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Okay I lied, I really didn't need to go shopping. I admit it, I just wanted to see Alice's disappointed face at my rejection of shopping. I really did need to get my outfit though, and the man for that job was Tom. Tom kept my fitting outfit with him at all times just in case I forgot mine.

I got in the car Tom left for me and drove to the hotel he was staying at. The drive was short with my super driving skills and I was standing at the entrance of the hotel in two minutes. I made my way to his hotel room and knocked on his door. A few minutes later and soon a sleepy Tom opened the door.

He stepped aside and I went ahead and entered the room.

"Hey, what's up?" he asked as he walked into the living room of the hotel room. I followed and sat down on the couch across from him.

"Not much I just need to get my outfit"


"Well in case you haven't noticed today is the day I take out all of the newborns."

"Oh right. I thought that was tomorrow." He said and rubbed his eyes. "Do you want some coffee?"

"Nope just came to get my outfit. So where is it?"

"It's in the bag in the closet. You know you should really try to carry it around with you at all times"

"Well you know that's why I have you with me." I smiled at him.

"Right" he said as he made himself a coffee.

"Any way I need to change." I got up and made my way to the closet. There in the bag was my favorite fighting outfit in the world. I ran to the bathroom and quickly changed.

(outfit pic is on profile) Once I was done I added the finishing touches which included my cloak and my gun and was ready for the fight to begin.


Mira hadn't returned yet and my family was getting inpatient. They were anxious about the fight and we needed to get to the field soon. Has the time got closer to six we began to get ready. When the time struck five fifty-eight we all got into our cars and quickly drove to field.

We got out of cars and stood to side of fields. The newborns hadn't arrived yet, and that just made us even more anxious. Soon the newborns and Victoria arrived slowly walking into the field. Victoria didn't look surprised to see us, I guess she had this all planned from the beginning.

I crouched into fighting position and my family soon followed. Victoria smirked and did went into the same position.

"Hello Cullens, are you ready to die today?" she said in a very sweet voice and smiled.

We growled in response and she laughed. I listened to my family's response

Yes fighting time Emmett

I'm going to kill whoever gets just a speck of dirt on my clothes Rosalie

I can't see the outcome too many people here Alice

I still think we should of come up with a plan before we got here Jasper

I hope everything turns out okay Esme

I wonder when Mira is going to get here Carlisle

And lastly Victoria's vile mind

They are all going to die here, and it will be sweet revenge

"You know Cullens, I kind of feel sorry for you guys. You lost Bella and know you are about to loose yourself" Victoia laughed and signaled to her newborns to begin the fight.

They ran towards us at speed none of us had. We all jumped into the air and began to fight. I grabbed a newborns head turn it off and threw it at the fire Carlisle made. I went for another one but I heard Alice scream out and I quickly made my way towards her.

I saw Alice on the ground piled under newborns who where trying to rip her apart. I grabbed Alice's hand and quickly pulled her from underneath the moving bodies of the newborns.

Once we were a safe distance away Alice went to help Jasper who looked to be having a difficult time trying to catch the fast moving newborns. Emmett was pulling off the heads of two newborns while Rosalie was rounding up the newborns and taking off their legs so they wouldn't be able to move. Carlisle and Esme were trying to keep the fire form being put out.

There were over 500 newborns and we barely had 20 killed. I looked for Victoria and found her standing on a tree branch laughing at the scene in front of her and enjoying as her army slowly began to win the battle.

Out of know where we heard a sound approaching fast from the right side of the field. It sounded like a motorcycle. We stopped and turned towards the sound and in a matter of seconds a motorcycle emerged from the trees.

The motorcycle flew into the sky and the Mira jumped from the motorcycle flipping into a back flip the motor cycle crashed into the other side of the field. As she did the back flip her hood fell down and her brown hair flew everywhere.

Once she landed on the ground my family and I gasped. There standing in front of us was Bella. My Bella. My angel who we thought was dead all these years.

She looked the same except that her hair was longer and wavier, she looked thinner than the last time I saw her, and lastly she was a vampire but the thing that surprised us all was the fact that her eyes were neon green and not red or topaz.

She quickly got her gun and began firing away. Every bullet made it's target and once the bullet was inside the newborns, the newborn got paralyzed and their bodies quickly burst into flames and turned into ashes.

Bella fired away gracefully avoiding any attacks. She looked like a dark angel as she gracefully made her way around the field killing all the newborns. She didn't seem to notice that her hood was down and that we had discovered her true identity.

My family remained shocked and glued to the ground. I listened to their thoughts to find out their reactions:

My daughter is alive Esme

Yes I have my pranking buddy back Emmett

Yeah my shopping buddy is back Alice

Why are her eyes green? Jasper

How did she become a vampire? Carlisle

I'm glad she's back, maybe this way we can move on with our lives and not be so gloomy any more Rosalie

My thoughts revolved around the questions of how, when and why Bella is a vampire, especially why she was lying to us from the beginning.

Victoria was thinking the same thing has me but she was mostly yelling in her mind.

I looked at Bella and was filled with hope that maybe there was a chance of being able to be together again.


As my motorcycle flew into the air I quickly jumped from it and did an amazing back flip in the air. When my feet landed on the ground and I looked up I heard a gasp coming from the Cullens. I guess that they were just amazed at my graceful back flip.

I paid them no attention as I quickly shot at the newborns making them explode. Has the number of newborns went down I glanced at Victoria and saw her shocked expression. This was going to be fun. As I killed the last newborn I turned around and faced Victoria.

I leaped onto the tree branch she was on and knocked her down. I placed my gun on her head and laughed at her.

"Are you ready to die?"

Victoria's expression became one of fear and panic. I didn't let her speak as she opened her lips to plead for her life, I simply fired my gun and jumped back as she caught fire and turned to ashes.

I walked to the other side of the field, inspected my motorcycle and concluded that it was wrecked and unfix able. I finally turned and faced the Cullens.

Their expressions scared me. They all looked at me with recognition in their eyes and happiness mixed with confusion.

I silently lifted my hand to my head. All I felt was hair. My hood had fallen, that meant the Cullens know knew that I was Bella.

Damn it. I"m screwed.

I hope you liked it!

- Depressed Queen