I got Silent Hill: Origins in the mail the other day! FINALLY!! So, to celebrate, I decided to write this humorous 5-part cross-over. Out of all the chapters that I've written thus far, this one has the most "hidden" references to the original Silent Hill games.

Transformers, Silent Hill, and NSYNC do not belong to me. Thank Primus NSYNC does not belong to me. Blackout's "Aunt Vertigo" does. You might see her sometime later in a future fic. Might...

How do you know you're in Silent Hill? First, you are isolated by fog. You then hear footsteps and voices when no one's there. Strange creatures, the manifestations of the darkest corners of your mind, will stalk you. The souls of the lost and the damned hide in plain sight. Inanimate objects will bleed and feel pain. Reality is bent and shifted. Soon, everything will be black and twisted as you are consumed by the Other World. Your flashlight will be your best friend, and your radio will play back horrible sounds… static, white noise, the music of washed out boy bands… That's how you know you're in Silent Hill.

-Arctic Banana

Barricade and Blackout looked around. Everything was not as it should be. It was all shrouded in fog and there were bloodstains on everything. Sometimes the roads would stop and drop into an endless chasm. Barricade glared at Blackout.

"I'm sorry…" the Pave Low whimpered.

"That is the last time I ever take your damn shortcuts," he growled.

"I'm sorry…"

"I mean, it's bad enough some girl ran me off the road, but we don't even know where we are anymore!"

"I'm sorry…"

"And this whole place reminds me of your Aunt Vertigo's house!"

"I said I was sorry…"

"Look, let's just find where we are," Barricade said as he grabbed Blackout's hand and dragged him along.

"Hey, maybe that sign can tell us where we are!" Barricade said, pointing. "It says, "Welcome to Silent Hill, Oosa". Where the hell is Oosa?"

"That's USA, dumb ass," Barricade sighed. "Wait… Silent Hill? Isn't that the video game Frenzy likes to play?"

"Silent Hill's real?"

"It would appear so. What's that underneath the sign?"

"As seen on "Top Ten Most Haunted Places"…"

"Oh, great…"

They both grew silent as they heard the sound of static. Barricade and Blackout's com links were both buzzing. Barricade's radio had also begun to play back a horrible noise.

"Ahh! What is that horrible sound?!" Blackout jumped at the radio.

"It's some awful human boy band… I think they're called NSYNC!" Barricade answered as he struggled to turn it off.

"Make it stop before I rip it out!"

"I might beat you to that!"

He finally got the radio to shut off, but they could both still hear the static in their com links.

"What did the static in the game mean again, Cade?"

"I don't know… It means something… It means… Um…"

They both turned around to see what looked like a dead person with his upper half wrapped tightly in a fleshy body bag. Its arms were wrapped tight and seemed to stick out slightly as it struggled to break free of its confinement, and it drooled acid.

"Well hello there!" the armless freak said. Blackout and Barricade screamed and ran away. The freak stood there a moment, sat down, and started crying to itself.

"What the hell WAS that thing?!" Blackout gasped.

"It kinda looked like the time we welded Brawl's arms onto his body," Barricade said as he flopped onto his back.

"Yeah… That was funny. It looked like he had on a straightjacket," Blackout giggled, plopping down on his side, facing Barricade.

They both lay there for a moment, catching their breath, when… "Blackout…"

"Yeah, Cade?"

"Don't turn around…"

Blackout froze, listening to a wet sound behind him. "There's one of those things behind me, isn't there?" Barricade nodded with a look of fear. "Run!" He stood up and grabbed ahold of Barricade, then carried him as he ran off.

"I have legs, you know!" Barricade snapped.

"Yeah, but you run too slow!" Blackout countered as he streaked off down the street. He collapsed in exhaustion and leaned against a building wall. "Can't… move… energy… depleted…"

"Hey, look! There's an energon cube sitting on that door step for no apparent reason!" Barricade pointed.

"Convenient!" Blackout smiled.

