A/n this is Bella's boss o

A/n this is Bella's boss o.k.

Italics are thoughts

Tom/s pov

I was on my way to port angels, there was infestation of newborn vampires roaming the area. I don't know how this happened, but it needed to stop.

I grabbed my pda and scrolled down the list to check the vampires registered in the area. Cullen it said. Interesting there was five of them and they appeared to be vegetarians.

Well my… they were vegetarian they couldn't changed their ways, I guess it was time to pay them a little visit just to make sure.

I arrived at the Cullen's house. The house was amazing big, and white with a lot of windows. I guess they knew I was coming, maybe a vampire power of theirs because they were all standing at the porch waiting for me.

I walked forward to them, while carefully examined their eyes, gold. That's the color they had. Damit I was expecting red, then maybe I would have had someone to blame. I sighed. Today wasn't my day. When I finally reached them a blonde guy spoke.

" Hello, we've been expecting you. My name is Carlisle and this is my family" I nodded.

" I'm here because of the problem down on Port Angeles," I said. " My name is Tom by the way"


Newborns. Alice had been having visions about newborns but they were a bit blurry and she couldn't tell when this would happen.

I looked at Tom; he was tall and had looked like he worked out. He had black short hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a black trench coat, white shirt and jeans. He also had a gun and a phone in his pocket.

Tom paused then continued talking

" I decided to investigate on who could be behind this and it seemed logical to check on the vampires living in the area."

I see he obviously thought it could be use creating the newborns.

" As you can see we aren't behind this" Carlisle stated calmly.

Tom looked down at the ground; he was guilty for assuming it. He looked up and spoke " Yes, I apologize for that. I was just checking, you can never be sure. Well that's all I came for I must be going now. I need a way to get rid of all the newborns and find the culprit."

" Wait I don't think a human like yourself can kill those newborns be yourself. Why don't we help you kick some newborn…" Emmett yelled.

He was jumping up and down filled with excitement. His thoughts were too much he kept saying, " We're going to kick some newborn ass!"

I tuned out and listened to the rest of the families thoughts

" Uhmm well I wonder if we should"-esme

" Stupid Emmett"- Rosalie

" So many emotions. Huh overload."-Jasper

"Yes, we need to go shopping to buy fighting clothes. Maybe a superhero"-Alice

" Carlisle I think we should help, other wise the werewolves are going to think it's our fault too." He thought it over his head and finally spoke.

" Yes, I think you're right. Okay Tom we will help you.'

Tom nodded and took his phone out.

" Okay but the 7 of you isn't enough I'll call my specialist.'

He dialed the phone number and placed the call on speaker.

"Hello" the person on the other side answered

" This is Tom, Death Angel I have an assignment for you"………

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