Title: Three Days

Authors: Perola Negra and DesiringPirates

Rated: Most assuredly R - NC 17

Summary: Captain Sparrow's ship is missing again, and Captain Swann can help... if emotions don't get in the way.

This was written over a year ago- and I forgot to write the ending, so I want to apologize to my dear friend Perola Negra (I think I spelled that right) for making her wait so long!!

Notes: This is the end! After a year, I finally remembered to write it!



The morning had come, bright and brutal as Elizabeth shielded her eyes away from the offending light. She had forgotten to close the curtain on her window last night...

"You have no idea, Miss Swann!" he growled. "Yer not feedin' the hunger, yer makin' it grow, makin' it worse! Yer playin' a dangerous game, luv – and I don't think yer ready for the consequences!"

Elizabeth closed her eyes and groaned in annoyance- at herself. What was she thinking? What was she going to accomplish last night with Jack... she should have known he would have done something to her...

"Don't think so luv…." he murmured. "That would upset our deal. The balance is now redressed. We're even. We had an agreement."

He rolled off the bunk and onto his feet, yanking his breeches up.

"Yer can use yer own hand to satisfy that ache, darlin'. Just like I had to."

"Please!" she whispered. "I need you, Jack. Please!"

... or not done to her. Again, she groaned and rested her hand on her stomach. She had never used her hand on herslef before, and while it helped to relieve the tension... it was not what she had wanted.

"But then again, what do you want, Elizabeth?" She asked herself, but recieved no answer.


On the outside of her cabin, Jack retraced his steps last night. He stopped at her door, smiled, and walked back to the rail. It gave him immense satisfaction that he could hold some power over her.

And it was frustrating, and it was embarassing, that he could be weakened by a simple girl. What was she? She wasn't the most beautiful. She wasn't the smartest, or the most interesting woman he had met... why was he... infatuated?

He finally had some sort of twisted and pleasurable (in all accounts) control over her. But he could not deny one thing... he still wanted her. It was a sick game in his mind, lusting after someone you very nearly hated... and knowing that with one glance in your direction, you'd bow to her.

"That's why ye gotta remain strong, ol' mate." Jack murmered to himself, gazing out into the sea. Isla de Muerte was out there, close, with his beloved Pearl.

"Talking to yourself, Captain?" A honey sounding voice wafted through the air, and Jack turned to face the source of all his pleasures and problems. "I would say you were going insane."

"If 'M going, the whole world is coming with me." Jack looked down at the bucket in her hands. "What's this?"

"YOUR mess." She simply stated, holding the bucket over the railing and tipping the contents out. "I couldn't bear to have it in my cabin anymore. It was disgusting."

"Ah, but it was a present fer ye." Jack replied, his voice laced with bitterness. "Shame, really."

"Why?" Elizabeth asked before she could stop herself. She prepared herself for the worse.

"The time I spent to make ye that present could of been spent in a more comfortable position." Jack smiled sweetly, knowing Elizabeth wasn't buying it. "Like tied over the side of this ship."

"That could be arranged, seeing as I got some rope to tie around that neck of yours." She smiled sweetly back, setting the bucket on the deck. She turned and walked to the helm, and began talking to the helmsman.

Jack whistled under his breath. "Oh, good one." Leave it to you, Lizzie, to give a good comeback. He turned to the sea again, smiling. He would be with his Pearl soon, and all of this would be over.

Then a thought came to him. It wasn't over. And it probably will never be, unless I do something about it now.


An hour after their exhange on the deck, Elizabeth was in her cabin looking over a map of Cuba, studying her new-found skills. She was so absorbed in her work that she did not hear her door open- but jumped out of her seat when it slammed shut.

"What is the meaning of-" she stopped. "Captain Sparrow. Why are you here?"

"I've come only for two things. First and foremost, my compass. I wish to have it back." Jack stated, holding out his hand for the offending and treasured device. Elizabeth turned around and opened up a drawer, drawing it out and handing it to Jack.

"The second? I believe I do not have anymore of your possessions here, Captain Sparrow." Her voice was controlled, tight with desperate breathiness to it. Jack could tell she was trying not to cry, or lash out at him.

