"Don't give me that bullshit. I know that something is wrong. You were supposed to be picked up by James and you were going to go to LME tomorrow, not today. Not only that but you also didn't call anyone to tell them that you were going to LME. So, what is wrong?" Fred told and asked me in a patronizing voice.

"Well I-" I started in a sad voice before I was interrupted by my cell phone ringing.

I picked up my cell phone quickly. I could feel the waves of relieve wash over me. I would at least have a little bit longer before I had to tell Fred what had happened with James.

"Hello, are you Ms. Guthrie?" An older male voice asked me through the phone.

"Yes I am." I said hesitantly, the voice didn't leave a good feeling with me.

"Well, I'm sad to tell you this, but your family has been murdered while they were at a family gathering." The older male told me.

"Who are you?" I asked, waiting for the punch line.

"Sheriff Kingsley. I'm really sorry that I had to tell you this. I know that this must be a hard time for you and that I just made it harder. Please accept my deepest apologies." Officer Kingsley told me in a sympathizing voice.

"Yes, this will be a really hard time for me. But thank you for telling me. I need to go now. Thank you again." I said in a deeply depressed voice before hanging up my cell phone.

I put my cell phone into my right pocket. I than unfastened my seat belt and turned towards Fred. I looked up into Fred's eyes to see what was running through his mind. I could see the pain, sorrow, and confusion in his eyes. Fred's mouth started to open, to undoubtedly say something. I quickly said something before he could.

"Before I tell you anything, I don't want you to say that you're sorry for me. I just want you to be like you are every day with no change. Also, after I saw what is wrong with me, I will get out of this car, go up into my office, and drown out all of my thoughts with work. So don't ask me again what's wrong or how I am doing because I don't even want to think about any of it. Now with that said, I wasn't with James because when I got off my plane flight I found out that he wasn't there to pick me up. I called him and a woman picked up his personal cell phone. She said things that led me to the obvious conclusion that they were making love. Therefore leading me to breaking up with James. I was over-emotional and therefore walked to LME by myself to cool off. In one of the streets, two people tried to jump me but I took care of them. I got to LME and the sickly sweet lady at the front desk told me oh so nicely that I could only see the president if I had made an appointment. Then she went as far as to call me an average High School student that didn't know anything about show business. I left LME and called you. Which then led to this point with us sitting here having this discussion.-" I reached over my seat and grabbed my bag from the back seat while opening the car door "-Also, the person on that was on the phone was Officer Kingsley.-" I said as I got out of the car and pulled my bag onto my body. I 

than ducked down so that I could see Fred since he had yet to get out of the car. "-And he told me that my whole family was murdered at a family gathering. That's what's wrong with me. Thanks for the ride Fred and I hope that you have a good day." I said all with a detatched voice before closing the car door and starting to walk towards LME.