Alright, I know my profile says I'm not updating because I'm on vacation, but I still have access to a computer, just less often than usual, and I'm not writing as often. This chapter took a bit long to write, and I'm sorry. I knew how I wanted it to end, I just couldn't figure out how to go about writing it. I must have started and restarted this chapter a million times.

I took heavy reference from Silent Hill 4 for this one. I watched a video on Youtube detailing all the hauntings so that I could write this (it really has been a while since I actually played this game...after writing this, I really want to play it again), and it also makes reference to other Silent Hill games, including the infamous UFO endings. I'm not sure where Blackout and Barricade learned about the protagonists from other Silent Hill games. I guess that information was in Barricade's strategy guide.

And now, without further ado, I present to you, the final chapter of Blackout and Barricade Go To Silent Hill!

Barricade opened his optics. That's strange…he couldn't recall ever going to sleep. He felt something tighten around him and realized that Blackout was behind him, cuddling in his sleep again. Leggy was in front of him, kicking every now and again, but other than that, was motionless. He heard something that sounded like a bunch of little kids groaning or crying or something.

Barricade carefully pulled himself out of Blackout's grasp and looked around. Was he in a bedroom? How did he get here? He didn't recognize this place. He turned around to face his right and saw something in the closet. He pulled himself up on top of Blackout so he could see over his bulk and quickly determined where that horrible sound was coming from. He quickly ducked back down, covering his mouth to prevent a scream from escaping.

"Blackout!" he whispered. "Blackout! Wake up! There's something behind you!"

"Huh? Barricade? Whus wrong?" Blackout mumbled sleepily, his voice slurring a bit.

"Look behind you…" Barricade replied nervously, trying to hide behind the Pave Low's massive form.

Blackout slowly turned his head to look over his shoulder. Unlike Barricade, he didn't try to hide his fear and grabbed his companions, dragging them down over the opposite side of the bed with him. All three of them slowly peeked over the edge of the bed so they could see the closet. The Shadow Baby/Ghost-Kid/Whatever stared back at them. There was no movement except for a bizarre rocking motion and slight movement of the head as the thing watched them.

"How'd we get here?" Blackout asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine," Barricade replied.

"Aliens did it…" he guessed.


"Yes…they're in league with the pink rabbit! One of them's looking for a little girl…"Cheryl", her name is…" Barricade gave him a confused look. "And then the head alien's daughter has a crappy experience with the town, and she goes and tattles to him, and the aliens come down and shoot laser beams from their ships at the town and it blows up." At this point, even Leggy seemed confused. "Then the credits roll and some Japanese people all sing some horrible song that makes fun of the cast of the video game…then when they finish, someone takes a machine gun and kills them all."

"Have you been smoking energon with Megatron again?" Barricade asked when he was finished.


Leggy made a shrieking sound before jumping over the bed and racing out the door. Blackout bounded after her. "Leggy, wait for Daddy!"

Barricade glanced back at the thing in the closet. It waved back at him. He stood up and followed Blackout and Leggy into the other room. They were both still standing in front of the door.

"Woah…whoever lives here is a slob!" Blackout said. He noticed something coming out of the wall straight ahead of them. "Gah! Barricade! The wall's giving birth to a dead person!"

"The wall's not giving birth, you retardicon! There's a ghost coming through the wall!" Barricade replied. "And for some reason, he appears to be stuck."

"Oh okay," Blackout said, this somehow being better than the explanation that the wall was having a baby. "Hey, what's in this room?" He opened the door across from the one they came out of and went inside.

It was a bathroom. There was a massive hole in the wall and the bathtub was full of blood. Barricade squeezed past him.

"Hey, look! A hole!" Blackout pointed out. "I wonder if it leads to China?"

"Why don't you stick your hand in it and see if something's in there?" Barricade suggested sarcastically.

Blackout shrugged and stuck his hand in. After only a moment, he yelped and pulled it back out. "Something bit me…"

On the other side of the hole…

"Did you get him, Bobo?" one Gumhead said to the other.

"Yep. Why do people always insist on sticking their limbs into dark holes and crevices in survival horror video games?" the other Gumhead replied.

"Maybe I should stick my head in there so I can see what's there this time?" Blackout said in a super-mega-retard moment. He stuck his head in. It came out in a subway station. Two dogs with really long tongues that dragged along the ground, one pink, the other yellow, looked up at him. "Ooh! Puppies!" he squealed happily. The Sniffer Dogs both yelped and ran off whimpering. "The puppies don't want to play with me…I sad…"

He pulled his head back through. "I wonder what'll happen if I stick my head in again…" He shoved his head back into the hole. This time he came out at an orphanage. There was a crazy guy on fire drinking chocolate milk next to the entrance, muttering something about a devil. He pulled his head back through, smiled evily, and stuck it back in again.