Jack took one step towards her, being so close that he could feel her cool breath on his face. She tried hard now to control her breathing, but he remained collected as he whispered his next demand. "I wish to have an apology."

Her eyes, which were focused on his lips, shot up and connected with his brown orbs. "An apology? And what am I apologizing for?"

Jack smirked, and took one step back, holding up his hands - he did not want to fight. "For anything you want. Ye are the one that's saying it, m'dear." His hands lowered to his sides, he stared at her calmly. But inside, every nerve was put on end, and he felt like rushing out of there... or to her, he wasn't sure which.

Elizabeth lifted her chin in a defying gesture, and nodded once. "Fine. Sit in the chair."

"Our chair?" he goaded, and smiled as Elizabeth threw him a contemptous look. "Alright. 'M sitting."

Once settled into the new chair that Elizabeth had brought in yesterday morning; the mentioned Pirate King sunk to her knees and stared up at him. Jack opened his mouth.

"Silence. I know what you are going to say, and don't say it unless you want to keep that which you hold dear." She bited out, sitting back on her legs and holding her hands in her lap.

"I was merely going to inquire if you were... comfortable." Jack said, his voice low and suggestive.

Elizabeth ignored him and started. "First off, Captain Sparrow, I am offering no apology. I have not done anything to you for you to deserve one. We're square, aye?"

Jack nodded. "Aye."

"I'm not sorry that I burned the rum. And I'm not sorry that I used your emotions so I could get to Will. I knew what you were doing."


"I'm not sorry that I chained you to your death. I'm not sorry for that kiss, or for leaving you helpless. Yes," she interrupted him when he tried to defend himself "- you were helpless. For a moment, at least. And I am not sorry for returning your life to you. I'm not sorry that I stole the Pearl from you so I could steal you for a couple of days. I wanted everything to be cleared between us." Elizabeth slowly stood up, eyes still locked with Jack's. "There is too much bad blood between us, Jack, and I realize that that is not going to go away. Nor do I want it to- that's who we, together, are. Why change it? But what I want, Captain Sparrow-"

Jack gripped the sides of the chair, forcing himself not to ask.

"- is for you to remember the young naive girl that you met on the dock. She is gone. I want you to remember the way you looked at me, so you can remember the way you felt about me back when we first started this... whatever you want to call it.

That is what I want, and what I am not apologizing for, Captain Sparrow." Elizabeth looked towards her bay windows, seeing the Black Pearl in the distance. "You have a couple of hours before you return to your ship."

"Which way did I use to look at you?"

His quiet question was sudden, and Elizabeth found herself blinking back hot tears. Jack had stood up, facing her, staring at her profile.

"Tell me." He gently demanded, refusing to look at anywhere but her.

Elizabeth took a deep breath and moved her head so that he could see her face. "With curiousity."

"I still wonder about you, Elizabeth, but everytime I try to understand you ye say something that baffles me even more." Jack smirked, and reached up to trail his fingertips on her smooth cheek. "It's not curiosity anymore, Elizabeth, but something more."

Elizabeth felt a tear slide down her cheek, knowing that it hit Jack's gentle fingers.


His lips touched hers briefly and pulled away. Elizabeth sighed, and allowed him to kiss her again; deeper, more passionately. Her arms came up to wound around his neck and she pulled him close to her, savoring the feel of him around her.

Jack held on tightly but not possesive. His hands touched the small of her back, gently caressing her as he kissed her. Pulling away, Jack opened his eyes to see tears still running down Elizabeth's cheeks.

"Woman. I still don't understand your kind."

"I thought you were... how did you say it?... had an 'intuitive sense of the female creature'." Elizabeth smiled, and placed another kiss on his lips.

"Aye. Still doesn't mean I don't understand yer kind fully."

Then he pulled her close again, trapping her lips in his. Gently pushing his tongue against her lips to gain access, and explored her mouth when he got it. Elizabeth sighed again, and grabbed his neck with her slim fingers. She gasped and smiled as Jack smirked at her; running his hands across her buttocks and down her thighs. With a little jump, Elizabeth felt Jack cradle her legs and hold her up as he walked her over to her bunk.

