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-because of all the god damn fillers!"

Anime!Naruto grinned triumphantly at the shocked faces.

"Uhhh…well….We have a gender change in our anime!" Anime!Kyo said in a bleak voice.

"Oh yeah? Have you ever had an entire episode devoted to a character being given laughing gas?" Anime!Naruto screeched back. He was on a roll now.

"And flashbacks!!! Can't forget the flashbacks!!! They were bad enough in the manga but in the anime there are twice as much! And not to mention how effed up the graphics got once we plunged into fillerdom!"

For a moment, there was no response, only looks of horror from the other butchered animes.. "You're…you're right" Anime!Faust said blankly. He looked around nervously. "If it's all the same to you, my non crippled legs and I will be getting the heck out of here"

Anime!Faust and the rest of the Shaman King crew hurried into the portal and Fruits Baskets was quick to follow.

Well, now that THAT was over, Anime!Naruto could get on with his amazingly evil plan of doom. What was it again? Crap he had forgotten. Oh well, now he could-


"JAPANESEANIMESHIPPUDEN!UZUMAKI NARUTO!?!?!?!" Yelled a voice. It was a deep voice and had an almost German accent to it.

"YOU HAVE PROVEN THAT YOU ANIME HAS THE WORST QUALITY THAT BEATS ALL THE OTHER ANIMES!!!!!" The voice roared again and Anime!Naruto could practically feel his apartment begin to shake uncontrollably.

A flash of light, and a man appeared before him. He was extremely muscular, and wore military style pants and for some reason he carried around a huge stick with a yellow star on it.

"I am Jorgen Von Strangle! You!!! You have a worse anime then all the others!!!"

Anime!Naruto began to sweat nervously. "Well…I wouldn't go that far…Tebayo… Just…errr…ah….Datte…bayo…?"

"Nonsense!" Yelled the man and he grabbed Anime!Naruto by the arm, rolled up his right sleeve, and prodded it painfully with his star stick.

Anime!Naruto watched in horror as an odd black mark formed. It was a swirly circle like shape, which almost looked like the portal that the cancelled freaks had walked through before.

Jorgen Von Strangle dropped him and smiled triumphantly. "NOW!!! You will suffer the price of being the worst of the worst!!!!" And with that, he vanished in another flash of light.

Anime!Naruto blinked in confusion. What…the…hell…just happened there? He looked at his right arm and sure enough the odd swirly brand was still there.

All of a sudden, it started moving. Or, to be more precise, spinning. It span fast, and faster, when it span off his arm, and turned into a brilliantly purple portal.

Anime!Naruto found himself being sucked into the portal. Next thing he knew, he fell in front of some odd kid with blond hair and some robot freak.

"ahh!!! Who are you?" The robot cried, obviously very freaked out.

Anime!Naruto frowned. "Anime!Naruto…where am I?"

"Full Metal Alchemist" The blonde said. "We were…just complaining about how are anime sucked an-"

"Oh HELL No!!! You wanna talk about bad anime! Try over one hundered consecutive filler episodes! Try having an episode revolving around Ino and some fat princess and some fat prince! No…Just NO!!!!!! TRY HAVING AN ARC DEVOTED TO THE CURRY OF FREAKING LIFE!!!!!" Anime!Naruto screamed insanely.


The blond blinked a bit. "Well…errr…our anime…changes…halfway…through…and is entirely dfferent…"

Suddenly, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Cast came in through the portal, dead set on educating the short blond on an anime that REALLY got changed from the manga. After all, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Manga had almost nothing to do with duel monsters…

Anime!Naruto sighed and sat down. He tried leaving, but for some reason the portal wouldn't work.

Finally, the two idiots from FMA were convinced that maybe their anime wasn't as bad as they had previously thought, and Naruto wasted no time jumping through the portal to go back home.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he made it back into his messy room, and immediately resolved to have some ramen when—

The brand on his arm began to spin again.

And he got sucked into another portal.

Some orange haired samurai.

"Your anime does not suck Dattebayo!" Anime!Naruto said aggravatedly. "Mine is much worse!!!"

The orange haired samurai smirked. "Oh I know that, I just wanted to hear you say it"

And back in the portal he went.

The next was a host club.

Then there was this pirate crew.

And a bunch of teenage girl scout things.

All within the time period of an hour or two.

Anime!Naruto frantically ran to the sink before it happened and tried to scrub it off, but it was no use.

His brand started spinning again.

And he found himself talking to some Harry Potter purists.

What the hell? That wasn't even a Japanese manga to begin with!!!!

Back through the portal and he raced to his oven and decided to burn the stupid brand.

But it wouldn't come off.

It never did come off.

The End