He seemed to be in a wet, water-sodden prison of some sort. There was this huge, cloaked monster with two heads that stood on its hands (it had no legs). It pointed at him and loudly whispered, "Receiver!" He quickly pulled his head out before sticking it in yet again.

"Eww, I'm in a hospital again!" he groaned. He heard a squeaking sound and watched a rusty old wheelchair creak by, driven by no one. Then he noticed the wheelchair's shadow, which also contained the shadow of a person. He shivered and pulled his head back through.

"Having fun?" Barricade asked.

"Uh-huh!" he nodded. He glanced at the toilet. "Hey…there's something in there!"

"Yeah, so?"

"So what if it's useful?"

"Useful? What could be useful that we find in a toilet?"

"Harry Mason found a key in a bag of jellybeans," Blackout pointed out. "James Sunderland found a ring to unlock a door in a fridge. Heather Mason found a silencer in a wall…"

"Okay, okay, I get it," Barricade sighed. "And I'll bet you want me to stick my hand in there and take it?" Blackout nodded. Barricade faced the toilet, then prepared to stick his hand in it. He yanked it back. "I'm not brave enough to do it…"

"Eh, let's just leave it then. Come on, Leggy's waiting for us out there," Blackout said, grabbing his arm and pulling him out of the bathroom with him.

They took some time to observe the apartment. "Hmm…interesting choice of decorating," Barricade said, looking at a wall covered in what looked like babies. Each and every one of them were moving and making sounds. He walked over into the kitchen. "The sink is running and blood is coming out of it…" He turned the knob. "And I can't get it to stop…"

"Hey look! Free peep show!" Blackout said, staring through a hole in the wall to the neighbor lady's apartment.

"That clock is ticking really loudly and it's driving me crazy!" Barricade growled, throwing a book at it. It knocked it off the wall, causing it to shatter on the ground, but continued to tick.

"This apartment is pretty weird," Blackout replied, sitting down on a bloody chair and watching a pair of shoes walk around, leaving bloody footprints on the floor.

"The windows won't open…the door is locked…there's holes everywhere…I think we're stuck here, Blackout," Barricade sighed. Leggy squealed from the couch.

"Oh, we can't be stuck here for long! I'm sure somebody will come and rescue us eventually!" Blackout said hopefully. He stood in front of the window. "Besides, this place isn't that weird, is it?"

"Uh…" Barricade stepped back when a severed head floated past the window behind Blackout.

Five days later…

"I've seen this show already…" Barricade said monotonously, staring at the haunted TV screen filled with static and making a horrible noise. "Hey Ghosty, can you change the channel?" The ghost coming out of the wall pushed the button on the remote, but the channel wouldn't change, the volume wouldn't go down, and the TV wouldn't turn off.

Leggy was in the bedroom growling at a voice that was telling her that he was always watching her. She ran out shrieking again when she heard a crash in the living room.

"Don't worry about it, Leggy. The ceiling fan just came crashing down for some reason," Barricade said calmly.

Blackout went to the fridge to find something to eat. He opened the door and stared at the bloody shelf containing the only thing inside, a bloody hunk of rotting flesh that was wiggling and moving on its own. He shrugged and snatched it off the shelf, popping it into his mouth and chewing it. It screamed in pain the whole time.

The shutters on the windows started opening and slamming shut on their own, drowning out the ticking and static noises from the haunted clock and TV. Blackout sat down on the box under the wall of babies and stared at the ceiling fan on the ground. Leggy was in the laundry room growling at the blood dripping out of the dryer.

"So, what do we do now?" Barricade asked, picking up a car magazine off the side table and opening it. "Woah…check out the bumper on that Mustang!"

"I don't know…I'm gonna go punch a hole in the wall between the bedroom and bathroom door. The walls are already filled with holes. No one will notice another one," Blackout shrugged.

"Yeah, you go do that," Barricade replied. Seconds later, he heard a crumbling sound as Blackout knocked out the wall.

"Woah…you know, they have a dead person in the wall!" Blackout called.

"Yeah, I know. We named him Ghosty, remember?" Barricade said, nodding towards the ghost in the wall.

"No, I mean there's another one! Come look!"

Leggy left the laundry room and ran over to him in curiosity. Barricade sighed and followed suit. Blackout was right…behind the wall that he'd punched out, there was a corpse in a room. Blackout stood there staring at it in wonder.