He rubbed his cheek against her neck, smiling when he heard Elizabeth gasp at the feel of it. Carefully, he laid her on the bed and joined her, holding himself up on his elbows and knees above her. Elizabeth tentavely ran her hands up and down his arms, grasping at his flesh and nervously smiling.

"If you tell me ye're not ready, I'm going to be very put-out." Jack teased, lowering his head to her shoulder and breathing in her scent. "It's not fair to tease a man."

Elizabeth pushed on his shoulders, making him roll off of her. Dissapointment and anger flashed on his face; quickly melting away to relief and desire when Elizabeth straddle his lap. Smiling now, Jack's hands started to burn a trail up her thighs to her the hem of her shirt, ducking underneath to feel the smooth skin of her stomach.

"That feels good..." Elizabeth whispered, and grabbed Jack's wrists. Lifting them up higher, she settled them on her breasts and arched into them. Jack gasped in surprise now, not expecting Elizabeth to act this way.

"Baffles me, ye do." He commented, and squeezed her breast. "I'll never get over tha'."

"Jack... touch me..."

Slowly, carefully, Jack started to undo the first button on her shirt. He followed it with the next one, and the next until a long strip of peach colored skin showed. His roughened hands quickly found their way in between the parted shirt, and he moved them along her sides. Elizabeth sighed and smiled, removing the rest of her shirt herself.

"I like this sight..." Jack sat up and caught her lips in a suddenly fierce kiss. Before Elizabeth could respond in favor, Jack's lips danced along her jaw down to the sensitive skin at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. "Help me with me own clothes... I wear far too many."

Elizabeth laughed at that, clutching her sides and resting her head on his shoulder as she fought for air. Jack pulled back and forced her to straighten her back, and looked at her confused. "What?"

"Out of..." she gasped, and continued to giggle as she stared at Jack. "Out of all the things you can say... all the things I imagined you to say... I never thought that would be one of them!"

Jack smiled, and gently cupped her chin. "Your eyes are beautiful when you laugh. They shine bright."

Elizabeth stopped giggling, but smiled. "That was better."

"See? I can be sweet and romantic." Jack gripped her sides and quickly rolled them over so he could look down at her. "I can also play." He cocked his eyebrow and lowered his head down to her neck.

"What are you..." Elizabeth suddenly laughed. "-are you licking me?!" Unable to control her laughter, she laid there and allowed Jack to continue.

As she was thrown into fits of hysterics, Jack moved down her body until his lips touched her right breast... and smiled when she gasped and moaned his name, instead of laughing. Using the flat of his tongue, he drew her nipple into his warm mouth and sucked.

"Oh... oh god..." Elizabeth grabbed the sheet underneath her, feeling sweat starting to collect on her forehead. "Jack..."

Jack lifted his head and placed a kiss in the valley of her breasts; continued to place tiny kisses on her body as he made his way down to her waistline. Using deft fingers, he quickly slipped the buttons holding her pants on out of their holes and began pushing down her breeches.


"Aye luv?" he responded, pulling one leg out of her breeches.

"I think you are right."

Jack smirked his golden grin, and chuckled. "About what?" He threw her tan breeches to the floor, and stared up at her.

Sitting up, Elizabeth reached out and began to unbutton his own vest. "You are wearing too many clothes."

His arms slipped easily out of the small sleeves and soon the blue garment fell on the floor next to her clothes. Jack held up his arms like an obedient servant - Elizabeth smiled at her own little joke- and Elizabeth rolled up his not-so-white shirt and pulled it off of him. The pirate kicked his own boots off as Elizabeth, at first hesitantly, reached down to remove his trousers, noticing the nice bump against the buttons.

"You are beautiful, Lizzie..." Jack murmered, reaching out to touch her hair as she worked his pants down. Her breathing raced. "Not the most beautiful, but still..."

"That's nice to say to a lady." Elizabeth put a mock expression of offend on her face, but smiled as Jack leaned in to ghost his lips against hers.

"What is it about ye tha' I can't get ye out of me mind?" he asked, his lips still touching hers.