After reenergizing, Blackout and Barricade continued to wander aimlessly again.

"Where the bloody hell do we go?!" Blackout screamed.

"I don't know… Let me check the strategy guide," Barricade said as he held up a book that said, "Strategy Guide: No, seriously…"


"It says that we're supposed to go to Alchemilla Hospital first."

"Why is it always a hospital?" Blackout grumbled as they walked towards Alchemilla.

"I think that's it," Barricade said as he pointed towards a building. A counter on the front read: "Alchemilla Hospital: Now 3 days without any patient deaths". A scream was heard from inside, and the counter restarted.

"Wow, that's just like the counter outside the Decepticon medbay… Except they have it set for minutes instead of days," Blackout said as they approached the door and unlocked it.

"Isn't it awesome how the buildings are suddenly large enough for us both to fit inside?" Barricade admired.

"Yeah! Totally awesome!" Blackout agreed.

They were standing in the lobby. They both looked around. Barricade suddenly realized something.

"I gotta go to the bathroom!" he said as he started squirming.

"We're giant robots. Since when do we got to the bathroom?" Blackout asked.

"I don't know… This place is evil…" he answered. "I can't hold it!"

"Alright, alright. According to this map here that I found on the wall, the bathroom should be this way," he said as he led him through a door.

Barricade went into the women's bathroom (the men's room was locked) and realized that a corpse had been stuffed into the toilet in the first stall. "Nice," he muttered as he flushed it and tried the next stall. It was locked. He knocked on it and received a knock back. "Hmm… Someone must be in there then," he said to himself as he began to try the last stall. He turned around as the door slowly creaked open, but no one left the stall, so he walked back over. No one was inside, and the whole thing was drenched in blood. He sighed and went back to the third stall. It was clogged and had a wallet stuck in it. Barricade stood there a moment, blinked, and turned around and peed on the wall.

After his business was finished, he left the bathroom to find that Blackout was gone.

"Blackout? Blackout, where are you?!" he called as he looked around. He couldn't find his companion anywhere. He shivered at the prospect of being alone in this place, and continued to look for him throughout the hospital. He ran into some weird guy named Kaufmann, a nurse in red who had a weird accent, and several strange nurses who looked decayed and had their faces bandaged up. He eventually found Blackout in one of the rooms with two of the Dead Nurses.

"So, how long have you two ladies known each other?" he asked them in a flirty tone. They both giggled in response.

"Blackout! There you are!" Barricade screamed.

"Oh, hey Cade! This is Lydia and Ida," he said, pointing to the nurses. "Say hi, Ida!" Ida let out a shrill, inhuman screech, which Barricade guessed was supposed to be a "hi".

"Blackout, why did you leave?" Barricade demanded.

"I got tired of waiting for you," he responded.

"Well c'mon! Let's go!"

Blackout sighed. "Alright. I'll call you!" he said to the nurses as they left. Lydia and Ida waved goodbye.

After running around and solving a few puzzles to get the glass eyes, they went to the door that needed them to be unlocked.

"Wait a minute…" Blackout said. "I've got all these high-tech guns and missile launchers, right?"

"Uh-huh?" Barricade agreed.

"And there's a sledgehammer over there…"

"Go on…"

"And my mechanical body can probably exert more force on the door than the thing can hold…"


"So why did we run around finding fake human organs and use a sentence from a note we found to find out how to put the organs back into the dummy to get the glass eyes, when we could have just smashed the door down?"

Barricade was silent. "That answer wasn't in the strategy guide…"

They both went through the door.

"Okay, you know what Cade, I'm getting pretty sick of this place. Why are we even here?" Blackout moaned.

"Because you can't figure out how to work your GPS," Barricade glared.

"Oh. Right."

"Hey look! There's the exit!" Barricade cheered. He tugged on the handle. "It's locked. I guess we'll have to find the key…" He was interrupted when Blackout pulled out one of his missile launchers and blew the door open. "Or we could do that…"

To be continued...