformer with giant wings. Obviously an aircraft alternate mode but it was nothing like Starscream had seen before. A lot less detail, preferring large rounded box like shapes to standard morphic plates. Raising an arm he noticed the strange Decepticon had it's weapons built onto the outsides of them, an ominous sound of an energy cannon charging followed and another strange Transformer stepped up.

A silver Decepticon with black legs and a massive cannon on his right arm batted the first one's arm down. 'This is not Cybertron.' he growled.' It still looks like Earth but I do not recognise this... Decepticon. And where are Prime and his Autobots? They should still be here.'

Starscream had no idea what they were talking about but they looked primitive, no match for his skill. scornfully he converted his arm into its missile launcher mode. 'I am Starscream, Leader of the Decepticons, you will pay for threatening me!' With that he fired. The winged one dived out of the way while the one with the cannon was taken by surprise.

The powerful missile only caused him to stumble back. Red eyes flashing he chuckled. Saying one word; 'Fool.' he fired at the ground. The blast was like nothing Starscream had felt before, picked up by the shockwave Starscream was tossed about like a fragment of scrap. Bouncing to a stop he looked up.

Shaking the shattered glass from his head Starscream coughed out 'Who... W... What?'

'I am Megatron, recognise the name?'

Starscream knew he told the truth. Only the slag-maker himself could wield such a weapon. With a massive leap Megatron jumped, landing with one foot on Starscream's chassis. Warning lights and damage sprawled across the Decepticon jet's vision. A glance to Scorpinok showed Starscream's only ally cornered by two other strange looking Decepticons. Picked up by its' tail the drone snapped a clawed hand at the taller of the two. 'Little slagger.' It barked and with a single armoured fist they reacted. Crushing Scorpinok's head and shattering the drone's processor and throwing it casually over its shoulder.

'Now then,' Megatron looked down and applied pressure. 'You will tell me what I need to know, or be destroyed for your impudence.' Another crunch and Starscream lost half is internal systems.

'Y...Yes! Yes my lord Megatron. I will tell you what I know... Please...'

End teaser