Elizabeth sighed against him and placed a hand on his bare shoulder. "I'm me. That's why." Turning him around and gently pushing him down so his head fell on the pillows, Elizabeth leaned into his lips and kissed him hungrily.

Now they began to explore the other one's body, learning new curves and new ways to make the other moan in pleasure. Their bodies flushed against eachother, rubbing, wanting. With one more kiss, Elizabeth sat up straight and moved her head back as she fully sat on Jack.

"Bloody hell..." Jack grounded out, clutching desperately onto her thighs.

Elizabeth remained motionless for a moment, face twisted in slight pain, but when the worse of it passed she began to experimentally moved her hips. Jack breathed heavily, still clutching onto her.

"I thought... I thought you and the whelp..." Jack moaned out, his head thrashing around on the pillow. Wasn't I postioned in a similar fashion last night?

Elizabeth sighed, opting to ignore his question, trying to concentrate on how to move. She was so filled with Jack, sorrounded by him- he had sat up underneath her and wrapped his arms around her, holding her close as he gyrated his hips. He thrusted up into her once, making her bounce, and rolled her over so she rested on the pillow.

Now he took the lead, moving slowly but steadily, stretching her and filling her. Elizabeth gripped onto his shoulders and bit her nails into his skin.

"Lizzie..." Jack began thrusting faster now, more assuredly. All he could feel was his Lizzie. All he could taste was his Lizzie. All he could think, speak, and love was his Lizzie. "Fuck..."

Elizabeth herself felt a tightness coil where Jack and her intimately met. Throughout her whole body was a warmness, a tight, burning white-hot heat that made Elizabeth imagine that sparks were flying from her fingers. She mimiced Jack's grunts and words, repeating them back to him as he moved in and out of her more fiercer.

"Jack... it's coming again..." Elizabeth held onto him tightly with a need to feel him as he brought her to the precipice. "I... oh god..."

With a gasping sob, followed by a low husky growl, Elizabeth felt the coil in her gut tighten to the point where it split free. The pirate above her rode out her orgasm, moving more freely until he, too, burst into pleasure, falling off the precipice himself.

"Eliza... Lizzie!" he called out with a hoarse cry.


"We're at your ship." Elizabeth, holding a steaming mug of strong coffee, reached out with her bare foot and kicked the pirate sleeping in her bunk. "Wake up!"

Snorting, Jack rolled off of his stomach and reached down to scratch it. Looking up at Elizabeth, he frowned. "When did you get dressed?"

"Two hours ago, after you passed out on me." Elizabeth smiled, and sat on the bed next to Jack. "We're right next to the Pearl." Her voice lowered, catching on sadness. "You're home."

Jack craned his neck to look out the bay windows and smiled. There it was, his black beauty. Home... more like freedom. "Aye, it appears I am."

Sitting up, he stretched and yawned. Elizabeth watched him as he got off the bed and pulled on his clothes, taking the time to rearrange himself in a presentable manner.

Grabbing his compass off of Elizabeth's desk, he turned to her and gave her a small smile. "I... I had a good time. Thank ye for letting Gibbs and I on board... even though you forced us too."

Elizabeth laughed, her voice light and carefree- just like she was the young girl on an empty island. "Your welcome, Captain. It's been... interesting."

Pleasantries aside, Jack and Elizabeth stood there, silent. Elizabeth set down her mug, and walked up to the other pirate. Gently cupping his face with her hands, she gave him a chaste kiss and pulled away.

"Thank you." Letting go of him, she picked up her coffee again and led Jack to the door, opening it up for him. Tipping his hat, he walked to the door and stopped.

Grabbing her arm, he pulled her close. "We will meet again soon." Jack promised, heat in his eyes along with truth.

"I do not think I could ever get rid of you." Elizabeth smiled, and accepted a kiss from him- deeper and more passionate then the one she gave him. It tasted of promises, adventures, and a great story yet to come.

"Until we meet again, Elizabeth."

Watching him leave and swing over to his ship, Elizabeth smiled and touched over her heart. "Sometime soon, I hope, Jack."