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It had been a long day for Dr. Hoffman. He had treated one too many ungrateful patients today and it had really got him exhausted. So he decided that he would smoke a cigarette before dealing with his next patient, the only problem was…

"Hey! You can't smoke in here! This is a hospital!"

So he has to go outside in the freezing cold in the middle of a busy sidewalk just to smoke one cigarette! He leaned against a wall, thinking about the good old days when people could smoke indoors and when patients actually respected and wanted help from great doctors like himself.

He threw the cigarette bud on the ground, stomping it out before turning towards the hospital's doors. That was when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. Something strangely familiar. He turned to get a better look and BAM! He saw a boy. A boy with brilliant golden blond hair and matching eyes. He recognized this boy instantly. He had been one of his ungrateful patients that day! If Dr. Hoffman's memory was correct, which it always was, this boy wasn't allowed out of the hospital for another week or two. He quickly strode up to the boy with long and meaningful steps and clasped a large hand on the small boy's shoulder.

"What are you doing?" he questioned with an angered tone. The boy froze and a crowd quickly started to gather around them. "You are suppose to be in your roo-"

The elder doctor was interrupted by the sound of a loud cliiiing followed by a crack. Dr. Hoffman didn't even realize what had happened until he was on the ground, screaming in pain. The kid had kicked him in the shin… with his automail leg!


Roy Mustang was almost at the hospital, when he noticed that a large crowd had gathered around it. He quickly pushed his way through it, trying to get to the middle to find out what was happening. Suddenly, he heard a loud cling followed by a man's echoing scream. Immediately, the crowd began to panic and cause more of a scene, making it much more difficult for Roy to get to the trouble in the center.

He shouted loudly, really to no one unparticular, "Damn it! I've had enough of this!" Roy charged the paniced crowd and somehow made it to the middle without any trouble. While he was surely shocked to find a collapsed doctor on the ground, clutching his leg to him, he was even more surprised to find Edward behind the screaming man.



The young one looked up to see a man in what he thought to be a police uniform. Oh crap! He must of seen everything! He thought, worry spreading through him instantly. Edward wanted to yell and say that it was an accident! He panicked! He really didn't mean to hurt the old man. Really! He was only trying to get out of the damn hospital. He couldn't stand to stay there any longer! He was growing insane with boredom! And the guilt from the memories of Al… it was all just too much for him!

The man in the uniform stepped closer to him. Edward didn't know what to do. He couldn't go back to the hospital. He was not going back. No way in hell. So he did what any criminal would have done at a critical time like that...


A voice in his head was screaming at him…


He didn't know what to do…


So he did the only thing he could think of…


And so he ran…


"Hey, kid! You get back here!" Roy shouted, trying to be heard over the loud and annoying crowd. Edward quickly disappeared behind someone's leg. Roy groaned loudly and took one last fleeting glance towards the cringing doctor before pushing his way through the various people surrounding him. Once he had broken free of the mosh pit's clutches, he searched for the blonde devil that had caused him so much trouble. He sighed once at the thought of losing the supposed-to-be kid, but then noticed a pair of tiny golden eyes staring at him before they vanished. Roy frowned despite the fact that he now knew which direction the child had run off to and trailed after him, like a dog in hot pursuit of tracking someone's scent.


Ed had thought that he had made it out fine and that the tall police man wasn't going to be able to make it out of that person-made maze, but unfortunately for him, he was proven wrong. For a breathless moment, their eyes connected. Ed froze as those strange eyes searched his...

Panic enveloped his entire being and suddenly turned and ran down the street barefoot, one human, one machine, crashing down on the cobblestone--one feeling pain, while the other numbly obeyed what the nerve signals' commanded of it. He didn't really understand how automail worked, but right then and there he didn't exactly have the time to figure it all out. All he knew was the pain he experienced with one foot while the other just helped to get him to where he wanted to go. Far away. Away, away from that horrible hospital. He couldn't go back. Tears burned from behind his eyes, wanting to be released from his lids. Memories of his late brother flooded his mind. He couldn't go back, his mistake of not helping his brother in time always killing him inside while being there. It was killing him. No, no, no! No going back! He couldn't. He wouldn't.

Edward brought a cold hand up to his eyes, brushing away the tears that he would not shed, and wondered why it wasn't him that died. Why did it have to be Alphonse? Why...? Why not himself? Al had done nothing wrong! All Ed felt like doing was to sit down and cry, but first he had to get away from the police guy that was surely following him. Wanting to probably arrest him for something he didn't even mean to do. He never wanted to cause so much trouble--he only wanted to get away. Why could no one seem to understand him?

"Al..." Ed panted, "I'm so sorry..."

Ed sniffed and coughed as the crisp, cold air burned his lungs. Not fair. Nothing was ever fair when it came to him... The hair headed boy turned a corner down another bustling street and hopped over a random crate that was blocking his way. Edward could only hope that the man wasn't following him anymore, but he almost didn't want to look... Ignoring his intuition, Ed looked back and immediately regretted it. All he saw was a great blur of random shades of colors as he fell over something that felt like a log or pipe.


He hit the snow-covered ground hard with an audible smack! But it wasn't his head that his hands flew to, it was his human ankle. He was sure he had twisted it--it fucking hurt like hell!

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, fucking OW!" The kid squirmed in agony on the wet ground, his eyes leaking from more than just physical pain.


How long can this kid run for? Was the only thought running through Roy's mind at the moment. With a hand pressed into his side, he tried to focus on something other than the cramp that was slowing him down drastically. He had been chasing after the blonde head for more than twenty minutes now! How much longer could a stupid kid that had just escaped from a hospital take? Really?! Mustang would never admit it, but he sure was feeling his age catch up to him--so much for think positive.

Roy was almost out of breath when he saw the child round a corner, so he followed after him about two minutes later, only to find said kid on the floor, clutching his ankle. Roy stopped and coughed a few times before standing above him to shout and scream about how much trouble this kid had put him through... But all his anger vanished when he noticed tears running freely down the child's face. His heart ached for the kid... Roy hesitantly reached down for the trembling child.


Edward cried into the stone ground, each powerful sob wracking his small frame and quickly making him run out of breath. He was nursing his ankle when he felt a large, warm hand grasp his shoulder--Edward gasped, remembering the cop that was right behind him. Snapping his eyes open, he stared at the owner of the comforting hand, brokenly.

Oh... It's that guy... Edward didn't jerk away when the man's other hand cupped his face. A large thumb wiped away his never ending trail of tears. Edward looked up into the man's eyes and only found compassion in them. The hand that was originally on his shoulder was now rubbing his cold, yet very human arm. More sobs escaped from him as he leaned into the man's touch. It felt strangely nice, and it made him feel safe even though the person holding him was a complete and total stranger to him...

"Don't... I don't... Wanna... Don't wanna," Ed croaked.

Deep, concerned eyes searched his. "What? What don't you want to do?"

"Go back... To t-the... The hospital... Can't... Won't..." More tears fell.

"But you have to, you can't possibly want to stay out here, do you?"

"...No... But can't go back... You... You don't understand... It hurts... Too much to go b-back," Ed cried--he gasped for air as the man with black hair picked him up, cradling the small boy to his body. The man remained silent. So... Warm... He's so warm... Ed closed his eyes and hiccupped as he buried his head into the man's chest. He was so warm, and he felt so safe... It was almost peaceful. Weakly, he grasped the front of the man's shirt and nuzzled closer to the warmth the man was radiating. This feels… familiar, Edward thought before falling asleep in the man's arms.


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