Okay, for all my fans who now probably hate me for failing to update for so long, I am deeply sorry! I hope I haven't crushed your dreams or the love for this story. I hope that you enjoy this chapter and I promise to update soon.


"Bella, I know this is too sudden and all, but I think I might be in love with you." I told Bella as I stared at her lovely chocolate brown eyes that had captivated me since the first time I met her. Bella stared at me for a whole minute trying to process what I just told her and as soon as she realized what my words actually meant her expression changed to one of love. She moved suddenly. Her gorgeous lips found mine. We kissed for what seemed like eternity but soon Bella pulled back and took a deep breath.

"Edward I think I'm in love with you too." As soon as the words left her lips, my non beating heart began to swell and I began to feel somewhat alive, well as alive as a vampire can get.

We stared in each others eyes seeing only the future with us together. During this time my family quietly excused themselves while silently passing their joy and happy thoughts to me as they departed.

"Bella, I'll protect you with my life. I've something ever happened to you…." I began to say but then the doorbell rang. Bella who was directly next to the door reached over and opened it and there stood the Volturi.

I was about to reach over and grab Bella to pull her back when Jane stepped from behind Aro and looked directly into my eyes. Pain exploded in my head. Images of my worst nightmares played themselves in my mind. Images of Bella dead. Images of the rest of the family dead. They assaulted my mind leaving me immobile. Unable to move an inch, not being able to do anything. Unable to save Bella as she quickly fell to the ground. I was powerless. I screamed out in pain as more images assaulted my mind. My family must have heard the struggle that was going on because they were quickly downstairs, but it was no use as soon as Jane had them in her line of sight the rest of the family was left immobile. They all fell to the ground holding their heads.

"Enough Jane. We need to leave. They will down for a few minutes which will give us enough time to leave safely without a struggle." Aro said.

"Yes, master." The pain inside our heads began to lessen as Jane got further away from us but the assault left all of us drained of energy so we were unable to do go after them, unable to save Bella.

"Is everyone okay?" Carlisle asked. He was the first one to recover, he was the oldest one and of course the strongest one of us mentally.

"Yes." Alice replied as she picked herself off the ground. Once she was up she bent down and helped Jasper out. The rest of the family slowly picked themselves up.

"What happened?" Emmet asked as he rubbed his head. Everyone turned and looked at me, waiting for an explanation.

"The doorbell rang and Bella who was standing next to the door opened it. The Volturi were behind the door. As soon as Bella had the door completely opened Jane stepped out from behind Aro and as you can see I was trapped under Jane's power. Bella was taken soon after." I explained.

"But for what reason?" Esme asked. I looked at her. Her expression was one of worry. She already considered Bella a daughter and she was feeling guilty at the fact that she wasn't there to protect her. in her mind, Bella was family the moment she realized that I might be falling in love with her.

I looked down. Ashamed at the fact that I had somewhat caused the worry that Esme was feeling at the moment. If only I had been able to protect Bella. "I think that the Volturi had seen Bella when she was in Italy and Aro might have decided that he needed her power, but I'm not sure. I was unable to read Aro's mind because Jane got to me before I was able to read his mind. Sorry."

"It's fine Edward. You did all you could do in the situation that you were in. Don't worry about it. I think that we should contact Charlie and let him know that his daughter has been kidnapped." Carlisle said. He turned and looked at me. "Edward can you call Charlie and let him know what happened?"

"Yes." I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed Charlie's phone number. Charlie picked up after the third ring.


"Charlie. We have a problem."

"What is it Cullen." Shuffled papers was heard over the phone. It seemed that Charlie was at his office.

"It's about your daughter sir"

"Yes, what about her. is she finally awake?"

"Yes but right after she awoke she was kidnapped by the Volturi, sir."

"Well, isn't that a shame." Charlie said carelessly. It almost seemed as if he didn't care about his daughter at all. "Well, don't worry about it. No vampire can stop her, especially if the pretend vampire king. Don't worry about it she'll be fine. Just send her home when she returns."

"Yes, sir." I was a bit in shock. What kind of father disregarded his daughters safety like this.

"Good. Well, Edward it was pleasant chatting with you but I need to go. I've got a meeting on how to further increase the pain of tortured souls. Good bye Edward." Charlie said and then promptly hung up the phone. I closed my phone and looked up at my family.

"What did he say Edward?" Carlisle asked.

"He said that Bella should be fine and that we should just wait for her to show up."

"Okay." The rest of the family dispersed and went their separate ways. I moved to my piano and began to play. I needed something to distract myself from the worry that I was going through. There wasn't much to do but wait. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Bella was the grim reaper, a powerful being. What could go wrong?



"Well I'm glad that you are okay." Alice said as she bounced next to me. "But I'm curious as to where you got that necklace Bella?"

Isabella looked down at the amulet and smiled. The emotions she was feeling now were dark and I was glad that Jasper was unable to sense my emotions.

"Oh, this?" Isabella looked down at the amulet for emphasizes. "It's something my dad gave me. It was a birthday present a few years ago. It gives me an extra power boost, which I needed." She exhaled as if telling Alice all of this was hard and exhausting. Yeah right.

"Are you sure that you're okay?" Edward asked concern clearly in his voice. Isabella turned and looked at Edward and smiled.

"Yes. I mean I am a bit sore and a bit low on energy, despite the use of the amulet." Isabella yawned. "I think that I should go home and change. It has been an exhausting day and I think that a nice warm shower might help me." Isabella stood up and Edward soon followed.

"Are you sure? You could use our bathroom and relax here." Alice insisted.

"It's fine. Plus, I need a change of clothes and my favorite shampoo is at home." Isabella reassured her.

"Well, if you insist." Alice pouted.

"Well, I will see you later then." Isabella turned and walked to the door with Edward trailing behind. As soon as Isabella reached the door Edward spoke.

"Do you need a ride?" Edward asked.

"No, that's fine. I'll just fly home." Isabella answered.

"But I thought you just said that you were tired." Edward stated. His head was turned slightly to the side with a confused expression on his face. Oh, someone got caught. The Cullens aren't stupid. They will eventually figure it out, you know. I sang into Isabella's head.

"Shut up!" Isabella said under her breath. Unfortunately, it wasn't low enough because it caught Edward's attention.

"Bella are you okay?" Edward looked at Isabella quizzically. Ha! He caught you! Now what are go going to do? How are you going to get out of this one? It's only a matter of time before he starts to doubt you!

"Yeah. Sorry. My mind was assaulting me with various memories, some of which I didn't want to remember." Isabella answered smoothly. Edward stared at her for another minute, probably debating with himself to see that yes in fact Isabella, or I guess from his point of view, that I was some want sane. I was in fact far from it.

"Well if you sure—"


"—but I still insist that I should give you a ride home. You might insist that you feel fine to fly home but I still think that I should take you home just to be sure." Edward stood his ground. After a few minutes Isabella sighed.

"Fine, Edward you can take me home." We got into his car and he quickly drove Isabella to my house. Things were about to get very interesting. Especially since Edward kept looking at Isabella with so much love and worry throughout the drive. Isabella thought wrong. The Cullens were not stupid, especially Edward. How was she going to show the love I felt towards Edward when she herself felt none? Especially when Edward slowly leaned into her, ready to kiss her?