"Let's poke it!" Blackout said, running towards it.

"Wow…how have we not smelled that all this time?" Barricade asked, covering his nose to block out the horrible smell of decaying flesh.

"I don't know…maybe there's a layer of Febreze in the walls?" Blackout suggested, poking the corpse and watching its arm break off and fall to the floor.

Leggy turned around and squee'd at something, running out of the hole in the wall. "Hey Blackout, I think Leggy's noticed something," Barricade said. "Come on. Let's go check it out."

"Aww, but I wanna poke the body!" Blackout whined.

"You can poke it later. We're likely not going anywhere. Now come on!" Barricade grabbed his arm and dragged him out of the room.

Leggy was hopping up and down in the living room. They both approached her. "Leggy? What is it girl? What's wrong?" Blackout asked. She shrieked and ran in a circle. "Timmy's trapped in a well?! I'll save you, Timmy!" Blackout ran to the door and crashed into it when he forgot it couldn't be opened.

"Blackout, I think she's trying to tell us about the head coming out of the ceiling," Barricade pointed out, staring at the head.

"Hey, who the hell are you?" Blackout asked, rubbing his face. "Hey, are you the guy who knocked a big hole in the bathroom wall?"

"I'm Joseph Schreiber. I used to live here…" the head said.

"Oh yeah, you're the guy who's been threatening Leggy and telling her that you're always watching her!" Blackout said with realization. Leggy hissed at him and made a kicking motion.

"Yes, that's me."

"So, may we ask who's the dead guy in the wall?" Barricade asked.

"I believe you named him Ghosty," Joseph replied.

"No, not that dead guy! The one Blackout was poking!" he countered.

"Oh, right, that guy. His name is Walter Sullivan, but he's not important to you guys. Don't worry about him. I'm here for other purposes," Joseph answered.

"So, what are you here for then?" Barricade inquired.

"I'm here to tell you why you've both been called to Silent Hill."

"Wait…called to Silent Hill? I thought we got lost when we made a wrong turn at Brahms?" Blackout said.

"Yes, but only because Silent Hill called you. You see, if you're pulled into the Hell that is the Silent Hill Otherworld, you're either called there for some reason, or you're an innocent bystander who accidentally got drawn in when you tried to help someone else who was."

"O RLY?"



"Wait, so everyone in Silent Hill has been called in for some reason? What about Cybil Bennett? Why was she in Silent Hill?" Barricade asked.

"She was an innocent bystander. We gave her a chance to leave, and she didn't. So she got sucked into the nightmare as well."

"Harry Mason?"

"His daughter was destined to give birth to a god."

"James Sunderland?"

"He murdered his wife and tried to forget about it. She was getting revenge."

"Okay then…so why were we called here then?" Blackout asked.

"You are here as part of your punishment," Joseph explained.

Blackout cocked his head. "Punishment? Punishment for what?"

"You didn't pay your phone bill."

Leggy chirped. Blackout looked confused. "But I put that thing in the mail before we left…"

"Oh, you did? Just a second…" Joseph turned his head to face the window. "Hey Mike, he says he paid it…check the mail!" Some guy standing at the window somehow sifted through a pile of mail, then found one with their return address on it and held it up for them all to see. "Oh, it seems you did pay your bill. Okay then, you're free to go." The front door clicked open and all the chains fell off it.

"Wait a minute, you mean you brought us to this horrible place because of a god damn phone bill that we already paid?!" Barricade growled.

"Not me. The town called you. I'm just a messenger. But yeah, that's pretty much it. Well, goodbye!" Joseph said before pulling himself back into the ceiling.

"Yay! We can go home now! Come on Leggy, Barricade, let's go!" Blackout cheered, grabbing them both around the waist and carrying them out. "Bye, Ghosty! Take care!"

Some time later…

"We're lost again, aren't we?" Barricade grumbled.

"No, we're not lost. This time we'll ask for directions," Blackout replied.

"Good. Where from?"

"Well, that sign back there said that there's a city up ahead called "Raccoon City". Let's ask for directions there," Blackout pointed out.

"Hmm…Raccoon City…where have I heard of that place before?" Barricade thought out loud. Leggy chirped in response.

At Disney World…

Frenzy sat on a bench with Scorponok beside him. Scorponok had a balloon and was wearing Mickey Mouse ears. "Where a-are they? Th-they were supposed to m-meet us here days ago!" Frenzy growled impatiently. Scorponok squee'd with equal impatience.