I got off of the plane and looked around me. No one even looked at me twice, even though I was America's most popular actress, singer, and model as well as president of one of the biggest international corporations in the world. That might have something to do with how I never showed up at any talk shows or never was seen at work or by the public unless in disguise. Also, I always had the vice-president go to any meetings or public stuff that had to do with the corporation which led to people thinking that the vice-president was really the president.

I walked out into the terminal with my bag slung over my right shoulder, across my body, and resting on my left hip. Once walking into the terminal and seeing no one that I recognized. I took out my cell phone and flipped it open while coming to a stop off to the side. I quickly dialed the number of the person that was supposed to pick me up. The phone rang about 2 times before a female picked up.

"Yes? How can I help you?" The female voice said.

"Where is James?" I asked the female with a bad feeling growing in my stomach.

"Oh, he's right under me. He's kind of busy though." The female said with a girly giggle.

"Hmmm. Well than, tell James that he's no longer engaged." I said angrily.

"Huh…?" I heard the female scream out in surprise as I snapped my cell phone closed.

'It looks like I'm going to be walking to LME. I sure am happy that I memorized that map.' I pushed my cell phone into my right pocket. I looked around to locate the exit and started making my way out. I easily walked the streets while weaving through people and sticking to the highly traveled routes. While I was walking I devoted my mind to cooling off, getting rid of all my complex emotions, and watching the things happening around me. I came to a dark and empty street that connected to another major street. I turned down this street and shifted my whole body and mind into awareness of everything around me.

I was halfway down the street when I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I quickly and casually took my cell phone out of my right pocket and used it to look behind me. I saw 2 burly people behind me and it looked like they were coming my way. I made sure not to alarm them by speeding up. I dialed the number of the police and told them what was happening threw a discreet way that would not alarm the people behind me. I simultaneously started looking for things to protect myself with and saw nothing available.

I hung up my cell phone and put it back into my right pocket when I was ¾ the way down the street. I couldn't see the people start running towards me but I could feel and hear them. I started running towards the major street immediately. I grabbed ahold of the strap on my bag and got ready to throw it off. I got onto the sidewalk of the major street just as I threw my bag onto the ground close by and turned to face my 2 opponents.

They came right at me at the same time with brandished knives. I moved to the one on the right and spun under his right arm, which held his knife. Once at the man's back I hit the base of his skull. I 

turned to my other opponent as the man that was now to my right crumbled to the ground. I took a light and balance stance as my opponent pulled out another knife. The man came straight towards me, swinging his knives inwards in a scissor motion. I jumped forward towards him and hit him with both my hands into pressure points on his arms. I brought my left knee up into his groin as I wrapped my arms around his arms. I twisted his arms in mine and pulled my arms up in a swift motion which resulted in breaking both his arms.

I moved back away from the man quickly. I picked up my bag as the man's face hit the ground. After swinging my bag back onto my body, I continued to walk towards LME. All of the people on the street stared after me dumbfounded as I walked by them. I passed by the people and made it to LME with no more problems. I walked into LME and moved to the front desk once locating it.